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The Best Cost To Build a Car-Buy-Sell App like Dubicars

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Car-Buy-Sell App like Dubicars?

june 9, 2023 11:38PM

Car-Buy-Sell App like Dubicars Cost

In the past, the automotive industry was the most open to new technology. So we couldn't have imagined how fast the mobile app age would transform the automobile industry. However, the tens and millions of apps like DubiCars that have been downloaded indicate a completely different environment.

A recent survey found that over 1500 people use mobile apps to buy cars daily. Users use their smartphones throughout the entire auto-buying procedure, according to 72 percent. In addition, 52 percent of users said they use their smartphones to search for new car parts or accessories. Around 29 percent of customers use their smartphones to choose and inspect a new or used automobile.

In the past, you had to go to a store to buy a used car. It is as easy as using a smartphone today to select a car, access all of the vehicle's information, and buy a used automobile. Car and used vehicle dealers increasingly use mobile apps to provide eco-friendly and quick services.

One of the novel app ideas is to develop a mobile app for buying and selling used cars. DubiCars, a car-buying app developed by used-car dealers, is one of these novel ideas. This software allows users to sell their old cars at a significant discount by finding potential purchasers within the app. DubiCars is an excellent example of an app that offers something for everyone.

What are DubiCars?

DubiCars first launched in 2014 and was relaunched in 2018. Since then, DubiCars has grown to be the largest export demand generator in the United Arab Emirates and the online auto marketplace with the fastest-growing market for buyers and sellers across all emirates. In addition, DubiCars has a unique opportunity to be open and honest with the industry as it is the only privately owned platform in the UAE. As a result, its primary focus is cars. DubiCars can do this because it has no products that compete with dealers or are required to satisfy opposing interests.

DubiCars, the leader in the export market with an unrivalled presence on the internet and mobile apps, has more than 471 showrooms. DubiCars has an excellent opportunity to shape the market, as it receives over three million monthly searches. This gives them access to real-time data from buyers and sellers.

Business Model for DubiCars

Car-Buy-Sell App like Dubicars Cost

Companies are moving away from the old platforms to digital ones as the world rushes towards digital solutions. As a result, automotive investors face a significant challenge when determining how to maximise their income potential from company investments.

Listing Fees

It will be a fantastic opportunity to charge the sellers a listing fee if you establish a model to create an aggregator. This is an excellent opportunity for you. Limiting the number of listings in your app to a level you decide on can increase the money you earn.

Commission Charges Made Upon Acquisition

This monetization method suits automotive investors looking to create a car-buying and selling app. You can choose to deduct a certain amount from your purchase or set a percentage based on various scales.

In-App Advertisement

You can offer a space in your app for third-party car firms to run ads. In exchange, you could charge a fee to have an ad appear in your app. This is a great alternative. You should position relevant ads to increase client engagement if you choose to use this income stream.

There are several ways to make money with your app. But before you hire an app developer, consider how much you would have to pay for a car-buying and selling app like DubiCars.

Cost of Developing A Car Buy-Sell Mobile App

It isn't easy to estimate the cost of developing a mobile app that allows users to buy and sell cars. To make an app such as DubiCars, various factors are considered. The design, the additional features, the app size, the structure, and several platforms are all considered. In addition, the mobile app development company has developers with extensive experience and skills.

You should hire a mobile development company or team with the experience to create an app such as DubiCars. If you choose to work with an experienced team of programmers, it will cost you more. The higher the creation cost, the more features and panels there are. You will spend less money to create a DubiCars-like app with basic functionality.

The cost of creating a car-buying app varies from project to project. Consider hiring mobile app developers who are well-known. They can help you add the right features and functionality to your app. Costs for developing an app to buy and sell cars can range from $15,000 to $50,000.

A Team Structure is Required to Develop a Car Buy-Sell App like DubiCars.

You can develop a mobile app to buy and sell used cars if you have a certified and competent team. It would be best to work with a team of professionals to make your ideas a reality. The group should include programmers, designers, quality assurance specialists, and trained managers. It is recommended that it be accessible on both iOS and Android platforms to cater to a broader audience.

PerfectionGeeks takes care to involve our customers in the process of developing apps like DubiCars. We follow the agile method. After each milestone, we follow up with our customers to hear their feedback. After the model has been released, any necessary changes will be made. The customer must be on the same page as the development team. The best results are achieved when both parties are on the same page.


DubiCars is a complex app to create. This is not an overstatement. It would be best if you still considered many factors, even though it's attractive, reliable, user-friendly, and educational. They are the factors that make your app a success.

Hiring a mobile application development company is beneficial if you plan to create a car buy-sell app such as DubiCars. Select a company that can provide better leads to sellers. They can do this from the comfort of their homes. Professionals will make sure that your application runs smoothly. The latest technology and development methods are integrated into the process. The result will be a solution of unrivalled excellence.

You can talk to our experts at PerfectionGeeks if you want better ideas or have a strategy in mind. They will create a solution to give your business an edge over its competitors.

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