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What To Choose React Native or Native for Mobile App Development

The mobile app development industry has had explosive growth for quite a few years. The tremendous increase has been monitored with the rising trend of smartphones.

It is because they are faster and easily accessible with the help of the web.

However, with the rapid increase in the use of smartphones, in turn, app development has increased.

There are millions of app over the Apple and the Google app store.  With the growth of the apps, the Apple store has boosted with a growth of 1.96 million. Whereas in the case of Google Play Store it has 2.87 million of the app last years. It was stated as per the research and stats that there will be a rapid increase in app development.

In turn, the app stores will be loaded with huge numbers.

According to the report at the beginning of the year 2020, 5.19 billion people used smartphones. It represented around 67% of the total population. However, the number kept on increasing with the passing years.  This has led to an increment in the usage of mobile apps and also a rise in development.

Now when you think to invest in mobile app development the one question which arises is the use of tools and technologies.

Yes, there are lot many of those which are running. It is the need of the business which can help you to decide the one perfect for you. Selecting the best of those depends upon the performance, quick response, development cycle and faster deployment. After all this is what every business owner requires to attain so.

With all of the benefits, the mobile app development platform grew at a CAGR of around 26 % between 2015-2020.  There has been a rapid growth in advancements and technology. With these businesses has taken a huge surge among industry and serving people across the globe. And to this, Mobile Application Development Company plays a huge role.

Mobile Application and Language

Mobile applications have been known to be written in native languages. But among all of those, the hybrid cross-platform frameworks have been gaining a huge market share. 

However, to this, there has been a recent question risen where should react-native be the one choice among experts?

Should experts make use of native instead of reacting?

There has been an increased success rate of reacting but people are also maintaining the native apps.  This is where we need to know what is the actual difference they hold.

Or to which language is one of the best suited for mobile app development.

Comparison Of React Native with Native Mobile Apps

React Native App Development is mainly written in JavaScript and is also classified as the hybrid framework. It means that the platform is independent. 

However, this makes it to be separate from the traditional apps which are written in native languages. The native languages such as Java or Kotlin for Android, and Swift or Objective-C for Apple.

Whereas in the case of the hybrid app which has a single codebase. It produces an app that can be easily run on both android and iOS

The well-known hybrid frameworks are Ionic, Cordova, and PhoneGap, and rely on WebView.

Majorly the app development begins with the requirement of the businesses. Therefore, you must assemble to all the requirements which are needed to decide the language.

What Is the Working Mechanism of React Native? 

How does the react-native work? If you are looking to find an answer then we have the right information for you. In the case of react-native, it is the JavaScript logic that runs in a dedicated thread. Whereas the rest of the app runs in what is react realm. 

JavaScript is known to handle business logic applications.

Whereas in case of the native realm renders the UI and manages the device interactions. Both of the domains rely on the bridge which makes their communication easy. However, also there is a case where JavaScript and the realm cannot have direct communication. 

They are unable to respond or take any action. But in this case, they can serialize messages.  There are many such steps, stages in which app development takes place. If you are from a non-technical background, it can be hard for you to understand.

Therefore, all you need is to plan your requirement and walk towards React Native App Development Company. The react native has been the prominent choice among businesses these days.

Therefore, it is the experts who can give you the command to grow your business. The development or react native app can be easily built by experts on all of your instructions.

React Native Vs Native Development 

Mobile app development is the need for every business these days. It helps them to connect with their potential users with ease and comfort. But often a business person gets confused as to which language they must go with.

Although when you are reaching experts, they will help you with the entire information. But you must also hold some knowledge. 

In the case of react native and native development, they both hold benefits. However, it is important to know about their pros and cons. 

Native Framework


It is considered as one of the defining factors as compared to a hybrid, native. In this case, react-native holds sufficient performance in most of the cases. They are better suited for the resource-intensive apps which make use of 3D, AR and VR. 

The second is about device integration where it gets access to all of those. Here are all the abilities associated with the hardware, sensors, SDK.

It allows the power of experts to build a strong platform.

Native allows access to all the new features without any sort of hindrance.


When it comes to knowing out the cons, then in this case react-native holds some of those. There can be a problem where when you think to target both Android and iOS.  There will be two development teams, codebase and lot many other steps.

Here in this case, it will consume the time of the experts and in turn more cost. In short, there will be a doubling of work.

Also, there will be efforts in maintaining the work to go simultaneously.  There are lot many features that need to be coordinated and matched together. 

The need for a solid set of processes needs to be taken care of.

In the Case of React Native

React Native runs on both android and iOS and allow experts to target both platforms easily. This means there will be a single team for the entire development process.

The planning, development, testing, and deployment are much easier. This turns out to be affordable in cost and to adopt lot many benefits. It holds native modules which in turn can address a lot of performance issues. It offers platform-specific functionality and native modules can be used. 

It gives the Mobile Application Development Company to take command of every aspect.

The next ever benefits is hot reloading, now what does it mean?

Hot reloading means where experts can quickly see and test changes once, they are made. No need to perform any of the tasks manually and hence this made it to be the top choice.


When it comes to high-performance requirements, react-native does not seem to be a perfect choice. It comes to those who are in a need of heavy graphics and data.

On the other hand, react-native does not exist in a vacuum, knowledge of the bridge and the underlying platform is needed to avoid any performance fall pits.

When To Choose Native App Development 

Now, what are the cases where native app and react native can be used? Here we will help you to know to make your work even easier. This in turn you do not have to think or waste your time and you can start with the app development. 

If you are making a game or making use of a device such as 3D, AR, VR or building complex apps. You do have the requirement to support the logistics demands. 

If you are targeting the single platform 

When To Use React Native

If you are looking to build a cross-platform app with a straightforward case. On the other case if you want to make out a quick prototype or MVP. React native is one of the great platforms to support an app.

On the other hand, if you are looking to get a hold on the logistics benefits. A hybrid framework offers you the same. It provides a single codebase and supporting the development process. In turn, it helps you with the cost reduction process. 


Mobile app development has become a necessity for users and business people. Across the globe, different verticals are looking to grow their business.

However, what can be the better way than developing an app. 

However, if you are looking to help yourself with react native then it is one of the great ideas.

There are lot many benefits which react native development holds.  Now all you need is to reach React Native App Development Company USA to make a stronger base.

In the field of mobile app development PerfectionGeeks, hold great command. Our in-house team of experts are well versed and help you to come out with great potentials.

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