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The Race To Build Create App Like Meesho Reseller

November 17, 202214:19 PM

Meesho Reseller App

Have you heard of Meesho? It is now one of the best stories within the field of reseller applications that describes its services as an online marketplace for multi-vendors.

Imagine that you'd like to develop an app that is free of shipping or inventory and begin your business without investing a significant amount. It sounds impossible. However, Meesho and other apps have demonstrated that it is possible.

The Evolution of the Meesho Reseller App

The basis for creating an app for resellers similar to Meesho was a social issue. The founders were looking for the opportunity to Create an App Like Meesho that allow individuals to earn an extra source of income. They were mostly focused on encouraging homemakers to create an enterprise independently, with no investment. The wave quickly began to catch up with smaller and medium-sized businesses looking for online platforms to sell their products but didn't have the money to set up individual storefronts.

At first, Meesho started with only a few well-known product categories, including electronics and fashion. Over time and with the amount of traffic to the app increasing, users wanted more. The categories of products that have been expanded comprise:

  • Accessories
  • Household
  • Fashion for Women, Men, and Kids
  • Kitchen item
  • Decoration
  • The Gift
  • Cosmetics
  • Grocery and essentials

With numerous rounds of capital from top venture capitalists such as SAIF, Sequoia Capital, RPS Venture, Facebook, and many more, Meesho has raised approximately $215.2 million and has seen 50x growth in under 10 years.

With more than one crore resellers registered in the marketplace, Meesho has achieved incredible successes and milestones. It has also opened the door for many entrepreneurs to test their hand at establishing an app similar to Meesho in which they don't have to develop an entire eCommerce site.

Let's now look at the key aspects of creating a reseller app such as Meesho and the amount you'll need to set aside to build this platform.

Examine The Market

Before you jump into the development stage, you must study the market in which you plan to launch the application. Perform a quick SWOT study that will assist you in reducing the advantages and disadvantages of launching into this industry.

Please write down your most immediate competitors within the industry and then match them with your geographic reach. You'll face stiff opposition from established players such as Amazon, which will likely hold the majority of shares in the eCommerce sector.

However, an app that sells to resellers like Meesho has created its mark, and that's where you'll need to concentrate your efforts. Creating a Meesho app with distinct and distinctive features and an appealing, user-friendly design is possible.

Decide Upon Your Niche

Consider the way you would like to make money. Do you wish to be an app that connects local companies to the neighbourhood, or do you want to go all out to build an app that allows selling and buying without boundaries? Finding the right market is essential.

This is the initial step before you can do anything else. The next step is to create a category of products you would like to emphasize in your application. Create a team to create merchandising strategies for each of the categories. This will be in place before when the app goes live.

Features of the Reseller App


The first step for every mobile app is to register the user. It is typically done via an email address or mobile number, along with a password combination. To simplify the procedure, mobile apps often use social media profiles and Google IDs as a single-step method to sign up for apps.


After completing the user registration, the app will send an authorization that confirms the user's details, like the email address and phone number used to create the account on the app.

Search Filters

This is a common feature that is found in many Ecommerce App Development Company at present. Search filters are made to help prospective resellers to search for the products you are looking for. By adding advanced filters, such as price, type of product size, size, brand, location, and so on. Makes it easier to search for items.

Product Feed

Reseller app like Meesho include an inventory feed of products that present an assortment of products to the customer. The feed is typically compiled by analyzing a range of variables, such as the user's interests, past purchases or browsing history, the most popular brands, types of products, and other factors. The feed is always changing and updates automatically.

Categories of Products

Each reseller software must categorize the items they offer into categories and sub-categories. This allows prospective resellers to browse through the merchandise quickly.

Product Page

Each product should have a separate page for details such as the description of the product price, information about the seller and delivery time, and so on. The inclusion of customer reviews and images is essential to this. By enabling a product view, resellers ensure that an item meets requirements before sharing it within their networks.

Product Catalogues

Reseller applications have an exclusive catalogs feature that allows resellers to directly communicate the product or the whole catalog to their network through social media profiles such as WhatsApp, Facebook, or Whatsapp.

When sharing, all information like product type code, price time of delivery, and payment method images are automatically shared. However, the reseller may edit the details before sharing.

Comparison of Products

Although users can evaluate similar products against their most similar competitors on this platform, integrating a comparison feature into the platform can benefit.

Customers can look at similar products in the app to assist them in making the best purchase option quickly. This feature lets your customers look up products or services without leaving the app.

Shopping Cart

If the reseller is looking to purchase something, he or they can add it to the shopping cart with a single click. This will help the reseller keep track of all products they are planning to purchase and also have an overview before purchasing and then paying.

Payment Integration

Payment gateways are essential for reseller applications. The reseller may purchase the item before shipping or send it as a COD purchase. Many apps offer common integrations, such as Credit or Debit Cards, Net Banking, Google Pay, UPIs, and eWallets.

Delivery and Tracking

After the order is made with the seller, the reseller should have an effective way to track the order from dispatch to delivery. It should also provide an option to return or exchange the item post-delivery. This must be tracked and tracked from the app's platform.

Payment Tracker

The money collected from COD orders goes directly to the website. The reseller will be able to monitor this till it is deposited into their account in the bank.

Reviews and Ratings

Resellers should be able that allow customers and products to post feedback and reviews. This increases confidence in the product and the company, which will encourage other potential resellers to share the catalogs with their network.


You can design your Meesho app differently by adding a feature that aids in making it easier to locate the market. The retailer can be more specific in product search by filtering across different regions. This allows search results to be returned specifically to the particular region.

Discounts and Offers

Discounts, cashbacks, and offers are something all resellers love. Therefore, it is essential to provide a specific feature that highlights the ongoing promotions and sales that result in higher sales and profits for both the reseller and the platform.

Push Notifications

The retailer must stay informed of updates to the app such as sales and promotions, new products, out-of-stock products, etc. All of this is done easily using this feature of push notifications. It is also possible to send targeted notifications and messages to users.

In conclusion

Creating a reseller application similar to Meesho isn't too difficult despite being technically complicated. It all depends on how you plan, strategize, and execute the plan. If you begin in the right direction, you're halfway to success! Contact us for more information.

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