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With the rise and trend of technology, we have the advantage to take benefit of the digital world.

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What Is Custom Software Development

After all, it is the power of technology that is making out work easier. We all are busy with our schedules and do not take out time to perform our day to day tasks. But with the help of technology , we are just one click away from all our needs. With the assistance of technologies, software’s there are much ease in performing all tasks. As a user’s we all want services to be online as this makes their work to be easier. Also, this is the main reason why businesses have started their services online. In turn, also looking for software that can work according to their needs. We as users to those of businesses know that online services serve a lot many benefits.

Today mobile apps have become one of the most effective ways of marketing. Further, it can also be said as one of the excellent ways to provides services online. This in turn is increasing the demand for web software development companies. We all know that developing software is an art. It can only be developed who holds expertise. Hence only experts who hold knowledge can assist you to acquire the software according to all your needs. Among many software and their benefits, there is one we are going to discuss is custom software development. Therefore, let us begin with what is custom software, its development and what benefits does it serve?

What is Custom Software Development?

There are different businesses all around the world, each one of those works on their needs or requirements. If you want users can reach you then you have to be unique in your services and features. Now when you want something different then you do have to own something best. All of the services, features work perfectly. But behind this work, there is great support which makes up every step easier. This is known as software and among this custom software is one of those which every business are looking for. The software offers all the benefits that a business is in a need of. Custom software development is defined as the method of developing tailor-made software products that suit the bespoke business needs.

The entire process consists of designing

1. Creating

2. Deploying

3. And maintaining software development

The off of the shelf custom software is known as COTS which is called commercial off the shelf. It is the type of software product which you can readily find in the market. It comes with all features and is also available for the process in a single application. But here one thing needs to be kept in mind. The software comes with a certain type of restriction which means it cannot be customized according to the business needs. If you want to make you're understating more clear then you can take the example of Microsoft and Adobe. Also, we can help you to know what is the difference between custom software and Off shelf software.

How Can You Make A Difference Between Custom Software And Off-The-Shelf Software

The main question which often companies ask is what is the difference between custom software and off-the-shelf Software.

In that case, custom software works for a specific company whereas when it comes to off-the-shelf software less functional. Besides this, it does have some unnecessary functions and hence not many companies choose the one.

As we have already discussed what are these software’s. Now at this particular time, we will here discuss what are their pros and cons.

Pros And Cons Of Custom Software Development

• Pros Of Custom Software Development



It is a known fact the ready-made software cannot always help the company with the requirement. This is where custom software solution has a big edge over the competitor.


Business growth

When you reach custom software then you keep all the requirements in mind and what is the business needs. Here you can tell the experts what all issues you organisations are facing every day. This in turn will help you to get the desired solutions. Once you got up the final products the software will help your workers to those of organisation easier.


Support service

In case if you are facing a problem within the software then you can consult experts help. There are lot many companies at present which provides maintenance and update regularly. In this way, clients will be able to solve all their problems.


Safety measures

With off-shelf solutions, there can be a chance of attacks by hackers. Now when you reach to custom software development company they take prime concern with safety. The companies look to maintain long-lasting relationships. Hence they take prime concern against all security and safety.


Scalability and flexibility

The step is for those who all are not sure which functions needs to be implemented. There you do not have to be worried about. Here developers will help you to get the appropriate function. They will help you to which function will suit you. Also once the development is complete then you can either add or delete as well.

• Cons Of Custom Software Development


Cost is high

When we begin with any technology or services we always look to acquire the best. However, if you are in building all the latest techniques then the cost will automatically rise. Also, the custom software can be only be developed with experts. Therefore, when you reach experienced developers the cost will increase automatically.


Long time in development

Sometimes some projects take a lot of time, along with the coding there are different features as well. Also, it is better to reach experts so that work can be completed in less period. However, not all think so. Some of the clients reach the developers who cost less. But this makes them be a stick in the long term process and heavy cost. Therefore, it is always recommended you reach experts.


Connecting with less experience developers

When you connect with developers or companies keep in mind experience matters a lot. Therefore, when it comes to software or app development one should always reach experts. No doubt they can cost high but will give you a valuable result.

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Pros And Cons Of off-the-shelf Software

• Pros Of Custom Software Development


Much more affordable

Because of their mass production, it is relatively cheap and affordable. The main aim of the software is that it can reach lot many users. Therefore, its price is less as compared to other software. Therefore, companies can find the software to be inexpensive.



The one benefit of off-the-shelf software is safety and security. Yes, the software is reliable if you are avoiding the use of a suspicious website.


Reviews and opinions

There are many businesses around the world that all are using COTS. Therefore there are many reviews, opinions and their experience. Here you will understand, what is the software is all about and how can it be beneficial for you.


Easy to install

One of the biggest advantages of off-the-shelf software is that it is ready and easy to install. Here to gain all the features and benefits you need to set up it first.

•Cons Of Custom Software Development


Less satisfaction

There are many cons of the COTS and hence it may be the case that it can be less suitable for your business. However, while going with the software you need to keep all the necessary steps and features in mind. This can assure that whether your business needs are completed or not. Else it will be a waste to reach COTS.


Less modification

There are fewer modifications that can be made as per your business. If your business is growing or expanding then do not seek modification assistance.



The use of COTS is among a wide range of users, hence this is the reason why it is in huge competition. Also, you need to keep in mind that your idea can be stoles. It is because with the help of the same set of tools the idea can be created. Therefore you need to be a bit attentive.


High cost

The cost of setting the product can be quite high. Also, the software needs to be updated and hence can cost you a bit high.

Underlying Process Of Custom Software Development

When you go to the detailed analysis of the software then you can find many stages and models. Also, we cannot implement all of those, therefore customers go with the one according to their requirement. Among all of the models many of those choose agile and also this is one of the most valuable approaches. There are different software and each one those have their development cycle. Therefore when it comes to custom software development then it has its own. Here are some of those necessary steps which are considered with custom software development.

  • Requirement Analysis

    One of the most important steps of any development process and cycle. To clarify the requirement analysis will always help to deliver the finest result. Here in this case experts and business analysts grouped and understand the requirement. Once the requirement has been laid out later the process starts. Experts begin with the functions and features to be inbuild into your software.

  • Planning

    Phase 1

    In the first phase of the planning here the team of experts will focus on the requirement you stated. Technologies include the language, tools for design and platform to which software will be used. Experts will help you to understand the development methodology. However, agile methods are used.

    Phase 2

    The second determines the cost and time of the development process. Since the development team hold expertise in their work. Therefore they will state to you the exact time they will take to deliver the project.

    Here some of the considerations which business person needs to take care of are- • Payment Terms • Ownership • Confidentiality • Legal This statement combines all the details of the project and the time of deliverance.

  • Software Design

    Once the development of the plan takes place now the business analyst and developer work together. System specification means the design of your software.

  • Prototype

    At this stage designer design the prototype of the development phase. Here the prototype is the incomplete structure of the development that developers will show you. It is meant for you to understand how software development will take place. Just like the planning, the designing phase is equally important. Therefore experts here need to be more attentive. It is because if the design phase gets failed then there can be big consequences. There are two approaches for the prototypes High-level design and Low level

  • Development

    At this stage, you will come to know how the development of software will take place. The stage starts with coding. Therefore developers begin with the writing of the code for each module of the software. To keep an eye on the entire project there is one project manager. The manager keeps an eye on what is happening and whatnot. They ensure that the tasks are meeting their development process steps. It is the sole responsibility of the manager to take a deep look at the entire development process. There are lot many examples of custom software development which includes- Jira, Assana, Trello

  • Testing

    Testing and assurance are performed by the quality team. The step is performed to check whether the software is working well or not. The quality team here check test cases for each feature. Also, there is a test case document is being prepared so that there are details noted for each stage. The test software in development determines the feature’s usability and durability. Later the testing is performed over and over so that there is no phase left. The experts until making sure that the software build is error/bug-free or not. Once everything is cleared then the software is handed to be further used on regular basis.

  • Deployment

    Different stages are being crossed to develop the finest software. Also, it is not an easy job role. It needs for you to own expertise and deliver the right project according to the requirement placed. Once the project is completed it is handed to the organisation to check upon different features settled up. You can also have a plan in addition to deploy your software. Different software development companies offer the plans for management of software based on 6 months or yearly basis. The team here manages to keep your software secured, bug-free and up to date. Therefore it is always recommended for you to hire expertise for custom software development.

Different Benefits Of Custom Software Development

You can be at times confused about whether custom software development is your choice or not. If you are thinking so then here we are presenting the top benefits. All of those will help you to determine whether you need custom software development or not.

Targeted Solution

One of the main reasons to invest in any of the software is meant to help with your requirements. Every business aims to grow and wider its presence and in turn involves the creation of new products. There are a lot many software’s which are not able to handle all requests. But when it comes to custom software development it handles every requirement of the business. Also, the growth is in a bug-free manner so the business can continue using and updating custom software for many years.

High Scalability

When you tend to scale your business you demand to keep on increasing. Therefore, at this point in time purchasing an off-the-shelf software solution can be a bad choice. Therefore, companies are looking to adapt the software that can fulfil their needs. On the other hand, can allow employees to work even more efficiently. When you own the right software then it allows employees to work with more energy and give you valuable results.

Hardware Cost

There are many businesses that hesitate or do not put their hands on custom software because of its price. But when you want to make your organisation work smoother then custom software development is a wise choice. It helps in saving companies money in the long run. Along with this, there is no need for you to separately purchase hardware, acquire licenses or pay for certain features. In turn, it has been noted that the business that tends to opt for custom software has the opportunity to develop personalised software.

Software Integration

With the use of custom software, you will be at ease in software integration. You can integrate new software into the existing one to refine your business. On the other hand, custom software reduces the chance of integration issues. In turn, can easily fit your business requirements.

Increased Reliability

When it comes to purchasing the software make sure that you often do not have to rely on the company. The one company from where you have purchased the software. Like every time this cannot be possible for you to engage with them so. Therefore in this case custom software is one of the best choices. It comes along with advanced features and security which can assist you.

Customer Service

No matter how good your product is at some point in time you need some assistance. Therefore when an organisation comes with any bug or error there is a need to connect with customer support. However, in the case of Off-the-shelf software, there is minimal to those of no customer support. On the other hand, when it comes to custom software development businesses have access to connect with them anytime. It has a dedicated team of IT experts who all can assist you with problems and within the stipulated time.

Mistakes Needs To Be Avoided At The Time of Custom Software Development

Every software is developed while keeping the requirement and time in mind. However, at the time of software development, there are several mistakes that happen needs to be kept in mind. This is because it will help you to complete the project on time and with positive results. However, it there will be mistakes in any steps it will lead to unwanted delays in the project. Also, this results in a financial burden on the organisation.

Therefore, there are five common mistakes that need to be kept in mind which needs attention. Once they are noted then it will help you to give the defined custom software development process.
  • Communication In Not Clear

    When you are beginning with the software development process make sure that you have great communication. Often lack of communication can result in a poor result. Therefore, there should be proper coordination between the team.

    Therefore, once you begin with the development process you should clear all things. It will help you to give proper and defined results.

  • Hiring Beginners

    This is one of the biggest mistakes often companies do. Custom software development is a very technical process. Therefore, it has to be under the control of the expertise. However, companies do mistake hiring beginners and often suffer.

    Having an experienced team of experts developers will give you the valuable result. Also, it will help you save money and time for the organisation. Hence when it comes to custom software development you need to hire an experienced team. The one who can give you a valuable and desired result.

  • Trying To Achieve Perfection

    Every project has its own deadline and cost. Therefore the methods which are meant to be taken needs to be implemented. Sometimes unnecessary detailing can cost you high and also failed results. There are lot many steps that need to be taken care of.

    Therefore rather than implementing something new it is better to focus on the process which is required. The main objective yours should be delivering the appropriate software. Hence keep in mind sometimes detailing can give you unwanted results.

  • Uncleared Requirement Understanding

    The purpose of developing custom software is to help the organisation in smoothening its workflow. Therefore when any organisation is connecting with you then it is necessary to understand their requirement. At the time of custom software development, the requirements are unique. It is necessary for experts to stick with those to deliver the finest product.

    There are some cases that in the entire development process some developers miss some stage. It then allows the mistake to reach the later part and in turn huge cost. Make sure you own a proper understanding of the requirement so that you can deliver the sound product.

  • Weak Research

    One of the most common mistakes that often developers perform is weak research. As we have told you that custom software development has lot many stages, therefore weak research can cost you high.

    Make sure that you have understood the requirement properly and start with the process. Any mistake in between can cost you as well as the organisation high.

How Can PerfectionGeeks Help You With Custom Software Development

Custom software development is a vital need for building a better future for businesses. Therefore PerfectionGeeks with years of experience and with a team of dedicated experts assist businesses in creating-

Customized and high performing enterprise software solution. We have served many clients across in offering an impactful digital transformation with optimum efficiency and agile methodologies.

Our custom software development services include-

  1. Custom CRM
  2. Custom ERP
  3. Enterprise software development
  4. Digital product development
  5. SaaS development
  6. Cloud-enabled development
  7. Software consulting
  8. Custom software solutions

Therefore, if you are in a need of custom software development services then we are the prime stop for you. We have a proven track record in helping businesses with their relevant needs. We have assisted several start-ups and enterprises to accomplish their goals

Our in house team of experts developers, designers, analysts assure you to give long term growth to your business.

We have helped numerous organisations around the world to establish a digital-driven path. In this way, businesses can unlock their true potential.

With our innovative custom software development services, we can help you with-

  1. Software consulting
  2. Custom software development
  3. Software solution
  4. Integration
  5. Quality assurance
  6. Maintenance

Hence if you are looking to develop a robust software solution the PerfectionGeeks leverage years of experience. We believe in a systematic approach to delivering the project with top quality, on-time delivery and also the agility of your projects.


At present time companies are coming up with more and more latest strategies. To complete all of those it is necessary to have sound software. The one which can help the organisation to fulfil all of their needs.

Also on the other hand also to make the work of staff easier. Therefore, when it comes to the selection of one software that can help you then it is custom software development. It has numerous benefits and has become a necessity for companies these days. It comes with a lot many enhanced features and supports to give your organisation a new way to widen your business and presence.

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