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November 10, 202215:52 PM

IBeacon App Development Services

Apple Inc.'s version of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology standard is iBeacon. Ibeacon app development makes it likely for mobile applications on iOS and Android devices to accept signals from beacons and share data in proximity.

The Core Strength of IBeacon App Development Solution

The apple-developed protocol, iBeacon is widely utilized by companies for deals change with transmitted information to convince their clients. This yields revenue generation on a substantial proportion for retailers.

Users get benefited through the reported brand-new products/services they could try.

iBeacon supports cashless payment that empowers shoppers to enjoy a seamless shopping experience precluding the requirement to queue up for the payment method.

Merchants get to experience boosted sales because iBeacon-supported applications lure their clients with information into purchasing new products every day.

It helps clients with announced pieces of new places near and lets them bypass long-distance traveling to buy the desired products.

Improved user experience with iBeacon apps can facelift the market reputation of a brand and improve its credibility when engaged consumers review the merchant positively.

The analytics summary done by the iBeacon app helps merchants sell products compatible with a customer’s expectations or preferences.

The Beneficial Sides of Beacon App Development

Task Automation

iBeacon apps come in convenient in starting other appropriate and beacon-connected apps, thus permitting them to automate different studies on users’ devices in the most simplified manner.

Better Management

iBeacon technology enables hotels to automate the operation of check-ins with the exact location of the guests as reported and enhances the concierge service of the hotels.

In-Store Efficiency Boost

Better in-store shopping for retailers through meaningful notifications to clients by iBeacon apps is one of the unique contributions of this technology.

Brand Value

Notifications of facts about new products and services to the clients nearby a merchant’s store increase footfalls, sales, and subsequent brand significance.

Proximity Solutions

iBeacon apps deliver an excellent level of proximity solutions, informing people of the nearest landmarks to their shopping attractions or entertainment visit.

Payment Solutions

Cashless cost solutions by ibeacon technology empower users to conduct shopping without having to wait extended in the queue, thus saving considerable time.

Enterprise Solutions

Ibeacon apps product service offers great business solutions for retailers by reinforcing their deals figures with improved footfalls.

Interactive Business Model

Innovative iBeacon technology delivers the most compelling and interactive enterprise solutions by leveraging on consumer rate & revenue for improved audience reach.

Indoor Navigation

iBeacon network drives users to a place they are out of the GPS network, particularly at the time when the reality of users is at an indoor place.

Reasons You Can Bank upon PerfectionGeeks Technologies

We bathe in adulation as India’s leading and top-rated iBeacon App Development Company having served a broad network of client from all around the world, with the proven expertise and profession of our programmers who, from conceptualization to execution, innovates in every step of app development with result-driven solutions.

Data Safety

Our team of different talented programmers creates iBeacon apps featuring creative safety shields allowing seamless price with a double-layered authentication feature.

Vast Experience

Our team of app developers has performed on beacon technology and projects of BLE. They have helped industries involved in real estate, healthcare, travel, banking, etc.

Privacy Protection

We protect your data associated with projects in the realization phase. Full-fledged secrecy of your data is maintained by our team.

Total IP Rights

We make the handover of intelligent property rights associated with your digital purchases or projects assigned to us. You are at leeway to sell, distribute or use it.

Courtesy Maintenance

One year of cost-free app supervision is offered to you as an experienced courtesy for having allowed us to facilitate top-class services for you.

Guidelines Compliant

We adhere to all safety guidelines and observations laid out by app stores such as Google and Apple to ensure the clearance of your products on these platforms.

Tech Genius

Our designers are tech virtuosos in GIT, Bitbucket, & other version-control plans to serve you next-generation app solutions.

Customer Satisfaction

Our company hinges on the very motto of customer satisfaction followed steadfastly by uncompromising principles on quality and deadlines.

Efficient Client Care Support System

Our client care support system is at your disposal at 24x7 timeframe just to have your query about projects in process solved.



We create location-based resource-tracking apps that can be used in numerous domains such as hospitality, finance, transport, retail, etc. Our iBeacon apps can follow table availability in the cafeteria, tracks the location of employees, track children at school or home, etc.


Indoor navigation/indoor positioning mobile apps which can help blind/physically questioned people navigate to different areas through the app, enable workers to navigate to jobless conference rooms inside tall buildings/campuses.


With the help of iBeacon technology, you can build a mobile app that can be used by visitors at Art galleries, Museums, or zoos. When they are about some attraction, with the help of notifications, they get clear information about what they are examining. Notifications can be in the form of images, text, or even a video.


iBeacon technology is changing the way details are shared in the classroom. Beacon apps installed in Tablets/iPad, through proximity detection, can communicate and share data that is relevant to that special time and place. The teacher can use real-time polls, prize hunt cards, or widgets to get students to interact with the surroundings and be aware of real-world scenarios.


Beacon-enabled apps can offer all types of automation - home, commercial or industrial. Locking/Unlocking doors, Switching on the lights while you join the front door opening the garage door while you're at the entrance, everything is achievable with the help of Bluetooth low-energy technology.


With the use of push-driven marketing apps, traders can send real-time push notifications about goods and services at the right time and right place. These notifications may have product information, discount coupon, or facts about the offers running in the store. These personalized letters can assist boost in-store sales and build consumer loyalty.

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+91 8920947884


1968 S. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States

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