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How to create digital products?

June 21, 2022 4:40 PM

Digital Products

A digital product that you can sell while you sleep is the ultimate goal, but it's not easy to do.

What is a great digital product? How can you make it a success?

Let's look at the reasons digital products are worth looking into and how to use them to help you follow through with your online marketing ideas.

What is a digital product?

Any product that customers can buy and use online is a digital product. This could include a newsletter, podcast, or video, as well as an ebook, course, or ebook.

The majority of digital products can be described as entertainment, such as music or storybooks, or educational (such as a course or ebook).

Many people have said that digital products are no longer sold online and that consumers now expect to get their content free of charge. (We all know that uploading ebooks to your website will not automatically make them sell.)

Digital commerce is booming, with businesses selling digital products that are worth millions of dollars.

Why create digital products?

A Digital Transformation Trends product is a great option if you are looking to sell a product or service.


One of the greatest benefits of digital products is their ability to reach a wider audience.

You can, for example, teach cooking classes to people who want to cook healthier meals. However, your service area will be limited.

You will also need to hire more chefs and purchase more equipment to grow your business.

Another option is to learn to make digital products. It's possible to create an ebook with your favorite recipes and sell it online. This is one way to make money through freelance writing.

Passive income

Another reason digital products are so great is their ease of use and ongoing support for making a living online.

You only earn money for the hours that you work in a service company. You can accept orders from anyone at any time, but you must still fulfill them and keep them stocked.

Digital products can be bought at any time of the day, and they don't need to be restocked. It's therefore the best business model to generate passive income.

Very low startup costs

Last but not least, many businesses have startup costs and overhead that can easily put a person in debt. To avoid this headache, most people want to learn how digital products can be created.

If you run an e-commerce site, for example, you might need to buy some products in advance. You will need to pay not only for the products but also for the storage space.

There are often ongoing costs for service businesses. Personal trainers, for example, may need to rent space in a gym, which could reduce their profit.

A digital product is a website that you pay only for examples of profitable digital products.

What kind of digital product do you want to sell?

Most digital product ideas can be used to teach people how to do things or provide entertainment. You can choose a topic, and then decide what content you want to market.

These are the most popular:
  • Podcast (Joe Rogan-$30 million before the Spotify deal)
  • Ebook (Carol Tice, $45,000)
  • Online course ($1 billion)
  • (The Hustle $27 Million) Newsletter
  • Subscription Content (Bloomberg, New York Times)
  • Premium Video (Netflix-$30 billion)

This type of content can be found for free, but many people will pay for premium or exclusive content.

Create digital products

You might be wondering how to make digital products for your content ideas.

Taking a business online is a great way to do so.

You can't learn how to become a freelance writer just by reading or thinking about it. You must take action.

I have seen hundreds (or even thousands) of people build viable online businesses around a product or service. I've identified five key areas that should be emphasized when starting.

What are they?

First Step: Create an email list using an autoresponder.

This is not a surprise. PerfectionGeeks has been discussing email marketing for quite some time. It's the main mechanism that you will use to bring your audience together and tell them what you have to say.

I used an email autoresponder from day one.

Why? It's a great way for you to grab the attention of any interested person and turn those relationships into an audience.

While it's important to do a good job with your autoresponder, you don't necessarily need it to be perfect at the beginning. You can come up with five to seven messages that will work.

Help your audience solve a simple problem thadefit they care about.

Provide important information to the audience members about why you do what you do.

Inform the audience about your solution and why it is the best way to solve their problem on your topic.

Every autoresponder message may do one or more of these.

I enjoy creating strong, intriguing "teaser messages" in emails. You can click the link to see the entire article.

Your email autoresponder should be in place by now, five years ago. This week is the second-best. This is, despite the cliché business analogy, the first step to creating digital products.

Step #2: Craft your cornerstone content

I prefer to create an autoresponder before I start to capture the attention of my audience.

Where does the audience's attention come from? Your blog post ideas are the best, but even more importantly, they are the cornerstone content you create for your website.

Cornerstone content answers both the most pressing questions:

All the questions that you are asked about your topic,

... and all the questions you would like to be asked about your topic.

They should be excellent but not perfect. You'll continue to improve your cornerstone posts as they are developed over time.

Step #3: Expand your network

The best thing about solid content is its ability to draw people who can help you. These people might be willing to share your content or recommend your work. They may even be potential partners in great business partnerships.

You don't have to wait for others to notice you. To maximize the opportunities for your project, you need to expand your network immediately.

Guest posting can still be a great way to grow your audience and expand your network of professional writers. While it won't make you a millionaire overnight, nor will any other strategy, it can help increase your authority and influence. It is a piece of the puzzle in creating digital products.

You can also find other content producers through social media channels. You won't want them to get bombarded with "Do you a favor?" messages. Be useful and a good egg. Make sure they have solid content that they can refer back to.

Step #4: Seek market intelligence

A digital product can be just like any other product. You must understand the needs of your customers before you spend time or money creating them.

We are very fortunate to have excellent platforms for listening to and identifying market needs.

You can start by using social media. You listen more than you speak.

What are the problems people are facing on your topic?

Why are existing solutions so frustrating?

What objections keep them from moving forward with their plans?

You don't have to do all your social media listening from your site or page. You can listen to it any place your potential customers hang out.

You can increase your social media listening if you have an audience, even a small one. It is a good idea to ask questions ahead of time and then give the answers during a live session.

This is not only a great way to discover what your market wants, but it's also a fantastic way to get to know your customers. This is a great way to boost your confidence in blogging. A few Q&A can show you how helpful you are in your topic and point out areas where you can improve.

Step #5: Craft your Minimum Viable Product

Your research about how to make digital products has led you to this.

We love the Minimum Viable Product approach. This approach is used by many software and technology companies. However, it can be applied to almost any product or service.

How can you determine what your first MVP should look like? Answer this question:

What is the smallest product or service that I can offer to offer meaningful benefits to my audience?

Not all MVPs are paid products.

Small online businesses often offer free products to get started before settling on a paid product.

MVPs let you focus your efforts on a product idea, launch it to your target audience, and then see what happens.

Does this product appeal to your target audience?

Who is the most impressed by it?

What's wrong with your customers and with you?

Once you've found an MVP that is attracting interest, you can optimize it. Doing more of what's working and less of the stuff that doesn't.

You can also launch an MVP that is a complete failure—this market intelligence is valuable. Your product idea or marketing message is not right. This won't cause you to be frustrated if you keep the MVPs under control. This is just an experiment to find out who the winners are.

Best practices for creating digital products

Now, that you've learned the five steps involved in creating digital products, here are some best practices for helping you build and sell yours.


You'll begin by brainstorming ideas about the content you want to sell.

It is generally easier to market educational or informational content than entertainment (such as music). This is because entertainment quality is more subjective and harder to measure than informational content.

It is important to brainstorm your ideas when learning how to make digital products. It might surprise you to find out that people will pay a lot to learn your skills.

These are just some examples of skills that you might be able to write down:

  • Speak Spanish
  • A personal experience with weight loss
  • Video and Podcast Editing
  • Information about Shopify stores
  • SEO
  • Cook healthy meals regularly
  • Fashion styling
  • Each of these skills can be converted into digital products

You might be surprised at how much you can do on weekends if you don't believe you have any skills. Many people will pay money to learn new hobbies. Don't discount skills that are related to your hobbies, like swing dancing or chess.

Customer research

Customer research is the most important aspect of the whole process. It will be difficult to sell your product if you don't know your customer.

Create a persona for your customer. A buyer persona describes the title or position of the customer as well as their struggles.

This will allow you to develop more targeted marketing strategies and tailor your product to customers' needs. This is all part of creating digital products.

You might decide to make a video course on weight loss. Targeting everyone who wants to lose weight is too broad. It won't sell well.

This exercise may reveal that your target audience is women who had babies six weeks ago and need the motivation to get in shape again. These women may have worked out before and find it difficult to transition.

This niche is more specific and likely to convert women who match the description.

These are some things to remember when creating your buyer persona.

Typical target gender/age/title/income level

The key pain point in your customers' lives right now is Your product will solve

Solutions that they tried and considered before discovering yours

What do they look for online before finding the solution?

They have indirect needs that your product will address (indirectly).

Pricing for your digital products

It is important to set a price point. A $5 ebook requires less work than a $300/month subscription newsletter or a $3,000 course.

Some niches might not be able to afford a high price. You might find that an SEO course is not a popular choice for many. However, it may be worth $1,000 to learn how to swing dance.

Researching your competitors is the best place to begin. Is there a niche that sells a similar product to yours? What is the price of similar products?

  • The price point can vary greatly based on
  • The content's quality
  • How to present the product?
  • Additional bonuses (community, Q&A, etc.)
  • Make sure that you can find courses in your field at a similar price to yours.

It is important to note that courses at higher prices are not usually listed on course websites. You may need to Google around or use Quora to find the best courses in your field.

You must validate your idea before you can do any other step of this process.

Friends are the best place to validate your idea. It's okay to ask your friends for money. It's not enough to ask friends if they like the idea.

If you are in a niche that isn't well known, you might want to create a landing page using a tool like Instapage. You can then put up your offer and run Facebook or Twitter ads.

Send an email to your email list asking for people's opinions on purchasing the product at a reduced price.

Make digital products to solve problems.

It is easy to create a digital product. Finding your audience is the hardest part.

These tips will make it easier to launch your next digital product.

You could make your idea a multi-million-dollar digital product if you take it seriously and are well-versed in digital marketing.

We've narrowed this area of expertise to three core areas that we teach within: This is what I call the "trifecta" of core skills.

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