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Top 7 Common Mistakes To Avoid At The Time Of Developing React Native Apps

In this digital world, users always look for quick information. We are sure that even you are the one in the same category.

Well, everyone wants to have a quick response.

This is where businesses need to take charge.

After all, the main motive for you as a business owner should be offering ease.

Also, users turn up to those services which can help them or make their work easier. 

We all know some or the other points where we can get comfort. 

Or from where we can help ourselves as a user.

Therefore to make a presence in the market and all over you need to think from a user point of view.

You need to polish yourself and also think beyond the box.

Now here the one ease we are taking gander is with an APP. Yes an app can help users to reach their desired goals.

Therefore if you are looking to lock the users to your brand then considering the  Best Mobile App Development Services  is one of the big shots.

Mobile apps have changed the experience of users to those of the digital world.

Apps are considered as easy to reach destinations. Whether it is an android app development  or an iOS app development.

Now if you are up with increasing your brand presence then app development is a great idea.

We are sure that even you must have got the importance of an APP till now.

This is the main reason why are enriching yourself with different app frameworks.

App Development And Their Frameworks

 What Is React Native App?

As we stated earlier that it can be quite difficult to make a difference between different frameworks.

 Since each one of those carries its benefits and also features.

But among all  react native app development has gained a lot of popularity.

It is an open-source framework that is based on JS and React.

The framework is widely used for the development of an app because of its advanced features.

But the one who does not know about it will be obvious ask  why you should choose react Native?

If you are looking to get an appropriate answer then, we are here to solve all of your confusion.

Let us begin to tell you as to why is the most preferred app development framework

Why Businesses Are Considering React Native App 

When you will  hire react native app developer  will for sure get the best result. As companies hold their in house team with great expertise.

But besides experts, you should also hold some knowledge. It is your business and the app which has to be made.

Therefore to some extent, you also need to polish your mind with some technical aspects.

• React native framework was launched by Facebook.

• It helps to complete all the work of the platform like android and iOS very fast.

• It has been adopted by many renowned companies because of its versatility.

• Hence it is considered as one of the reliable cross-platform development frameworks.

Top Companies Utilizing App With React Native

There are different benefits of React Native Development

This is the main reason why top companies like-

• Facebook

• Instagram

• Pinterest

• Bloomberg

• Salesforce

• Walmart

• Vogue

Skype is one of the most powerful examples.

All of these companies have developed their app with react native framework.

1.React Native A Great Idea For App Development

React native app developers helps you to acquire the best mobile app. With the help of react native app which creates the cross-platform having a native pattern.

But when it comes to their looks, features, gestures, navigation they work differently.

Besides this, there are many such reasons which make experts to choose to react native framework.

To some of those are-

• One Code For Both OS

• Incredible UI Library

• Affordable Option

• Less Memory Usage 

• Flexibility 

2. Statistics

Apps Release Every day And Every Month

All of the above benefits can only be acquired when react native app development company step ahead without making mistakes.

Expertise is called by the name because they are masters in their work.

Yet there can be chances for them to make some mistakes or to forget implementing something.

Then there are fewer chances of error.

Also, the is the case with react native framework.

Yes, there are some common mistakes that experts can make.

Therefore it is very necessary to know what are some of those.

3.Common Mistakes To Take Care With React Native Framework

1. Picking Up The Wrong Redux Store Layout

Experts do look at design and processing when it comes to app development. But to some extent, they tend to focus more on plan the design than processing.

To this with the help of redux you can store data correctly and manage it. This will help to debug the entire app state.

When the overall process is planned properly then it is one of the valuable tools for data storage.

If it does not happen then there can be a problem. However, it is the work of the React Native App Developers that need to look at all aspects.

Besides this, Redux is not suited for small projects of app development. It is because you need to write a significant amount of code even if you have small changes.

This is one of the reasons why you should go with react native for large applications.

2. Modification State Within Render Function

We all know that fact that data contains all the necessary information. On the other side, the program collects and display the data.

In the react-native, you can make use of the set state to take a new object and compare it to the older one.

Once you manage to perform the task the state will be added to the initial state.

Also, there can be the case that appliances can display abnormal behaviour. This makes you create a custom code than react.

On the other hand, if you directly modify the state you will be able to get these fixes. 

3.Do Not Ignore External Modules

External modules help to save a lot of time for developers. Along with this if you walk with documentation then it will be easier for you.

In some cases, modules can even break or in case they do not work. Therefore experts do have to consider this step seriously.

And they should take the practise of react-native.

Also, this will help you to know why the module is not working or if there is any error and how can it be fixe

4.Wrong Estimates  

It is better to get consulted for the layout. Here the  React Native App Development USA  will help you.

As there are different plans for different platforms right from android to iOS.

Compared to the other platform experts here do have to right more codes.

Now when it comes to web applications you should own some reviews of several backend endpoints. Experts here should hold the clear logic so that there can be an app build to perform better.

5. Native Images Not Optimized  

Image optimization with react native cannot be left. Here optimization will permit you the upload the images on cloud storage.

The cloud storage like S3 to get a CDN URL that can be returned via API.

Applying this method can speed up optimizing the process of the images

6. Leaving “console.log”

Do you know that logging statements in the consoles are very beneficial? Therefore do not make mistakes and avoid one case.

Also, you will be able to debug the app’s execution with the help of them.

In simple terms, they help in debugging the app. But there can be a significant problem if you allow the log statement within the app itself.

Also if you will keep on rendering logic the unsynchronised one can lead to congestion in the JavaScript.

7. Constituent That Lack State

Here the stateless component means they are unable to extend any class. It is because they keep up the argument as display and props in DOM.

Also, there are different characteristics of it like-

There is an easy testing ability

There is no use of local variables and fast implementation.


All of those errors can be monitored when you are aware of mistakes of react native. Also not to worry if you have made a mistake. 

 It is one of the best ways to learn new things and to improvise mistakes.

Similar is the case with react native. There are some common mistakes that experts can make or make at the time of app development.

Although the  best react native app development company USA  keep in mind all such concerns. Being one of the app development company PerfectionGeeks has always delivered first-class results.

It is all because we learn from our mistakes and this makes us fall within the expertise.  

Interested in working with us?

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