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Do you want to build a mobile app for your business? Then hire the Mobile Application Development company to bring prospective customers to your website.

The smartphone is playing a significant role in each one of our lives.

We cannot deny the fact that they are a great source of our needs. We do not use the phone to just make calls besides this it offers highly functional activities as well.

While we are here to know about google play statistics and its trends. Therefore let us throw some light at first on google play store.

Now to one of the striking features which make them valuable to us is its APPS.

It is the app that makes us personal to that professional life easier and fast.

The world has gone mobile now, there are billions of apps introduced to those of working. Be it android or iOS.

It has been estimated that mobile app download has crossed around 218 billion.

The main reason lies behind is the ease and comfort. Yes, the application has made work to be easier and also effective.

Almost everyone has a smartphone (teen, young, adults).

Also, most of the users are found to spend around 50% of their day over phones. This is the main reason the onset of mobile apps is increasing.

This in turn has increased the demand for Mobile App Development Services  for companies.

Competition Over App Store

There has been an increased level of competition to the app store.

As there are thousands of applications released every single day. This says that more than 5 million apps are combining two platforms.

Yes, both android and iOS has millions of apps.

When it comes to android it has around 2.8 million whereas iOS having around 2.2 million applications.

Users consider them and download them according to their requirements.

Also, you can find different industries app so in this way, you will be able to reach your desired service easier.

As we mentioned that there are two platforms on which app can be built.

• One is Android

• The other is iOS.

Each one of them has its own benefits features to those of specificity. It is up to you to which platform are you in a need of.

So before selecting any one of those you should know about them and their difference.

Once you are aware of them it will be easier for you to select the platform for  mobile apps.

Difference Between Android And iOS App Development

You can be sometimes confused as to which platform is suitable for your business.

No doubt when you have your plan you can connect with the  Best Android App Development Company USA.

They hold expertise in developing mobile apps for various industries. Upon reaching you will be able to get all the relevant information.

But besides this, you should also know what exactly the app development process is.

What is the major difference between android and iOS?

Once you have a clear vision then you will be able to reach your destination more simply.

Therefore we are here to let you some major differences between both of the platforms.

They are not just differences in development but those of design and marketing prospects as well.

Difference In Development Process

The top difference between both of the platforms is in the technical process.

They have different programming languages and testing processes. Let us begin to know what all are they

Programming Languages

Both Android and iOS use different stacks. Here iOS relies on Java or Kotlin and Android Swift..

Therefore experts here find iOS simpler in terms of development.

Therefore based on the programming language you can decide whether you need Android or iOS.

Environment For Development

The second difference lies in the development environment which differs for both.

Android developers make use of the android studio, one of the tools introduced by Google in 2013. It has an expanded range of features that can be used.

On the other side, it does hold an integrated development process with-

• Cross-platform support

• High readability

• A wide range of development

• Debugging features.

Whereas when it comes to iOS the developers rely on the XCode tool. The solutions help to offer various bug fixing tools and help to support the entire range of iOS devices as well.

Integrated Development Environment

Coming to make a difference between android and iOS can be quite difficult. Since both of them have some pros and cons.

The tool of android which is android studio helps to create multiple versions of your app.

It also offers a flexible Gradle based system.

Whereas when it comes to X code it has a decent editor source and assistant.

Therefore experts ask you and also recommend all the pros and cons before beginning. Once you are ok with all the terms and requirements the app development process will begin.

Design Difference

Both of the platforms share the founding principles of software design.

But they do not have 100% clicking precision. Therefore the smallest clickable areas are 44px for iOS and 48px for Android.

• In the Case Of Android

In the case of android apps are built based on the partition, therefore the developers here have to break down the app to fragment and activities.

An activity that is relevant to the one app screen.

Therefore if the developers have the project with multiple screens then he has to deal with multiple activities.

• In the Case Of iOS

The architecture of iOS relies on view controllers. Some of those are- page view, tab, split view controllers.

The benefit of the view controller is that it helps in managing the entire screen.

Development Complexity

When it comes to design complexity, android can here lose and has a lot to do with fragmentation

On the other hand, apple releases a limited range of devices. There is several screen styles, density and different version of OS.

Therefore there are lot many such differences which you need to be aware of. Different Android or  Mobile App Development companies USA  do let you know each one of those.

But it is also your prime duty to be ensured about all of them.

No doubt many companies around the world can offer app development services.

But do find the one which suits your needs or can satisfy you. 

Now to such condition, you can think where to reach.

If you have already been into app development then you can think of one company.

But here is the case whether you got a satisfactory result or not? Therein some of them also find other.

Also if you are new to the business and want an app then also you do have to look for experts.

Therefore in both of the cases, it is the role of experts who can help you.

By not moving you around the web and also to frustrate your mind, you can directly reach PerfectionGeeks.

No matter in what corner of the world you reside we can help you in every case.

With years of experience not just in app development, but also in  Mobile UI Design Services , website Development , digital marketing services . We have stretched ourselves to each division.

Now what makes us be top  Mobile Application Development Company USA , here are some of our expertise.

Benefits Of Mobile Application Development Company USA

The advanced web app is a mixture of web pages and mobile apps. If you want your app should run on all platforms then you need experts.

The team who are an expert in HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

Along with this, there are many other benefits which professional company can offer you-

Cost Effectiveness

It is very necessary to determine the  Mobile App Development Cost. Be it gaming, e-commerce or health there are different packages of the app.

Therefore the company will help you to know different packages according to your requirements.

Benefits Of Mobile Application Development Company USA

Availability Of Resources And Expertise

One of the great advantages of hiring the Best Android App Development Company in USA  is expertise and resources.

In this way, you will get a complete package and with the best results.

Delivery Quality Product

We have maintained our reputation by delivering a quality product and try to maintain the one. Apart from this when you hire experts they will have advanced knowledge and expertise.

In this way, your work will be handled with smarter techniques.

Track Your Project

When you hire experts you can take full command over the process. This is where we help you. We make sure that the plan is divided into small segments and schedule them.

In this way, you can also track the progress and get timely reports.

Tackle Legal Issues

 As a reputable app development company, we make sure you stay away from any legal issues. We are legally certified and offer stability in the task.


The best app development company will always possess a team of experts. The one who can follow the latest technologies to develop your products.

Therefore when it comes to experts PerfectionGeeks is offering all of the benefits for Mobile Application Development.

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