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What Are The Different Google Play Statistics And Trends 2021

We all make use of the google play store when it comes to downloading any new app. Since an app has become inevitable part to all the users at present time.

Therefore you must have seen more and more businesses are coming up with an app.

Also, it requires an expert to indulge in many steps to build an app.

While we are here to know about google play statistics and its trends. Therefore let us throw some light at first on google play store.

The one which holds lot many benefits, and hence, it is important to know about it.

All About Google Play Store

The store was introduced in the market (2008) as android app development.

Later it was officially launched in the year 2012. It is known as one of the biggest platforms where a lot many android apps can be found.

According to the research and stats it has around 5 million apps in its bucket.

When anyone has to make use of any-

• Products

• Services

• Games

• Banking

then it can be accomplished with the help of an app.

Now as we all know that from where it can be downloaded. Yes, you have the right thought, it is non-other than google play store.

It has a wide range of app which has served as a helping hand to people across the world.

Now if we come up and see then there are a lot many data that can be taken out.

• How many apps are present in the google play store

• The apps released per month

• The Number of apps downloaded

• Number of the app with ratings

• What are the usage of the app

• And the most downloaded apps.

All of those can be determined when we figure out the exact data of the google play store.

Mobile Apps An Inevitable Need For Users

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There are many stages of app development therefore it requires you to own expertise.

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Now coming back to the google play store, all the android apps can be downloaded from here. But do you know more about it?

Well if not, we are here to let you know about its trending app, stats, and a lot more data.

Google Play Statics For 2021

Known as one of the most popular android app distribution platforms.

Along with this, we also need to know the stats as to why the google app is the most influential app store?

To know that stay connected with us while we are sharing with you some interesting facts.

1. Statistics 1

Total Number Of Apps

Till 2020, the total number of apps on the google play store was around 2.87 million. But it has risen to around 5 million till now.

Now the increase in the 2 million must have made you released the importance of the google play store.

It is loved by millions of users and contains lot many android apps.

Nowadays everyone holds a smartphone and this is increasing the use of an app day by day. This in turn is increasing the role of Google pay app developers to build more and more apps.

Around 85% of the market is owned by android apps.

2. Statistics 2

Apps Release Every day And Every Month

Do you know there are around 774,700 app publishers on the google play store?

Now you can analyse what importance does android app holds so as the platform. The store can release new apps on a daily basis, every week, month.

Therefore there is no accurate number of apps that can be determined.

If we give an idea then these are around 3000 to 3700. All of these apps have their own nature, features, identification and working.

This is quite amazing how these apps are being built by developers and allow us to serve better.

Also, there are many apps that are disruptive for users. Therefore google play store has now banned those.

It will not take the apps which has an inappropriate user name.

3. Statistics 3

Total Number Of Apps Downloaded

As per the research, there are around 108.5 billion apps downloaded (2020). Soon you will get to know the accurate data for the current year as well.

The use of android apps is increasing. It is all because of the simplicity, features and benefits. Also, there are more and more android phone users. This in turn has made the increment in the downloading of apps.

Around 84.8 billion apps were downloaded in 2019, but it was reported that it has increased.

Increased by the number of 23.7 billion at the end of last year.

It has also been reported that the google play store is reported to cross the numbers of 100 billion downloads by 2022.

4. Statistics 4

Total Number Of Apps With Rating

There are around 5 millions of apps on the google play store. Around 1.46 million have been rated by users.

Have you ever rated an app over google play store? If yes, then this makes the data to be increased.

Rating and reviews have always been valuable steps. No matter what services does it come to.

When you rate an app or any service then it gives the other side to let them know about the performance.

Whether users are benefited or not. Or what needs to be changed.

To accomplish all the goals it is necessary for you to give valuable feedback and ratings.

5. Statistics 5

App Usage by Age, Categories And Countries

There are different categories of the app which are developed by Android app developers. Also, it can be accomplished with the help of android app development company USA.

The team of experts helps to build the app according to the requirement. It is all because mobile apps have become an integral part.

They are the source of entertainment and also reference. This is the main reason that it has become an important part of various categories.

App By Age

18 to 34- average frequency of 10.5 per cent

13 to 17 – have 9.4% ratio using apps

App By Categories

There are more than 97% of the apps are downloaded related to social media

App By Countries

There are different people across the world.

Also, the use of apps are made upon the choices, not all browse the gaming app, there are different requirements.

The usage of the app according to the geographical area keep on fluctuating.

When it comes to determine the value between Android vs IOS choice, android apps are most popular.

They are very easy to use and also 85% of the users own smartphones. Therefore more and more people are downloading android apps.

This has made an increment in the usage of apps and also new apps to launch. Along with this let us see what are the top android 10 apps in 2021.

Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Apps In 2021

As per the current situation, there has been a great fall among various industries. Therefore there has been distress among people all around.

Not only businesses but users are also affected by the current situation COVID-19. But when it comes to the app market, it has been seen a tremendous rise. There has been a drastic change in the app market when compared to 2020 to 2021.

The increase of an app download/development has been seen due to the coronavirus.

It has given a benefit where users can download their respective apps and take benefits.

Along with this the top 10 most downloaded apps in the year 2021 are-

1. Google Meet

2. Facebook

3. Zoom

4. TikTok

5. YouTube

6. Instagram

7. Microsoft Team

8. WhatsApp

9. Messenger

10. Gmail

There are billions of app in the google play store which serves benefits. To some of those are free and some are paid.

It allows users to take benefits of their respective services from their comfort places. Therefore there is a development of an app increasing day by day.

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Google play store has billion of the app in it. Also, there has been an increasing statistics every year. These app serves benefits to users and helps them to reach their desired services.

Therefore when it comes to app development you need to understand what consumers what and how.

In turn, reach the best app development company that can give your idea a perfect shape.

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