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How to Craft a Compelling Product Review That Sells - PerfectionGeeks

How to Write a Product Review That Sells?

March 28, 2023 10:10 PM

Product review

People read product reviews to ensure they don't spend too much on expensive products or hyped-up gadgets. This is where you, the blogger or affiliate marketer, can help make shopping easier by giving them a comprehensive and honest review. Detailed reviews have a high page view count and a long average time on the page. This alone should be enough to convince you to use product reviews as a content format for your ads.

This guide will show you how to write a product evaluation that doesn't offend your readers and still brings in revenue for your website.

How do product reviews work?

A product review is a content that examines the advantages and disadvantages of particular products or services. Affiliate marketers are skilled in product review and testing. They then give the product to third-party blogs and platforms.

To be trustworthy, a product review must come from an independent source. This will allow you to compare the various products and offer a neutral, impartial viewpoint. In addition, reviews encourage customers to rate, comment, and discuss products they have bought or are considering buying.

Affiliate links in reviews

Many potential buyers want to read detailed product reviews before buying. Product review pages rank highly in SERPs because of this. Affiliates and publishers may also use Direct Links to monetize their sites. A URL that contains multiple ads is called a Direct Link. Clicks result in users clicking, and you are paid for views. We recommend that you read this Direct Link Monetization Guide before you attempt to make a profit. Also, ensure you notify users that they will encounter ads in your article.

Review a product

Product review
1. Share your empathy with the reader.

Instead of focusing on the product's features, your review should address the reader's concerns. Buyers won't read reviews just to find out about features. They can do that online. Instead, they want to determine if the product will solve their problems.

Empathy with your readers is key to writing a great product review.

2. Identify the person responsible for

Reviewers often make the error of writing reviews that apply to everyone, even though they may not be the right product fit. Therefore, as the next step in your review, you should identify the product's target audience by adding a section called "Who is this product for?"

This will ensure that you only attract potential customers. You can easily let go of a potential customer if they are not a good fit for your product. This increases your credibility. Your readers will see that you want them to have the best product possible.

3. Provide the solution

Your readers are searching for quick solutions to a common problem. Here is the time to step in and offer the solution. This can be done by giving your readers a brief overview of the product. Give details about the product, its features, and the results users can expect. To make your post more accessible and multimedia-friendly, add a video.

4. Questions about the product

Answering questions is the best way to write a product review. Answering questions should be done in a way that puts you in the shoes of a buyer who is still undecided. Is your answer satisfactory? These are the questions that you need to answer:

  • What is the purpose of this product/service?
  • What is the best thing about this product?
  • Who is the best person to help with this product?
  • What's the opinion of people about this product?
  • What is the problem with this product?
  • Where can I get this product?
  • What sets this product apart from the rest?

Reviewers should give unique information that is not available anywhere else about the product or service. You can make the product more real than an ad. Use as many pictures, videos, and examples as possible.

5. Add case studies (optional)

Most vendors and reviewers simply list the product's benefits and features. This approach is less than inspiring, as you might imagine. The best way to explain problems is to show how features and products solve them. This can be done by including a case study in the review.

6. How do you write case studies for high-value products?

This case study is part of a review brand awareness. It serves two purposes:

To demonstrate the benefits of this product

To help prospective buyers visualize themselves using the product and how it will improve their lives.

This can be done by creating a tutorial that walks readers through a typical product use case. However, don't sell the product too aggressively. Instead, focus on outreach and helping people.

Demonstrate key features by demonstrating them in action. Demonstrate how the product works by showing a screenshot or video walkthrough.

To add value, explain how you can use the product. You should aim to give the reader a brief tutorial on using your product to achieve real results.

7. Use social proof

Add social proof to your product reviews with these steps:

You can add user reviews and quotes. Use user reviews and quotes from websites like Amazon, Trustpilot, and BusinessOfApps to show how others feel about the product.

You can include testimonials from reviewers and bloggers. If they have already reviewed the product, you can use their quotes to help you write your review. This gives readers a balanced view of the product from experts and ordinary people.

Encourage others to leave comments. A contest can be used to encourage people to comment on your review.

Increase your social shares. Higher social shares equal higher popularity. You can buy Facebook and Twitter ads to increase the number of people sharing your reviews.

8. Offer alternatives to the products.

Listing options in reviews achieves two objectives.

It increases sales. It shifts the focus from "whether to buy" to "which one ."

Indicates neutrality. You show impartiality by giving your readers choices.

9. Use correct format

You have now written a persuasive and compelling review that will be of great value to your readers. Make sure your review is properly formatted before you press publish.

These formatting guidelines should be followed in your review:


Your readers will be grateful that you provide genuine value, and they will purchase through your link. It can make a difference between a review that is not read and shared hundreds of times.

Although product reviews are a great way to earn commissions with referral links, they can be quite time-consuming. Display ads, which pay for clicks and views, can be a quicker way to develop your blog. It takes only 10 minutes to get started. There has never been a complaint about extra income.

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