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The Ultimate Guide to Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

What is brand awareness?

Brand awareness is a broad phrase that refers to how identified your company is. The objective is for your brand’s name to evolve synonymous with the products or services you present, and for current and potential consumers to consider your company whenever they require something you provide.

Unlike other forms of marketing, devoting time to brand awareness, won’t produce an instantaneous point in sales – but if you’re in it for the long run, there’s a lot to earn by improving your brand’s visibility and memorability. Investing in this can particularly lead to your brand becoming unforgettable and people associating different things with your business. This can be anything from your brand’s colors, your logo design, or a catchy slogan.

Why brand awareness is vital to your company

High levels of brand awareness indicate more individuals in the world are conscious of your company. This is essential if you like to evolve the go-to in your area. But building brand recognition is not just about attracting consumers, it’s also about growing confidence in your products or services.

These are the major benefits of growing your brand awareness:
  • Bring in first-time consumers: new consumers will select products they realize over ones they’ve never heard of.
  • Gain credibility: With confidence and familiarity, comes credibility and brand equity. Making your credit can have a positive impact on customer decisions. As a respected brand, you can have a greater mark on audiences. One way to do this is to get your voice heard on a problem related to your company, your market, or anything close to your heart. People relate more to brands that have an objective, enabling even more loyalty from your consumer base.
  • Charge more for products and services: Being identified as a trustworthy experienced brand allows loyal consumers and potential shoppers to select you over the competitor, simply for ease of mind. You can and should demand more for this extra value. With so multiple companies working solely online, trust is worth more than ever.
  • Attract high-quality employees and partners: As you make your brand's recognition, more people will jump at the option to work with you. This implies you’ll be able to draw higher rate employees, and companions with more significant, more respected firms.
  • Grow your business: The recognition and etiquette of a brand aren’t confined to the initial product or service you provide. It will take over to everything your company does in the future. When you like to grow into new markets or introduce a new product - higher brand awareness will help you transition successfully, since you'll already have a pool of consumers who know they can trust you.

How do you build brand awareness?

Gaining brand awareness isn’t a one-off undertaking. It’s a strategy that usually contains several movements, social media activity, collaborations, and more. Let’s begin with the basics of building a brand and maintaining your brand’s existence and relevance.

There are a few foundational techniques you should take note of when you start building your brand’s recognition:

Develop your brand identity

These days, consumers like to interact with a brand they can relate with on an emotional or intellectual level – brands that have vibrant characters, ethical values, a sense of humor, and a specific style of voice – just like people. Give your brand this voice, qualities, and story by creating its brand identity.

With so many choices out there, shoppers prefer to buy products from companies that reflect their importance. So don’t hesitate to emphasize your social, economic, or environmental standards. Consumers have also figured out that they can cause a difference in the world by choosing where to pay their money. People feel deeply about these problems and you can tap into that feeling.

Be active on social media

Building your brand’s identity is one thing, but getting your message out to the public is a different challenge.

While billboards, magazine ads, and TV commercials utilized to be the excellent place for communicating with audiences, that’s no longer the case. Today, most of our dealings with brands happen online, particularly on social media, where near to half of the world population is spends an average of over 2 hours a day.

The fact is individuals, desire brands to be involved on social media. Most consumers will even go so far as to examine your company and contact you on your social media channels, rather than via your website, email, or phone.

Unlike other media outlets, social media embodies a more casual environment. This is what makes it such a great place to interact with others using your authentic brand voice. This is where individuals will come to form a relationship with your brand.

Use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok to broadcast your brand’s qualities (your preference relies on your market, of course). Take the time to post new content, make social media graphics, interact with other brands, and engage your audience.

Make fresh content

The purpose of creating brand awareness is to develop a buzz around your brand. So, give your audience new content that will attract them to engage with you and share with their friends.

Making content that audiences will transfer accomplishes two purposes. It distributes your content to a wider audience, getting more attention to your brand. But it also encourages positive recognition. In the future, audiences will be much more likely to interact with a brand whose content becomes familiar to them than a company completely unknown.

11 ways to boost brand awareness:

Now that you comprehend what brand awareness is and have laid out the foundations, let’s look at typical ways you can begin building it:

Produce interesting videos

Videos make for excellent, shareable content across all platforms. You can post videos to your website and publish them on your social media channels, too. Many brands will also make a YouTube channel as an outlet for brand awareness campaigns.

Some concepts for video content include: tutorials, breaking down different directions, or hosting panel discussions about topics related to your company.

Design infographics

Infographics are a fantastic way to both tell a story and deliver stunning visuals, all in a single picture. Making infographics that appeal to your audience is a useful way to get shares on social media and grow your brand awareness. Don’t forget to design it according to your brand’s aesthetic – and of course, slap on your logo to indicate that it’s yours.

Make memes

Memes are no longer just the domain of internet trolls and college students. They’re also a legitimate marketing tool that you can utilize for your branding benefit. For the most part, memes are there to get across a short, funny, or witty message. The benefit is that they have the potential to go viral, but don’t need a large design funding.

Make a blog

Starting a blog can add to your brand awareness, foster trust, and deliver shareable content all in one package. Writing blog posts is a staple of digital marketing blogs is one of the only platforms for long-form marketing content. When writing a blog post, keep in mind that a good blog should be packed with impressive, informative reports.

Most brands use their website’s blog section and consistently add new content. If you invest your time properly in a blog, your reader will eventually view it as a knowledge source making the potential to impact their decision making.

Collaborate with other brands

Collaborations between brands that transmit similar audiences can double the direction of both companies. If you’re both well-considered among your audiences, there’s a huge possibility for improving both consumer bases.

Collaboration can come in many forms. From sharing each other's content on social media to producing videos together and guest blogging on each other’s websites.

Use influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is sort of a middle ground between unions and paid ads. It signifies associating your brand with someone like a micro-influencer who has an established audience on social media and is well-liked by followers.

Using the influencers will go in terms of the established platform and price - but once you see one that you like to work with, there’s a huge possibility to increase your brand awareness.


A wise way to improve your brand’s awareness is by evolving a sponsor. Sponsorship implies delivering a service, product, or financial support in return for advertisement and exposure.

Your brand can sponsor anything from goodies, food, or alcohol for an event, or individuals such as artists or athletes. Finding these options signifies strategizing what audiences you like to associate with and what sponsorships make sense.

For instance, if you’ve begun your beer brewery – find an upcoming music event looking for beverage donations. Not only will the artists or organizers include you in advertising, everyone at the event will be able to enjoy and talk about your product.

Create a podcast

Creating a podcast is another outlet for delivering engaging, long form-content. Many brands already utilize podcast platforms to deliver a steady stream of episodes catered specifically to their audience. It can take time to make up a following– but once you have an audience, a podcast will have a huge impact on your brand's authority and honor.

Present free products or services

Everyone loves free things. Running giveaway advertisements is a tested and true way to improve your consumer base. Give out small branded products like pens, coasters, or hats, or even provide a free service or trial for a limited time. Not only will recipients be satisfied, but they'll also most likely share the chance with friends. Plus, the gesture can turn them all into loyal clients.

Use referral programs

There’s zero wrong with asking existing clients to reach new ones for you. Most happy clients will be happy to spread the word about your company. This is particularly true if you submit an encouragement. If you can afford it, offer your buyers discounts, provide premium services or give free products in return for recommending new customers.

Boost traffic to your website

Your website is an extremely important investment for brand awareness, too. That’s why making sure your site is experienced, aesthetically pleasing, and aligned with your brand style guide is so essential.

You can boost traffic to your website by investing time in its SEO (search engine optimization). With good SEO, your site can work its way up to the top of Google’s search outcomes for relevant issues. You can also invest in ad campaigns that draw more traffic to your website and produce your brand’s awareness.

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