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How does video help in driving sales for business? - PerfectionGeeks

How are Product Videos Driving Sales for your eCommerce Business?

feb 28, 2023 14:22 PM

Video Marketing

You launched an eCommerce website one year ago. It featured a store, multiple product pages, and even a blog. You saw increased site visits, a growth in your social media followers, and positive feedback from customers who were happy with their purchases. Your sales remain flat despite this. You may be happy to make every sale, but to stay competitive and remain afloat, it is important to track your sales growth over time. Realistically, you may not have the time or funds to invest in major marketing initiatives.

The video is a quick and easy way to boost your e-commerce site's performance.

The creation of a commercial or brand video was once a difficult and expensive task that could only be afforded by large companies. Video has become so popular that it is now much easier to plan, write, film, edit, and publish your product videos.

The best part? Video has been shown to increase engagement rates and conversion rates. These are some of the most surprising video statistics you will ever see:

  • 62% of consumers view product reviews before purchasing.
  • 84% of respondents were persuaded to purchase a product or service after watching a video from a brand.
  • 97% of video marketers stated that video enhanced user understanding of products or services, while 76% claimed that video helped them increase their sales.
  • A video can help increase conversions by up to 80%.
  • 56% of customers believe that companies should include video content on their websites.

Here are five reasons video marketing is powerful for growing your business and driving more sales.

People love to watch videos

You probably don't mind that many people spend a lot of time watching videos. Hyperfine Media reports that one-third of internet activity is spent viewing videos. This averages 32.3 videos per day. Product videos of all types are easy to consume and enjoyable.

Animoto discovered that 44% of consumers lose interest in companies whose websites don't have video.

Engagement is the key to making people watch your videos. You need to make videos that are engaging, entertaining, and simple to understand. This will encourage people to view the entire video. It can also increase their chances of being inspired.

Informative videos help answer users' questions

You are likely surprised but not affected by eCommerce product videos and engagement as a business-focused individual. Videos are a popular choice for people. But how does this affect your business? People need to be able to see the value in your products and make a purchase, not just upvote and laugh at them on YouTube.

Videos have a significant impact on the buying decision process, as it turns out. Wyzowl found that 98% of respondents had seen an explainer video in order to better understand a product or service.

If you make a good product video, it will answer all of your questions. Video can address everything from product specifications to how it works and integrations. This will help ease some of the anxiety that users have about your product not meeting expectations.

Video is a powerful tool for marketers

Videos are loved by people and can help you attract more visitors and increase engagement. What does the marketing community think of video?

It's not surprising that 87% of online marketers use videos to grow their businesses. According to Ascend2, half the marketers today believe that video content is their most difficult, even though it is also their most effective.

Videos drive more organic traffic
Video Marketing

The biggest driver of traffic to any eCommerce website is organic traffic. Many companies spend hours and thousands trying to be linked to high-quality websites.

Google can determine the quality of a website by its bounce rate. If a website drives visitors away from its site soon after they visit it, they conclude that the site is of low quality.

One of the best ways you can reduce your bounce rate is to engage your customers with your store. The video is engaging and has high engagement levels, as you can see. You should be able to drive more organic traffic to your website by using video.

Videos drive more conversations

Video has a significant impact on purchase decisions, so it is not surprising that it can help increase your conversion rates.

Wyzowl found that 74% of those who watched explainer videos to learn more about a product or service ended up buying it. The same study found 77% of respondents said they were convinced to buy an item or service after watching a video.

Adobe discovered that those who watch demo videos are 1.81x more likely to buy than those who do not. According to Adobe, 72% of businesses that use video believe it has increased their conversion rate. 64% believe it has directly resulted in an increase in sales.

Take A Bow

This post has more than 20 facts that will demonstrate the power of video in any e-commerce store.

Customers can also learn more about you and your products through video. Video can help consumers make better decisions and convert more.

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