Cost to Build a Fitness App like Hevy

How Much does It Cost to Build a Fitness App like Hevy?

April 24, 2023 15:50 PM

 Fitness App like Hevy

In today's world, keeping track of your health has become the new fashion. Be it through traditional yoga practises or the latest aerobics and fitness regimens, individuals are opting for different methods to remain in good shape and stay healthy. The reason for this desire to keep physically fit and healthy is the need to keep track of fitness and improvement.

This is how to build an app like Hevy. The fitness app market, which includes the progress tracking sector, is projected to increase to USD 28.3716 billion as of 2022 and reach USD 157.9791617 billion in 2030. Alongside being an integral component of this market's size, the idea of creating an app that is similar to Hevy is on the radar of entrepreneurs due to its massive fan base and its variety of engaging features.

What makes apps like Hevy unique?

The app is part of the same space as names such as Bodyspace, Pact, and Nike+. What makes an app that is similar to Hevy distinct is that it makes exercising simple and informative while also having an interface that resembles social media, where users can engage with fellow fitness users.

This will give users the motivation to keep up their exercise routine and record their progress on the app for followers. They also have access to an extensive dashboard that provides detailed reports of their current and past workouts.

But what is this distinctiveness on the Hevy app's features front? What features impact the price of a fitness app such as Hevy? Let us tackle these questions in the following sections, following a look at the details of cost estimates.

How much will it cost to create an application similar to Hevy?

The price for fitness app development is based on a range of variables, including

The feature is a way to set

The number of platforms it will go live on

Design complexity

Developers' fees

In light of these aspects, when you partner with a health software firm that is based in India, where development costs are between $40 and $80 an hour, the price could range from $40,000 to $250,000.

With the rough cost estimate now in place, let's examine the components to be included in the development of an application similar to Hevy.

Essential fitness app features to make an app similar to Hevy

Before we dive into the details of features in Hevy-like fitness app development, let us provide some information about the various platforms. The fitness tracker application is designed for three platforms and has the same interface: Android, iOS, and web.

In these user interfaces, you will find several feature sets, mostly separated into three categories such as Home, Workout, and Profile. We will now explore these features in greater detail.

Social and email sign-in

The most important characteristic of fitness and health app development is the signup and login feature. It is easy for users to sign up and access the app with just two clicks.

Social sharing

The second aspect of the Hevy-like fitness tracker app's development is the social media interface. With this function, users can follow fitness enthusiasts, share their views, and share posts. The interface also allows users to download and copy workout routines and exercises.


The application makes it simple for users to design a new exercise routine by providing information about various exercises. The method of operation is that users can make exercises by choosing the name of the equipment, the muscles affected, and then the type of exercise.

After creating various exercises, they could be added in sequential order to create an exercise routine. Another option is to study routines created by other users on the app.

Log in for a workout

After the workout routine is completed, the next step is to monitor the workout in real-time. On this front, the app Hevy has trackable and modifiable elements like the duration of the workout, the number of sets and rest times, the reps per set and details of previous reps, and a setting choice. In the settings section, you can modify the timer, the plate calculation, the tracking of RPE, and even the inline timer.

Edit profile

The Hevy application comes with an easy profile section that allows users to modify their information around the profile image, bio, name, and also links to other social networks or sites.

In-app payments

When you create an application such as Hevy, integrating in-app payments or developing a brand-new payment system altogether becomes an essential component of the development process. There are numerous situations where users use payments to sign up for a subscription or purchase a new feature, an upgraded version of the app, or a feature. Knowing the users journeys will make the correct multi-payment integration much easier.

These are the main elements to think about when creating an app such as Hevy. The next step to knowing how much a fitness app such as Hevy costs is knowing the process of development.

How do you develop an app that is similar to Hevy?

 Fitness App like Hevy

The fact that you've decided to develop an application similar to Hevy does away with the requirement for the project's brainstorming. But, it is helpful to comprehend how the app works and the limits of this app to understand the features you can add to your application.

In the wake of comprehensive brainstorming, we can move on to the next stage of Hevy-style fitness and health app development.

App design

After the concept for the app is completed, fitness app developers usually proceed to the design stage. If you're going by Hevy, the ideal design for the app is a dual design system: a dedicated screen with minimal elements that are used for every activity and an ingenuous dashboard that displays the progress of users by providing well-defined graphs in colour.

App development

When the designs are finished, we can begin the coding part to create an application similar to Hevy.

The first step that a fitness app development firm takes is to finish the features of the app and integrate them into the wireframe created at the beginning. After the main features and user movement are created, the next stage is integrating technology. For instance, if your app incorporates AI integrated into it to perform real-time fitness computations, this will be added at this point, and similarly, IoT connectivity with smartwatches is expected to be included in this.

App testing

After the process of creating an application like Hevy is completed, the next step that follows is testing. There are various methods of testing, such as automated, manual, or hybrid versions, to make sure that the app is bug-free, free of hacks, and meets the requirements of users to the fullest extent.

App MVP launch

After the app has been inspected for user acceptance and quality, we proceed to the MVP launch phase, when the application is distributed to prospective users to gather their comments.

The way to convince customers to share their feedback about your MVP could be to give them a reward in the form of subscriptions, access to paid features, or something else.

Once you've got a clearer picture regarding the fitness tracker app creation process as well as the specifics of the fitness app, such as Hevy's price, it's important to understand how you can return the money you invested.

How can you make money with your app that is similar to Hevy?

At PerfectionGeeks, when we collaborate with fitness businesses on digitalization projects, we frequently suggest strategies for monetization.

Paid apps feature

Annual or monthly subscriptions

An eCommerce store that sells fitness products

Book Appointments with fitness and nutrition experts

The most important thing is, however, to be clear on the concept before the process of development begins. So, all technology, features, and user movements are in line with the model.

Now, you have an entire understanding of what the process is and how much fitness apps such as Hevy cost. At the end of this article, let's get down to the various methods for creating an updated edition of the Hevy application.

How do you get an advantage over Hevy?

While Hevy does a great job of making the routine of training for workouts efficient and simple to follow, one area in which it falls short is being user-friendly for beginners. If you're a fitness novice, it can be a bit difficult to plan routines or track your workouts when you aren't familiar with the names of the equipment or the muscles it targets.

What could solve this issue is to give a clearer explanation of every routine and exercise information through media use or an in-app trainer program that is paid. In the next step, monetization is possible by incorporating an eCommerce store within the app.

There are many ways to get an edge in the field of fitness tracking, regardless of whether you are ensuring that the Hevy app development costs are kept to a minimum. Reach out to us with your concept, and we'll assist you in identifying your company's USPs as we complete the entire fitness app development that comes with an unbeatable service guarantee.

Questions About the Development of apps that Resemble Hevy Cost

What is the cost of developing an app similar to Hevy?

The cost of fitness app development services that are similar to Hevy can range from $40,000 to $250,000, or even more. It all depends on the feature sets you select as well as the integration of technology, the structure of your team, and where you will locate your healthcare software development company.

What is the time it takes to develop an app similar to Hevy?

The time needed to create an Hevy replica app could be 651 hours of backend development. It could be between 1,120 and 1,120 hours of Android or iOS development separately.

What can I do to create an app that is better than Hevy?

There are several methods to get an advantage in the Hevy application. You can make the application user-friendly by making use of videos to demonstrate exercises and details about equipment, creating an in-app eCommerce store, or providing online virtual workout sessions.

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