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How To Launch MVP For Your Mobile App Cost-Effectively?

How to Plan a Minimum Viable Product: A Step-By-Step Guide

May 02, 2022 11:10 AM

Launch MVP For Your Mobile App

The success rate of app-based businesses is low, even though the numbers on Android and iOS show a triumph of mobile app technologies in today's world. The mobile app industry is a fiercely competitive one. Only the strongest will survive. A successful app business depends on many factors, including the feasibility of the idea, design, cost, and process. Experts agree that not every business needs to launch a fully-featured product on the market immediately. Instead, you can improve the customer experience by adding functionality and features to your product slowly after listening to their feedback.

Why do you need an MVP to implement your Mobile App Idea?

Minimal Viable products are designed to ensure that the best features of the app can be presented to customers in the most straightforward of ways. This allows them to assess their response time, save money, and find bugs. MVP helps to accurately gauge customer reaction and streamlines product releases. Feedback can be used to improve user experience. As an essential step in developing a mobile application, it is important to start with a minimum viable product/ MVP.

There are many benefits to starting small with an MVP.

  • An opportunity to test the market for product-related risks.
  • Avoid unwelcome costs
  • Save your resources and avoid spending on one aspect of the app.
  • Real-time feedback from users
  • Greatly reduces your business risk
  • Validates product viability before the final launch
  • Helps to pitch an app idea for funding

To build an MVP for your mobile application idea, you must first choose imperative functionalities and features that solve a customer's problem. These are the key selling points of your app. Once you have narrowed down the must-have features, it is possible to choose an app design that best reflects those features.

How much will it cost to build an MVP for your mobile app idea?

An MVP is only a fraction of the price of building an app from scratch. An MVP can be created for your mobile app idea if you're a skilled developer. But not all great thinkers are good at programming codes. The MVP you create might not appeal to your target audience if you have a great app idea, but are not proficient in app development.

Many factors affect the price of an MVP

The choice of a developer is the first thing that will determine the cost of developing a mobile app MVP. You can either hire a freelance developer to build the MVP or outsource the project to an IT company. Costs for outsourcing to an IT company or hiring a freelancer developer vary from one country to the next. India offers many cost-effective solutions for developing software that is not available in the West. Based on their expertise and experience, freelancers can charge between $10/hr and $200/hr. Depending on the technical details involved, an IT company will charge you between $3000 and $20000 for an MVP project. An individual freelancer might take many hours to complete the project as he would have to handle it alone. However, an IT company brings together the skills of several developers and can wrap it up in much less time. It is possible to get estimates from reputable IT companies and freelance developers so that you can make an informed decision. After you have chosen the right company/ freelancer based on their work portfolio, it is important to engage them in a detailed discussion about your requirements and your budget. A conversation with an app developer expert or developer can provide valuable feedback that will help you to plan the development process of your MVP.

The design of the product is another important factor in determining the cost of developing an MVP for a mobile application idea.

The app's design will determine how expensive it is. Calculate the cost of the User Interface (UI) you choose to use and add it to your initial design cost. A simple and engaging UI is best. This will ensure a positive user experience UX. It is a good idea to prepare for the meeting you have with the mobile app development company. This will allow you to save time and help you develop mockups and wireframes. The process of wireframing can take up to 10 hours. If you hire a freelancer, they will bill for their time. To create a blueprint for navigation and screens, it is best to wireframe in your own time. Bootstrap allows you to create a wireframe using pre-designed templates. Without mockup development, the MVP design process is incomplete. Freelancers may charge an hourly rate, but app development companies charge for creating the landing page and any additional mockup pages. Even though it is more expensive, interactive mockups are more popular with target audiences. Framer and incision are popular tools that can convert your regular mockups to interactive designs. To save money on the MVP development cost, you can create an interactive mockup by yourself.

The number and complexity of the features you want to include in your MVP mobile app will determine the price. Consider the goal you want the app to accomplish. Next, think about all the features you would like to see in the app. Then divide them into different categories such as "must-have", "desirable," and "optional." Make sure your MVP includes the "must-have" features. As you add more features, the development time is longer and thus the cost. The complexity of the MVP features is also a factor. Third-party API integrations and billing and payment integrations are the most difficult parts of MVP development. Advanced admin panel insights analytics and encryption are also important.

The type of technology used to create the MVP is the fourth important factor in determining the cost of developing a mobile app MVP. Pre-tailored solutions can also be coordinated to create an MVP. A team of app developers from an IT company can help you decide if a hybrid or native solution is better for your MVP. It can take a long time to use native code in a mixed environment to create features that are not available in native development. This will increase the development cost of  mobile app development for startups.

Measurement of Success after Building an MVP

You can use many methods to predict the success of a product's future. These are the most popular, reliable, and tested methods to determine the success of MVPs:

  • Word of Mouth
  • Traffic can be used to predict success. Interviewing potential customers is another way to measure success. Start by listing the problems that a potential customer faces or will face. Next, ask them what their thoughts are.

  • Engagement
  • Engaging allows a startup not only to measure the current value of its product but also the future potential. Feedback is a key component of engagement.

  • Sign-Up
  • Signing ups can be a good way to gauge interest. Based on how interested people are in the product, they may convert into revenue.

  • Improved Client Appraisals Based on the Feedback
  • Launch rates and the number of downloads is indicators of the users' interest in the app. The more downloaded the app, the lighter it is.

  • Percentage of active users
  • Not only are download and launch rates important indicators of an MVP's success, but so is their ability to attract new users. It is crucial to monitor users' behaviour and check the ratings of active users regularly.

  • Client Acquisition Cost (CAC)Client Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • It is important to understand the cost of acquiring a paying customer. This allows startups to keep track of whether or not their marketing efforts are working and if they need to make changes.

    CAC = Revenue from traction channel/Customer acquisitions through that channel.

  • Paying Users
  • Keep track of the revenue generated by each user and calculate the average revenue per user. = Total Income for the Day and Age/Number of Active Users

  • Client Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • CLV shows how long a user spends using the app before they uninstall it or stop using it.

    CLV = Profit from a user *App usage period - Acquisition cost

  • Churn Rate
  • Churn displays the percentage of people who have stopped using the app or uninstalled it.

    Churn = The number of churns per week or monthly / The number of users at the start of each week or month


    To find the best mobile app developer IT company or mobile app development company, one can easily consider the cost and quality factors. Freelancers may seem to be the most cost-effective option if you look at the rates quoted. You should know that app development requires design skills, UX and UI skills, coding skills, as well as effective planning. These skills are crucial in app development, but they are too numerous for one person to learn. If you are looking for a freelance app developer who has a strong work history and portfolio, consider a mobile app agency that employs experts at each stage of MVP development.

    You should choose a Mobile App Consultancy service that can successfully include all of the required features of an MVP for your app concept. Your goal should be to create the MVP in a way that users can customize it to their liking. To speed up the process, the contract with the IT company must guarantee that the MVP will be delivered within two to four months. A mobile app development company can create an MVP for a business owner at a fraction of the cost. This will validate their business idea before spending large amounts of time and money on it.

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