Health & Fitness Mobile App Development

Health & Fitness App Development: Prices & Features

June 20, 2022 1:10 PM

 Health & Fitness Mobile App Development

People were not very enthusiastic about their fitness and health in the beginning. Over the past decade, things have changed dramatically. More people spend money on staying healthy and fit. Being healthy is a key factor in being successful and fit. People have come to realize how important it is to be healthy in today's fast-paced world.

People are now leveraging technology to stay healthy and fit. It was difficult to stay on-trend and fit in the past because it was hard to find a good fitness coach. The digital age has brought about a complete transformation in the fitness industry.

This cultural shift is largely due to multiple fitness and health apps. Many features are available on these fitness apps that will help you be your best self. The Health & Fitness Mobile App Development apps are a one-stop-shop for everything. They offer cardio, diet, and workout plans. Many fitness apps now offer rewards and loyalty points for users who run a mile or lift weights. Many companies have been able to make their mark in the market with this innovation.

People are more conscious about their health, and fitness apps are gaining popularity. To increase profits, most businesses are turning to fitness app development for solutions.

The apps integrate with top diet and exercise plans to aid fitness enthusiasts. These apps are relied upon by users for even the smallest details, such as steps taken, distance covered, and calories consumed.

Why Fitness Apps?

Before we get into the amazing features of the fitness app, let's take a look back at the history of this industry. The Google Health Service was launched in 2008 by Google. It seemed very promising. It would have been extremely popular if Google had launched it today. The service was not popular and Google abandoned it in 2011. Why did Google Health Services fail?

This is because health and fitness were not popular topics in 2011. It wasn't very interesting to the general population. However, things changed dramatically in 2014 when the fitness industry made a huge leap. This leap was largely due to the introduction of wearable’s on the market. Wearable’s quickly became a fashion trend, and their popularity has risen steadily.

Statistics and Figures for Health and Fitness Mobile Apps

As we have already mentioned, the popularity of fitness and health apps is not new. In 2008, Google launched the Google Health Service. It's the first Best Health & Fitness Mobile App Development Service. It didn't get much popularity, so it dropped after three years. The launch of wearable’s, in 2014, changed everything. Below is an illustration of the growing interest in wearable that people have.

The chart above shows the revenue generated by wearable’s in millions of U.S. dollars. This chart clearly shows that these figures are increasing year over year. Each year, fitness apps get updated with new functionalities and features. This creates an incentive for users. Most fitness apps now reward users for reaching milestones, so they can keep working towards their goals.

Last year, during the COVID-19 lockdown, the Nike Training Club app saw a 100% increase in weekly active users. This shows that fitness is on the rise.

Statistic predicts that the fitness market will see a significant surge in the coming years. This means that now is the right time for start-ups in the market. Let's now look at the different types of fitness apps currently on the market.

Types of Fitness Mobile Apps

It is hard to stay fit and healthy when your life is so busy. Many fitness apps can help you track all aspects of your fitness. These are five fitness apps that will help you stay fit and healthy.

Apps for Workout Fitness Johnson & Johnson's 7-Minute Workout App allows users to do short workouts within their busy schedules. The app is great for people who are busy and don't have time to do long workouts.

Fit Radio, on the other hand, offers music to motivate you during your workouts. You can choose from a variety of playlists that have consistent beats to help you run or cycle, and there are many other options.

Fit plan is another very popular app. It has many famous athletes and fitness experts you can work with. Fitplan is the right app for you, whether you are looking for a routine or a goal.

Competitive Fitness Apps:

You may find that workout apps alone are not enough to motivate you. These apps enable users to communicate with their friends via a competitive platform.

Fitness Tracking Apps

It is essential to keep track of calories consumed. It is dependent on honest input from users. The app provides useful information, such as calorie goals or a breakdown of nutrients, in return. MyFitnessPal, a calorie counter app that allows users to scan bar codes for quick input, is the best. This app allows users to track their exercise either manually or using fitness trackers to get more precise results.

To get more precise data, you can connect your fitness device to fitness-tracking applications. This will allow you to track daily activities such as distance traveled, steps walked, the pace kept, and pace. Nokia Health, Jawbone UP, Jawbone UP, Moves, and Fitbit are some of the most popular fitness tracking apps. These fitness tracking apps remind users about their daily exercise and track their goals.

Apps for Social Fitness

Are you still not motivated? Social fitness apps are great for active users of social media. You can share your daily fitness data with your friends and family via social media platforms. InKin is a social media fitness app that allows users to connect with others on their fitness apps and devices. Other users can join in on the fitness challenges and competitions. Everyone is obsessed with sharing their achievements and goals on social media, and social media fitness apps can help you do that.

Altruistic Fitness Apps

Charity Miles is a fitness app that allows you to use your exercise time for good. By tracking your runs or bike rides, these fitness apps let you track your miles and allow corporate sponsors to sponsor your charity. Nothing is more motivating than knowing that your exercise can help a cause.

Health & Fitness App Monetization Models

It is important to ensure that your fitness app has positive outcomes for your business. There are many ways to monetize the app. These are some of the options you might consider incorporating into your fitness app.

In-App Purchases

You can still make money from the app if you plan to make it free to all users. Users can purchase premium features from within the app if they wish to access them.

Freemium Apps

The app's basic features can be used for free, but users will need to pay a fee to access the premium features. This type of business model can also be called the premium subscription model. The basic features are available for free, while premium features like personal training sessions are charged extra.

Paid Apps

These apps can't be downloaded for free. To reap the benefits of these apps, users must purchase them. If the user enjoys the features of your application, they may be willing to buy it or subscribe to it.


If your app is doing well, there are opportunities for other fitness companies to partner with you in running their advertisements on your app. They may charge you a commission for advertising in your app.

Fitness App Development: Stages

It is not easy to develop a mobile app. You need to take into account many factors, including market analysis, platform analysis, and determining your target audience. These are the steps that make up the mobile app development stage.


The first thing the app development team does is do preliminary market research to assess whether or not your idea is viable in the marketplace. The development team will evaluate your idea and suggest ways to improve it. You will then have a brainstorming session with the product manager, designer, and developer to:

To filter out potential solutions, competitors, revenue sources, and challenges to your app idea, create a vision of the app.

  • Learn the logic behind the app.
  • Draw a picture of potential customers.
  • Get an idea of the app's navigation.
Validation of Ideas

At the discovery stage, you identify the problems your app can solve. The app's solutions are validated. You will need a UI/UX designer and a project/product manager to accomplish this. A tester, an iOS or Android developer, a quality assurance engineer, and a blackened developer are also needed.

UX Strategy

The development team will begin working on the app interface and screen relationships. To:

Make a prototype using an interactive interface to determine the control elements of the final product.

Create a rough plan and set deadlines.

A high-fidelity prototype of the final product is the best match for functionality.

Design and Development

The app development backlog is divided into sprints, which last two weeks on average. The project manager is responsible for prioritizing tasks and keeping track of the backlog and development process.

The design concept sprint approves the style of the app for use in any portion of the project.

The team then describes the functionality of their design and refines the documents. Finally, they create the technical environment for the next sprint.

The app is developed during the sprint and the project manager creates documentation to be used in the next sprint.

Testing and improvement

Participation is required for the whole team. Once the app has been developed successfully, it is then tested to improve its features and eliminate bugs.

The Core Features of the Health & Fitness Mobile Application

The cost of final products is affected by the number and complexity of features. Before you begin the development phase, it is crucial to determine which features will be included in your application. This is a list highlighting the top features you should add to your fitness app:


Account login and signup are two of the most important features you must integrate into a fitness app. You can either create an account via email or log in indirectly via social media. You can see your data, achievements, statistics, and other achievements. You can also add your age, weight, height, and many other options.

Integration with Wearable Devices

Wearable devices have become very popular in the past few years. Wearable devices can be used to track daily activities such as distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned, heart rate, and so forth.

Daily Summary

The daily summary and analysis provide a complete overview of all tasks completed during the day. You can get detailed information about your daily workouts by including graphs and statistics. This summary does not just include workouts but also includes information about macronutrients as well as micronutrient intake.

Record Your Daily Workouts

This feature allows users to track their total workout time. Users can schedule their workouts and set the time. They can track their time and complete the exercise according to the chosen parameters.

Geo-Location Social Sharing through Geo

This feature can be used to enhance the user experience. Users can also share their workouts on social media platforms. Geolocation integration allows users to connect with other nearby users. Users can share their accomplishments with family and friends to motivate them to exercise daily.

Set Goals

You want your app users to love it. Make sure you include the "set goals" feature. It is one of the best ways to motivate them. Users will be able to set daily goals to help them stay in shape and fit.


This feature is widely considered to be one of the best ways to make your app stand apart from the rest. Your users will be motivated to achieve their fitness goals by offering rewards, loyalty points, and scores, as well as badges and stickers.

Video Tutorials

This feature allows users to do their daily exercises and workouts without the need for trainers. Video tutorials are available for beginners who don't know how to do certain exercises. These tutorials provide a step-by-step guide to various exercises.

Safe Payment Options

In-app payments allow users to purchase premium features of the app. The integration of a secure payment gateway ensures that users' billing data is safe from hackers.

Push Notifications

Sometimes, the user may miss a workout or session. Push notifications can remind users about upcoming sessions or sessions that they have missed. Push notifications are also a great way to notify them about the latest offers and deals.

What Does it Cost to Create a Fitness Application?

It is impossible to calculate the exact health and fitness mobile app development costbecause so many factors influence it. Other factors, such as the final features, the time spent discussing, researching, and idea implementation, also affect the cost of fitness app development. A minimum-delight product is a product that provides a pleasant experience for users of fitness apps. It costs around $60,000 per platform (iOS and Android). For a full-featured app that has complex features, expect to pay more than $120,000 per platform.

Why should you hire an app development company?

It is possible to work with your development team on fitness apps. It is possible to work with an in-house development team for fitness apps. However, outsourcing a fitness app company will allow you to take care of all aspects, from testing and maintenance to planning. A professional team of developers can help you create a unique app that will be different from others and will leave your competition behind.

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