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Best Android App Development Company in Dubai

May 26, 2022 12:00 PM

Android App Development Company in Dubai

Are you looking for the best Android App development Company in Dubai? Then you have landed on the right page. Today, you will get to know about few characteristics of the best app development company.

Low-cost troubleshooting

A customer app is released and made available for customers. But what happens if the user encounters any difficulties? If there is a problem with the final execution, this is not the end of the job. There are always skilled developers available to help with any issues or setbacks.

The ideal promotion strategy

When flexible and competent Android apps are developed and designed, they will benefit the business. It will promote the brand via its high-tech apps and games, engaging more customers and prompting them to download the launched apps.

Increase in profit levels. While developing mobile apps may seem easy, it's not as easy as launching one that is smart and efficient and meets customers' most critical needs. The wrong partner can ruin the company's reputation and cause financial loss. After assessing the portfolio and the apps they have created, it is a good idea only to hire the best.

No matter what platform you use, app development requires dedication and careful consideration. App development is becoming more difficult and inclusive due to the increasing popularity of android and their continued dominance in the mobile market. So, it is very important to find the android app development company in Dubai.

Here are some reasons to build a mobile app

Increase Public Awareness

To keep users interested, offer discounts and deals in your app. This will increase your exposure and keep them more engaged. These are the best apps for advertising. You will need an Android or iOS smartphone app to display your ads. Assists with the establishment of market value. You want to create an app that users will love but is well-branded and beautifully built. An android app developed with the best android developers is a great way to improve your corporate image and brand visibility, whether you are looking for a quick boost in brand awareness or visibility.

Give the customers what they like

Customers appreciate using products/services whenever and wherever they want. This is especially true if your toll-free phone number is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You may have an app that allows users to contact you at any hour of the day or night without needing to visit your website.

Increase your revenue

Anyone who discovers your software during the night and requires details immediately needs to turn on their smartphone to open it. If they know they might be able to purchase your products; they should immediately do so, rather than wait for normal business hours when everyone else is awake.

Profit Enhancement

Profits rise when a customer's loyalty levels increase. According to Salesforce, 70% of purchase decisions are influenced by how customers perceive their treatment.

A platform for social interaction

A smartphone app offers many benefits, including the ability to offer your clients exclusive offers and promotions. Your products and services will be quickly notified to consumers. Push alerts are a smart way to get in touch with customers, especially if you have remote developers for android apps in India and the USA. Online companies and software that can be downloaded will make users feel more comfortable. Every industry needs to be able to access applications from their mobile phones worldwide.

A skilled, experienced Android app developer is essential for a high-demand business. These are some things to consider:
Calm and determined

Sometimes, creating an Android app can be difficult. Developers need to keep their cool and continue trying until the goal is met. Hire an Android app developer in Dubai who could build software developer with a strong work ethic and the ability to iterate on a project until it is perfected.

Daring and self-assured

Creators should be confident about what they are doing. Developers should be confident in their work and their abilities at all times. Find out how to hire Android app developers for your project. They must be confident in their abilities and skills.


No matter what speciality, listening is one of the essential skills you can offer when hiring a developer. A person who cannot listen will not be able to complete the tasks efficiently and, in some cases, may not even be able to complete them at all. It is important to understand how to find an android developer who will listen to your requirements and make the right decisions. An Android software developer should be able not only to meet your expectations but also to implement them.

Planner and Manager

Even the best Android app development company would recommend hiring a developer who knows design and construction and cares about delivering on time. A creator who serves as either a project manager or has control over the project.


Although transparency is the best policy, developers don't always tell the truth to their customers. An android app production company is a better option than hiring a freelancer because they are more trustworthy and honest. These apps are independent and may not be as well-known as architectural firms. Find a dedicated, skilled Android app developer that you can trust and who will be open with you. Communication is key to success. Effective communication is key to the success of any Android app development project. Hire an Android software developer who is friendly and communicative and treats the idea like their own.

Collaborative Effort

For an Android app development project to succeed, everyone must work together. The project can fall apart regardless of how trustworthy or skilled the creator may be.

Are you a fan of Agile Frameworks?

Scrum, Kanban and Lean frameworks have been the most popular approaches to software created for most programs. Agile processes increase the chances of project completion and on-time execution for any organization or android software maker.


Hiring an Android software developer who uses agile project management tools like AgileFirst, Wrike and Jira to keep you informed about the progress of the project's development is a smart move.


Even if you have the opportunity to hire highly skilled developers, their knowledge will be limited if they are unable to think outside of the box. As a hub for software experts, hiring remote Android developers from India or the USA is advisable. These countries provide developers with innovative and realistic developers that are highly sought after in today's software industry.

Strong Portfolio

Sometimes, it is better to hire an Android software developer who has created an app similar to or better than your suggested one. Portfolios are the best way to evaluate a developer's abilities. Portfolios show dedication and expertise.

Success Track Record

Employing a developer or business that has received outstanding testimonials or feedback from clients on a trusted platform is often better. Their feedback is important, even if they are from the top android app development company in their area. The more positive feedback an organization gets, the more trustworthy it will be.

Technical expertise

Interview a candidate before hiring them to work on your project. Interviewing a developer can help you learn more about their professional skills and work experience. The best android app developers use all programming languages.

Keep your promises

It can be detrimental to the company and market if a customer doesn't like the app interface once developed and deployed. It is better to hire a software developer who spends more time understanding and recognizing consumer personas than actually developing the app.

After-Launch Assistance

If the developer offers to finance your app until it goes live, that is the strongest indicator you have of how to hire one. Google Play Store has rejected some Android apps due to not meeting their requirements. Apps can face many problems after launch. An app development company must assist the app before it is completed successfully.


Android developers who are the best at innovation also care about accuracy. It is possible to evaluate the app's efficiency by looking at its loading times, efficiency, use, protection, interactivity, security, usability, and user interface. It is important to verify that an Android version has been rigorously tested before being published on the Play Store.


Once you've determined the developer's technical ability, check to see if they have created various Android apps. Each application comes with its own set of specifications. Although the most skilled android app developers are those with more knowledge, they will not know as much about Android apps as someone who has less. You can achieve your market goals faster by knowing that a developer has added more features to your app than planned.

Finally, learn how to hire top app developers in the United Arab Emirates. It is not an easy task to create apps. Even if you have the app ready in advance and have listed the most important criteria, you may need to revise the proposal.

How do you pick an Android developer?

Every Android developer is proud to have a portfolio. While browsing through their portfolio, keep an eye out to find applications that provide great user experiences. Strong UI/UX skills are essential for any android developer.

Check out the candidate's profile on Stack Overflow to see how problem-solving he is. Ask if he maintains a technical blog. Or simply a repository of his open-source software code.It will help you determine if they have the knowledge, skills, and imagination to make the mobile app you want. Dig in.

How to Test and Recruit an Android Developer

The applicant passed the programming exam, has a large collection of skills, is culturally proficient, and has mastered the necessary programming techniques. Now what? Now you can sit down with the applicant and ask them all the questions. You will also be able to provide relevant examples from your prior work experience. It is already 90% certain that the applicant will make a great recruit. Ask realistic interview questions about android developers to interview candidates for specific design and coding issues.

Ask situation-based questions to learn more about his past job experience

1. The Android framework performs a device orientation. It tears down the foreground operation and recreates it. This restores each displayed value in the activity's configuration. After device reorientation, you notice that the view's importance isn't restored in an app you are working on. What is the root cause?

2. What is Android's context? Android app developers have struggled to understand the Context class purpose for a long time.

3. Are you able to use Python on Android? How do you create multi-touch apps with coding?

This conversation is more useful than asking developers about technical languages. To learn more about the qualifications and expertise of the candidate, ask the following questions:

1. Can you tell me about some of the most interesting Android app creation projects you have worked on? It is what you describe and why you find it so fascinating.

2. Do you remember any Android app production decisions that were wrong? What made you think it was a mistake? Why did it happen? What did you learn from this experience?

3. Are you more comfortable participating in the design, review, and implementation of software development projects, or are you more focused on the task? Why is this?

If you are looking for someone who has problem-solving skills to help you grow your business, ask open-ended questions.

If you are still unsure if an employee who has done all the above task is a good candidate for your job, assign them a task. This is not a random project that you found on the internet. Ask him to address the problem, offer a solution and fix the major flaws. Your goal is to evaluate the developer's problem-solving abilities, language skills, and code style.

Last Thoughts

It isn't easy to find skilled developers, especially if they share your vision. Developers must ensure that projects are compatible with the product's consumer needs. You should ensure that the android app development company in Dubai, UAE you choose has clear guidelines for hiring and evaluating android developers, such as PerfectionGeeks Technologies. One of the most recognizable android app development companies in the world.

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