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What's new in Laravel 10? - PerfectionGeeks

What's new in Laravel 10? Latest Features and Updates

May 12, 2023 12.25 PM

Laravel 10 New Features

Have you ever asked yourself, "Is Laravel useful for PHP developers?"

Laravel has become an invaluable tool for PHP developers looking to simplify development. However, some misconceptions exist among programmers regarding its accessibility, leading them to believe PHP is now easy for beginners and, therefore, one of the simplest programming languages available today.

What exactly are Laravel developers getting out of this box for development purposes? Does Laravel offer every means possible to support PHP developers, or have some more ideas come forward to address any concerns?

Your first instinct should be to ask why I asked these questions.

Laravel developers will find this an unexpected delight.

Laravel 10 has finally been made available.

This version of the Laravel PHP Framework boasts many new features and updates. In this article, we'll review Laravel 10, the latest release.

We will cover how to install Laravel and its latest features.

Introduction to Laravel 10

The latest version of Laravel, released on February 7, 2023, has several new features to enhance web applications' performance, security, and functionality.

Laravel 9 is the first version to be released annually. The makers decided to release new versions annually after Laravel 9. Laravel 9 was released on February 8, 2022. Laravel 10 was released exactly one year after Laravel 9.

Laravel is one of the world's most beloved PHP frameworks and continues to advance with each release. Here we'll take an in-depth look at Laravel 10, its exciting features and updates, and what Laravel 10 brings for developers and web development companies alike. Staying up-to-date with any advancements Laravel makes possible is essential to developing effective web applications at scale. So let's discover its exciting additions and improvements together.

Enhance performance and scalability:

Laravel 10 brings significant performance improvements, making the framework even faster and more efficient. Utilising advanced caching techniques and improving database query execution, response times have been dramatically decreased, as has scalability; PHP developers can now build high-performance web apps capable of handling heavy traffic without compromising the user experience.

Enhance Blade Templating Engine:

Laravel 10 brings exciting updates to its Blade templating engine, giving developers access to enhanced control structures, simplified syntax, and improved error handling. Furthermore, new directives and template inheritance options enable greater flexibility and reusability when building complex user interfaces. All these updates help speed up development processes while giving PHP developers more power to build visually engaging websites easily.

Laravel Mix 6.0:

With Laravel 10, the asset compilation tool Laravel Mix has been significantly upgraded. As a result, developers can now take full advantage of modern front-end technologies without difficulty; Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, and other popular libraries are now seamlessly integrated and efficiently managed, allowing PHP developers to develop robust web apps with advanced front-end capabilities.

Laravel 10 unveils native support for Inertia. js:

Laravel 10 now introduces native support for Inertia.js, an innovative technology that bridges server-side and client-side development by providing developers with single-page applications using server-side routing while still taking advantage of modern JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue.js, or Svelte on the front-end, simplifying development while enriching the user experience through dynamic, interactive web apps.

Laravel Sanctum:

Laravel Sanctum, a lightweight authentication package included with Laravel 10, provides an effortless yet secure method of authenticating APIs, enabling PHP developers to ensure robust security measures when developing APIs in Laravel. In addition, support for token-based authentication provides built-in protection from cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF), giving PHP developers greater peace of mind while building APIs with Laravel.

Error Handling Enhancements in Laravel 10:

Error handling is critical for web applications, making it easier for developers to quickly identify and resolve issues. Laravel 10's improved error reporting and debugging capabilities help PHP developers quickly spot and fix issues; providing detailed error messages, stack traces, and improved exception handling makes debugging much faster. PHP developers now spend less time and effort diagnosing and resolving errors, leading to more efficient development workflows overall.

Laravel 10 Updates and New Features

Laravel 10 introduces several exciting new features and updates that enhance its capabilities, so let's take a closer look at some of these important additions in this release:

BladeX: Laravel 10 introduces BladeX, an exciting extension to the Blade templating engine. PHP developers can leverage BladeX to easily build reusable component-based UI elements and produce consistent and modular views more quickly, streamlining development efforts while increasing code reuse. This feature streamlines the development workflow, enhances code organisation, and facilitates code reusability.

Laravel Jetstream: Laravel's scaffolding package, Jetstream, receives major enhancements in Laravel 10. Providing developers with an effective starting point to create secure and feature-rich applications quickly, it offers authentication, team management, API support, API tokens, two-factor authentication tokens, team permissions, and two-factor authentication support to speed development timeframes more effectively.

Laravel 10 also brings new Jetstream features like API tokens, two-factor authentication, and team permissions, enabling more developers to create secure and feature-rich apps more quickly while remaining feature-rich applications. This enables developers to produce secure yet feature-rich applications more efficiently, allowing them to create secure yet feature-rich applications more quickly while meeting development needs more efficiently than ever before!

Improved Testing Tools: Laravel 10 has significantly expanded the testing capabilities of the framework with features like parallel testing, which speeds up execution by running tests simultaneously. Furthermore, Laravel Dusk, the browser automation and testing tool, is being upgraded to Laravel 10, making it even more reliable and user-friendly for testing web apps.

Laravel Octane: First introduced in Laravel 8, Laravel 10 brings Octane forward as an advanced runtime solution designed to handle high traffic loads while improving response times. With additional optimisations and refinements made specifically to Octane by Laravel 10, Octane makes an excellent option for scaling Laravel applications.

Laravel Ray Integration: Laravel 10 now integrates Laravel Ray, a popular debugging and code profiling tool. PHP developers can quickly inspect variables, debug code, and profile application performance in real-time using this integration for an effortless development experience and to pinpoint and address issues quickly and efficiently.

Laravel Queue Enhancements: Laravel 10 introduces enhancements to its queueing system, improving its reliability and scalability. In addition, it gives developers new capabilities such as prioritising jobs, controlling job retries more effectively, and configuring queue workers more efficiently. These updates enable developers to easily construct background processing systems and meet complex task scheduling needs.

Laravel Telescope Receives updates in Laravel 10: Telescope, Laravel's elegant debugging and monitoring tool, has been updated in Laravel 10. These include live code editing capabilities, request insights, and enhanced performance profiling, enhancing developers' abilities to analyse application performance more efficiently while diagnosing issues more quickly.


Laravel 10 New Features

Laravel 10 unveils various exciting features and updates designed to expand its capabilities. These improvements span templating, testing, performance debugging, and queueing, allowing PHP developers to create robust yet scalable web apps using Laravel 10. Stay abreast of its latest advancements to fully utilise its full potential and advance your development projects!

Laravel 10 offers PHP developers and website development companies many new features and updates that empower them to craft cutting-edge web apps. From improved performance, enhanced templating capabilities, seamless integration with front-end technologies, native Inertia.js support, robust authentication features, and increased efficiency, Laravel 10 sets the stage for efficient, scalable, and secure development in today's competitive landscape.

Explore Laravel's features and discover their potential; embrace Laravel's capabilities and propel yourweb development projects further than before!

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