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Voice Translation App Development Cost & Features

How to Create a Voice Translation App: Features and Cost

April 17, 2023 16:35 PM

Voice Translation App Development

Voice translation apps are evolving and becoming increasingly essential as they are fast and simple to use. In the present digital world, voice translation apps are more needed. The implementation of voice translation apps has made things simpler. As we are living in a location where it is necessary to interact with different types of individuals from diverse cultures, traditions, countries, and interests, we certainly come across some barriers, mainly language. This can be easily resolved by using extraordinary voice translation apps. Voice translation apps may be easily installed on iOS or Android platforms. They can be made on both platforms effectively.

Features of a voice translation app

There are many elements worth believing concerning voice translation apps. Let's check out the important components of the voice translation app.


Registration of the users should be crafted so that a particular profile of the user is created, and the user profile will be easily imported from any social media platform. Hence, it is an ultimate vision to incorporate social media logins as well.

Voice/Speak element

By using the "voice" or "speak" feature or attribute, any user can efficiently get his or her views across in a conversation.

Language/ Dialect

Almost all types of languages that are being utilized and told by people all over the globe must be included. This will cause the user to acquire many advantages.

Text or chatbox

If the voice message that is obtained has been sent using the text element or messenger, it will facilitate the whole procedure as the user will be able to get an understanding of the translation as well as the voice. This component will let the user modify and adjust the application according to the user's interests.

Access to files on the phone

Access to any files on the mobile device is a point in the voice translation app that allows the user to get direct access to the files from the mobile device.

Feedback or review
Voice Translation App Development

This is a necessary component or feature that, when incorporated, can allow the user to deliver his or her feedback. The shared attribute makes your app more famous, as with this element, people will learn about the app, and so many users will be able to understand the voice translation app. The shared element will also be utilized for communicating text content or transcribed audio through e-mail and many other methods.

Discounts or coupons

Discounts or coupons motivate individuals to use the app and consider it every day, as some people remain for special discounts and offers. The app will even operate offline, but with limited practise. But this feature or characteristic is highly useful, so it will be good to add it when creating the app. People can use the app if their internet is not functioning, when they are touring, or at any remote site. Help or support, as well as any other components, depend on the extent of the needs.

How to build a voice translation app, step by step

Aside from the technological part of voice translation app growth, the application development process goes through several phases required for creating a competitive application meeting user requirements.

Market research: is the initial and perhaps most crucial stage when beginning with an application. With market research, you show the market’s potential and its trends, make predictions about market development, and determine what your value proposition will be.

Competitor analysis: in parallel with market research, the stakeholders carry out competitor analysis to list the most popular terms, reveal their users, user choices, which components are most lovable, and more.

Concept finalisation: Your vision may be too vague. If preceded by market research, it may turn out to be outdated or unrealistic. A more optimal way to develop a voice translation app is to rely on research data.

App name and logo creation: it should be linked to voice translation, effortless to place, and eye-catching.

Real-time translation design: wrap your application and components into a presentable and attractive "package" that will drive users to love your app. Here, easy UI/UX and accessibility are the preferences.

Gamification and engaging functionality: add a delightful part to your application to make it stand out.

Marketing plan: help voice translation app development and deployment with a strong marketing plan, grabbing clients before the app launch. Security matters. Consider a full security system for your app that will use cloud services and messaging technology.

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Voice Translation App?

Real-time and voice translation software can be forthcoming business concepts and assets by delivering a billion translations a day and supporting millions of communications worldwide. But first, let’s find a quick answer to the question, "How much does it cost to create a voice translation app?"

The approximate voice translation app development cost would be $25,000 to $30.000. The cost is calculated based on the lowest viable product attributes without post-release support and supervision. With each additional component, the cost may slightly or dramatically change.

Moreover, depending on the preset elements, the number of media, and specific demands, the cost may again vary during the operation. It is difficult to give a price estimate to the stakeholders in the initial phases of project meetings, so think of a budget that is no less than $30.000.


Using voice translation apps is easy and fast. You need to approach a reliable translation app development company to build a robust app according to your needs. PerfectionGeeks Technologies is the top mobile app development company specialising in developing secure and scalable voice translation apps with robust components and functionalities for customers globally.


Q. How Much Does It Cost to Create a Voice Translation App?

Ans. The approximate voice translation app development cost would be $25.000–$30.000. The price is calculated based on the minimum viable product features without post-release support and maintenance.

Q. How do I create a voice translation app? 

Ans. Aside from the technical aspect of voice translation app development, the application development process goes through several stages that are critical for building a competitive application that meets user needs. 

  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Concept finalisation 
  • App name and logo creation
  • Real-time translation design
  • Gamification and engaging functionality
  • Marketing Plan
  • Security matters

Q. How does the voice translator app work?

Ans. Automatic speech recognition (ASR): The app recognises your voice and words and transforms them into written text. Machine translation (MT): The transformed text is translated with a machine translation module. Voice synthesis (TTS): The translated text is spoken in the target language.

Q. Why is translation so expensive?

Ans. Each discipline requires knowledgeable translators, or, in other words, subject-matter experts. Secondly, translators have to make a living. The price of a translation depends on many factors, including how rare the language is, but perhaps the main factor is simply how high the living costs are for translators.

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