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Features and Cost to Develop Indoor Navigation Mobile Apps

March 20, 2023 04:05 PM

Indoor Navigation Mobile Apps

It can be difficult to find your way inside a shopping mall or airport if you're new to the area.

These applications and intelligent indoor navigation will be of great assistance. They are efficient inside buildings that have GPS navigation that fails to find the destination.

We tried to provide a quick overview of indoor navigation app benefits and development costs in order to create an app similar to indoor navigation. Let's get started!

What is an indoor navigation system?

Indoor positioning systems, like outdoor GPS navigation apps, allow users to pinpoint exact locations within large commercial buildings and spaces.

This modern technology is more advanced than GPS. Its IPS-enabled service quickly locates spaces within hospitals, airports, or other locations.

Indoor navigation displays users' standing positions on the map and guides them to the shortest route to their destination.

What is an indoor positioning system?

A navigation system indoors must be able to deliver excellent performance.

  • Install the app on your smartphone.
  • BLE beacons are used to guide users from source to destination.
  • Map of the app destination facility map.

The app needs back-end servers to calculate indoor destinations.

What indoor navigation apps can be useful?

These indoor navigation mobile apps are mainly focused on navigation and positioning. They also send notifications to users' mobile phones. It allows users to quickly reach their destination.

These apps are beneficial to both individuals and businesses. These indoor navigation apps can be used to quickly navigate people in crowded shopping malls or airports.

You don't have to ask anyone; just browse Google. The indoor navigation apps are smart. Users can reach their destinations faster and more easily with the mobile app.

You can download the app on your smartphone and be at your destination within minutes. All you need to do is

Online map of facilities

Find the venue you are looking for.

See the shortest route.

The app provides voice assistance to reach the destination.

How do indoor navigation apps work?

Indoor navigation apps use the power of AR technology to provide navigation instructions. AR technology uses smartphones' internal sensors to precisely determine the indoor position of the device. The algorithms combine the data from sensors quickly to direct the user to the destination quicker.

Indoor navigation apps make it easy to navigate indoors by using the following input data: Indoor navigation technology is largely dependent on the broadcasting signals of the platform. The data can also include:

Internal sensor data

Signals from a transmitter (WiFi and beacon access points)

It is important to have information about nearby objects, such as stairs and walls.

The algorithms quickly calculate the user's position by combining all the data.

The development of indoor navigation apps is a key part of the hardware

Software and hardware support are required for the development of navigation apps. Hardware support is required for apps like indoor navigation and positioning systems on iOS or Android. The app must be able to provide precise navigation results.

BLE Beacons

BLE beacons are used to reduce the load on smartphones for route calculation. Indoor navigation apps, such as those using BLE beacons, are able to calculate the shortest route on the server.

BLE beacon signals are compatible with iOS and Android devices. BLE beacons are able to send precise signals to devices within a 3-meter range.

Access points for Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi access points do not serve as navigational tools but instead act as signal transmitters that allow for rapid positioning.


Geofencing is something that most people are familiar with. This app allows you to track your movements continuously and helps you get to the location faster.

We will now discuss the features that indoor navigation apps offer.

Indoor navigation apps for iOS and Android require a variety of advanced features, unlike other entertainment or mobile messaging apps. Few include:

For visitors:

  • The location should be determined.
  • Should provide maximum routes to get to the destination
  • Should we design and guide the shortest and best route?
  • Businesses:

  • You can see how many people visited the facility via the app.
  • It should monitor the behavior of the users within the building.
  • The app also helps managers improve their administrative abilities by setting up beacons on premises.
  • You can increase your download rates to make more money. Add additional features like:

  • Voice assistance
  • It's easy to log in through social media channels
  • Find a friend to invite
  • 3D map visualization
  • These are the essential features an Android app such as indoor navigation should offer to ensure users have a hassle-free experience.

What is the cost of developing an indoor navigation app?

Indoor Navigation Mobile Apps

The cost of developing a navigation application for iOS or Android depends on the added features.

Apps with basic features cost between $15,000 and $55,000. You might need to spend between $25,000 and $55,000 to add advanced features.

This is the estimated cost for indoor navigation app development. It also depends on the resources available and the time taken to complete the project.

Contact us if you need to know the exact budget for your classified app. The consultation is free of charge, and our technical team will help you.

What factors impact the price of apps such as indoor navigation?

App Design

Make sure your app's design is attractive and easy to use. App users should have a rich experience. Although a great design is more expensive, it's well worth the investment.

App Platform

The cost of developing an indoor navigation or positioning application on iOS differs from that on Android or Windows.

Because they must support multiple devices, these navigation apps on Android are more expensive than those on iOS.

App size

App size refers to the number of functionalities and features that the app will contain. The first stage can be reduced by focusing on core features. Later, you can add advanced features to the app, such as indoor navigation platforms for iOS or Android.


We hope that you are happy and have a clear understanding of indoor navigation mobile apps.

Get in touch with our mobile app development solutions if you're interested in creating an indoor navigation app for your shopping mall.

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