Benefits Of Using Google Android App Bundle

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Use Android App Bundles

September 29, 2022 14:56 PM

Android App Bundle

Google introduced Android app bundles in 2018, and they have since become the gold standard for Android app development. This new method of development has made things much more comfortable for creators. Earlier, developers encountered various problems while making applications, like targeting various API versions for other devices, working UI for other devices, and so on. But with the commencement of new Android App bundles, these have been given over to the Google Play Store.

One of the great benefits provided by the Android App Bundle (.aab) over the Android Package Manager (.apk) is the power to utilize Dynamic Delivery for developers. Dynamic Delivery is a Google app serving example that utilizes the developer’s app bundle to develop and provide optimized APKs to each user based on their device configuration. It accomplishes this by underestimating the size of the code and the resources required to run the app.

Let us now dive more in-depth into the Android App Bundle program.

What is an Android App Bundle?

The publishing structure established by Android has become known as the Android app bundle (.aab). With the introduction of Android app bundles, the process of releasing and publishing apps to the Google Play Store has become more efficient and seamless. Small apps can cater to your requirements for wonderful user details because of the Android app bundles. Thus, your app could be smaller if you used an Android app bundle. The installation rate has improved as a result, whereas install failures in fails have been reduced by numerous folds.

Android app bundles have been useful in publishing, releasing, and developing applications across several disparate devices.

Because of its success, more than 600,000 apps and games have utilized Android app bundles in their age. One of the most prominent instances would be Netflix.

Here are the top three explanations for why businesses have to use Android app bundles.

The Benefits of Using the Google Android App Bundle

Size Reduction

App bundles assist in facilitating a considerable amount of application size. Designers have saved an average of 20% in size when compared to APK. You can visit the new app size information in the Google Play console to see how much your app could save.

Did you know that, with the use of app load development, Adobe decreased the size of Adobe Acrobat Reader by 20%? Not only this, but some of these sizes protected by early adopters of app loads show some jaw-dropping outcomes. These results are what make Android app bundles a wonderful way to create Android Go apps.

Increased app installations and reduced uninstallations

Apps' growing size would not matter much if we had infinite storage on our devices. But, as we know, that’s not the point. As the size of an app improves, so does the number of installations!

As a side effect, the size savings with the use of the Android app bundle will improve the app facilities. This also improved update rates and very much more irregular uninstallations.

Engineering velocity has increased

The whole process of making an app is accelerated. from creating dynamic and autonomous modules to designing, testing, and releasing them. The engineering rate gets a major increase with the android app bundle unity.

For instance, the Book My Show app stated that their app's make time (for a new form, without any caching) went down by 70%. This is because, with app bundles, it just leaves every resource in the bundle rather than segregating them, like for APKs.

Dynamic delivery-enabled apps

Bundles have introduced us to a unique idea known as dynamic delivery. One can provide conditional elements at the time of installation based on effects like device features (e.g., AR/VR), the user’s country, or the device’s version. Users are also given the skill to install features in an on-demand mode rather than the installation time. They can even uninstall the components they no longer require.

This will allow users to personalize their knowledge as per their needs. This will also come in handy when you do not like to expand the size of your app in the extended term. Furthermore, it allows us to create the initial size of our application with fewer resources and then deliver extra components only to the users who might make use of them.

Higher efficiency

App bundle development in Android permits you to make one artifact that contains all of your app’s collected code, resources, and native libraries. So, you no longer need to create, upload, sign, and handle version codes for numerous APKs. Hence, the efficiency is boosted if you install an Android app bundle on your device.

How to Make and Deploy Android App Bundles?

App bundles, instead of APKs, are a publishing structure that includes all of your app’s regulations. As an outcome, it cannot be directly deployed to a machine. Making a project as a marked app bundle is as simple as a few clicks in Android Studio!

Follow these steps to make app bundles:

Step 1:Start by installing Android Studio 3.2 or later. It is the easiest method for making app bundles.

Step 2: Add Play Feature Delivery support by having a base module containing code and resources for configuration APKs, and optionally adding component modules.

Step 3: Start making an Android App Bundle with an Android application development company. You can even deploy the app from the app bundle to a related device by modifying your debug/run configuration and specifying the ‘deploy APK from app bundle’ chance.

Step 4: The last step will be to experiment and publish your app bundle.

Final Words

The future has a lot in store for all of us, and it is up to us to keep up with it! Without a doubt, I can tell you that the future is dependent on Android app bundles. We are an Android app development company, so we can assist you to stay ahead in the game.

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