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For almost every start-up/ enterprise the one question always triggers in mind. The one to which application development should they target?

Well, this is one of the main questions which one’s solved can address half of the concern.

Apart from this, there are other related concerns as well which needs attention.

Be it Android Application Development or iOS the Mobile App Market is gaining huge traffic.

But when it comes to users engagement and revenue generation it is the  Android Application Development that can offer better results.

Now you must be wondering why and how?

If yes, then this is where we are here to let you know the importance of the android platform.

Android App Stats Speaks

• There are around 2.8 million apps in the Google Play store as compare to apple.

• Along with this, there are 95% of the android app which are relatively free.

• We all know when we get something for free our satisfaction level get beyond our expectation.

• The global mobile app has reached billions. Also, there are huge stats in terms of revenue by 2023.

• Among all of this android is thriving all over.

• Its penetration rate is growing at a higher speed and with no downfalls.

You must have seen or even witness if the apps are not well defined or have attractive looks/features you discard the app

Yes, we do not return to the app it if does not gives a good feel or in terms of usage. There is a start-up company you need to focus on each one of those.

Now, this is the case where you do not want your app to be discarded by users. Since if it is done it can be a huge loss for your business.

If you want to attract more users then you need to focus on your app development.

It is the app that can help you to reach your goals and accomplish your target.

And when there is a need to target best then android platform is on top.

Android App Development And Its Importance

People are engaged with each other with smartphones. This in turn android app development which is bringing huge revolution in the tech world.

Also the process of information, search, geo-tagging, social sharing has gone to another level.

If you will see the stats then nearly 70% of the users are using the android operating system.

It is because they are smooth, versatile and also free at times. Therefore, if you want to make your start-up a success then consulting an Android App Development Company For Start-Ups is one of a great deal.

Android apps are becoming a must for every trade be it a start-up or an enterprise.

After all the moto is to reach the target audience and to focus more on sales.

Hence for businesses in the modern era, android apps are critical. Therefore, experts are playing a critical role.

Now is the time to look at why a start-up needs to focus more on an android app and hire an Android App Development company.

Why Start-Ups Should Focus On Android App Development

The mobility of android phones is shaping the industries in the market.

In the past few years, mobile has taken the place of desktop and users are engaging with their phones.

Also, it is one of the convenient ways as the desktop cannot be taken everywhere.

This in turn the increase of apps and more benefits.

Since we have made a clear understanding there are android apps that are more as compared to iOS.

Also, they can be operated smoothly and effectively.

Now take a deeper look at why start-ups can invest in android app and how can it be a profitable business for them.

• A Lot Of Opportunities

Do you know there are millions of downloads made from the Google Play Store? Well, if you will look at data then you can understand the actual importance of the android platform.

Also, it helps us to know users look for innovation to fulfil their needs.

Therefore, it is the app that can make the work of users easier. Therefore, being a start-up you should focus on how can you bring more users.

For this, you should hire the best android app development services to develop a custom application.

Being a start-up if you will focus on android app development, then there are ample opportunities.

These opportunities will help you to open lot many doors which can help your business.

To stand out in the market the main motive is to reach a wider audience. Hence android app is one of those platforms.

• High Level Of Productivity 

In the android platform, there are a large number of code libraries available. Therefore, at the time of development, it can save a lot of time.

This is the reason why experts suggest the android app. With the help of scripts, developers can come up with feature-rich applications as well.

This, in turn, allow Android App Development Company  to give higher productivity and launch the application in the market fast.

When you will be able to develop your app faster than you can look for market presence fast.

Also, it will help you to know what improvements can be done. Once you are up with all of those then there is a scope for you to take your business higher.

• Higher Return On Investments

Being an open-source platform, the android app development cost is less. Yes, it, therefore, allow developers to access free tools and SDK.

Also, there are a large number of companies available. You have to connect with the one who holds expertise.

To do this you can search for the Android App Development Services For Start-ups and you can get ample of the result.

But to one where you can hold your hands is with PerfectionGeeks. Yes, it is us who has an in house team of experts developers and deliver extremely great results.

Be it your start-up or an established business we hold expertise in delivering the best solutions.

And when it comes to android we are one of the top companies among all.

• Varieties Of Application

With the help of android, experts can offer you dynamic and feature-rich applications.

It gives you a wide variety of customisation so that you can launch the app in the market easily.

With the help of open source code and development tools you can get the interactive app and with enhanced UI.

Mobile UI/UX design services play a vital role in app development. Also, it increases the chances for users to stay in touch with your app.

It attracts users and also allows better recognition in the market.

The apps which are developed with user-friendly designs are likely to have more downloads.

This in turn increases the customer experience and also boost sales.

• Compatibility With Other Devices

One of the biggest advantages of the opting android platform is compatibility. There is no restriction on devices being used for the Android App.

Developers can build an app on windows desktop, mac as well as on linux systems.

 Also when it comes to submitting apps on Google play store the fee of Google – $25 one time and to those of iOS – $99 (per annum).

• Improved Marketing Channel

There are lot many benefits of the Android App over iOS. This is the reason start-ups should go with android.

The main advantage of choosing android is you are not restricted to submit your application on a single platform.

Here you will be able to move to third-party platforms as well.

Also, it helps your business to the market app more efficiently and smoothly.

• Countless Graphic Support

When it comes to android app development it supports 2D and 3D graphics. With the help of amazing graphics and features, developers help you to get an incredible app.

When the app is more attractive it increases the chances to attract users more.

To bring the audience to monitor your business is one of the prime aspects.

And the android platform is offering you all of that ease.

Start-up companies have a great source to bring their product/services to market. Therefore, when it comes to the selection of app platforms, Android is one of the popular choices.


Android app development is one of the best choices for start-ups. Its popularity is increasing and it is all because of its features/ benefits.

So if you are starting your business and wondering which app platform is best, then it is android.

You can sum up all of your ideas and reach the best android app development company USA.

Here PerfectionGeeks with a team of experts developers have all the solutions to your needs or requirement.

We can deliver excellent strategies in Mobile App Development leveraging them to meet business needs.

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