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What Is the New and Trending in Android App Development?

Android App Development Trends

We all are aware of how important apps are. There is no denying fact that apps are serving users and businesses across the globe. Businesses are being a start-up, small scale or a large each one of those are thinking of an app.

If one holds the app, they are looking to modify the app. On the other hand, those who do not hold a business app, are in the queue. But in short mobile app development is a necessity.

Now to this, there are two platforms which are considered. One is android and the other is iOS.

Now often clients get confused about what to build?

Well, both of the platforms hold their importance and hence both are profitable. Now it is you who needs to clarify your requirement to a Mobile App development company to help you.

Experts are well aware of all the latest and advanced technology.

They will understand your needs and give you a profitable approach.

Now when it comes to choosing the platform for building an app then many come with android.

Now you must be wondering why android?

The main reason behind the selection of android apps is their features and ease. Android devices encompass around 85 % of the world mobile market. This in turn allows the businesses to reach high.

In turn, it also helped them to raise their brand presence and value. Android app platform was introduced in the year 2008. As per the demand and its benefits, there are around 3.9 million apps available in the google play store. Now you can understand how popular Android App Development is.

Apart from this, there are a lot many changes that have been made till now in android. It is because trends and technology are changing every single day. And if you have to keep your business on top then you have to meet new and latest approaches.

However, you need to adapt and develop innovative apps.

If you want to survive in such a competitive world then you do have to be unique.

Therefore, if you own an idea to build an app then you need to reach Best Android App Development Company .

It is because experts are well-equipped with all latest and advanced technologies. They will help you to understand your needs and give you the best outputs. But perhaps it is also necessary for you to be in touch with the latest trends. There are lot many android apps features that have come up along with trends.

You need to make yourself aware of all of those to give make your requirement gets fulfilled. On the other case if you are wondering why android is on top when it comes to apps then we have the answer to this. 

Few android app development trends support it as the top choice.

Let us take a deeper look at what all those are?

Latest Android App Development Trends to Look In 2022

15 latest and innovative Android App development trends  need to be looked at. Therefore, let us look at all of that one by one.

Blockchain Technology  

Blockchain technology is increasing at a rapid pace. With the ease in transaction and security, it has gained a lot of popularity.

Also, it is allowing ease to different industries in terms of secured payment.

Expansion Of AI And ML

AI and ML have made their way in the market and serving people across. Technology is playing its role for a quite long time.

And still, it is on the top and serving a lot many benefits to users and businesses.

Surging On-Demand Apps 

Different applications are based on surging on-demand apps. They cater the different needs and hence help the user in serving benefits.

New Wearable Devices and Apps

New wearable devices are the latest trend in android app development. They are integrated with wearable devices that are bands and smartwatches.

We are sure you must be aware of the devices. These devices help you to get a seamless experience. In turn, you come out to help yourself with a lot of many features.


Hike, skype and siri and other similar app work on the chatbots process. In case if you are receiving a different message then it is the case of chatbots. The trend is set to give the automated answer and hence help in solving problems.

Now in this case engaging chatbots are part of UI/UX Design Services. If you want to keep your customers engaged then it is necessary to own the best UI/UX services.

App Security

There are a lot many hackers sitting and cracking data. Now it is what makes users to be tensed about. We all are worried about security and this is what we look for in new devices.

But with the advancements in technology, there has been an advanced trend. The trend can help users and experts to experience advanced security and ease

Smart Objects

Smart devices are part of the internet of things. They have entered the market recently. Therefore, it might be the case you are not aware of this.

Now the experts make use of IoT to create smart homes. In turn, it allows them to work in safer mode and with ease.

Cloud Services

We all are aware of Google drive as we make use of it in our day to day lives. It is very convenient, easy and also user-friendly.

Cloud allows every user to save a large amount of data. Besides this the application allows you to show your data from anywhere and anytime. There is flexible management and security which helps users to connect with its benefits.

Mobile Payments

We all know the fact that how digital payments have made our life easier. No person in the world is not aware of digital payments. When we go out, we make use of digital payments.

It is because they are convenient and keep us hassle-free. The technology and trend are ruling and help users to get various assistance.

Beacon Technology

The name of the Beacon appears from 2013. They are known as the transmission device offered to customers They make use of basic electronic devices with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

In the coming time, you will be able to render this technology in most places.

This will include airports, workspaces and banks.

Apart from this, there will be AI enable chip that will enhance the user experience.

Multiplatform Development

In the case of multiplatform development, flutter is one of the best examples to consider. It allows the process to create an app with a single code.

This has increased its demand in the app world. Now if you want to build an android app then you do have to expand your reach.

Therefore, when it comes to developing an app with flutter there are many benefits.

It gives support for Web, desktop, mobile, and even wearable devices.

5G Technology

5G is known as wireless technology. It has a maximum speed of up to 10 to 100 GBPS. There is no doubt that the capacity is 10 times faster than the 4G.

Smart innovation holds tremendous change in the tech world. There are millions of devices that are anticipated to connect with the technology.

Foldables Apps

Foldable app support is also one of other trends in android app. If we give you an example then Samsung has come up with the same trend. The company has come up with the technology to improve its services. In this way, users can attract more and in turn more revenue.

After all, with the help of an app, the main motive is to provide ease to users.

Augmented Reality 

We all know the fact that AR is one of the buzzing trends in android app development. No matter what your industry is the trend is ruling all over. Varieties of industries have inbuild their services and taking the advantage of this trend.

However, if you want to go extraordinarily then it is AR that can help you to get better results and benefits.

Wearable App Integration

Wearable App Integration is one of the other trends that android is walking with. It helps in increasing the varieties of wearable devices.

Besides this, it also signifies the number of users. However, if you belong to the healthcare and fitness industry then you must take the trend into command. With the help of the wearable app integration, you can help your users to get a seamless experience.


There are lot many different latest trends of android app. However, if you have to match your needs and those of users, you have to walk with them.

Now to make your business undergo all the latest trends you need expert’s hands. Therefore, in this case, reaching Best Android App Development Services  is one of the valuable steps.

In this case, PerfectionGeeks walks with all latest and advanced techniques. It has helped us to serve our clients and fulfil their needs.

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