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5 Benefits of PWA in Retail Business - PerfectionGeeks

Top 5 Benefits of PWA for Retail Brands in the eCommerce Industry

April 9, 2023 02:21 PM

 PWA in Retail Business

The e-commerce industry's growth has been exponential, and businesses are always searching for ways to stay ahead of the competition. As a result, progressive web apps (PWA) for retail brands have gained increasing traction in eCommerce - this blog will discuss their benefits in more depth.

Successful eCommerce businesses focus on offering quality products and services at competitive prices while simultaneously maintaining high customer retention rates and satisfaction levels. Payment and checkout processes must also be seamless to reduce cart abandonment; PWAs provide the ideal solution by enabling website and mobile app developers to create stores that provide seamless omnichannel shopping experiences for consumers.

PWAs (progressive web apps) are one of the fastest-growing technologies, rapidly changing almost daily. Combining both desktop and mobile versions for an online storefront. Today's digital world requires that both portable and nonportable gadgets share an aesthetic identity, making an impactful statement about them physically and digitally.

PWAs play an integral part in improving eCommerce user experiences and driving retail sales, giving retailers an edge to close big deals in today's highly competitive eCommerce environment. Mobile commerce retail sales are expected to hit PS105 billion this year alone!

What is a PWA (Progressive Web App)?

A Progressive Web App, commonly called PWA, is a web application that utilises modern web capabilities to give users an app-like experience on the web without native apps. PWAs utilise headless commerce technology and a decoupled front and back-end architecture that allows businesses to develop flexible front ends capable of communicating with various back ends.

PWAs can be accessed from any browser without needing to be downloaded from an app store, using service workers to cache data and work offline; this enables PWAs to load instantly, even with poor network connections.

Why use Pay Per Click Ads (PWAs) in eCommerce?

 PWA in Retail Business

eCommerce businesses are experiencing rapid expansion, continually searching for ways to enhance the user experience and boost sales while remaining ahead of the competition. PWAs provide eCommerce businesses with several advantages.

PWAs provide users with an app-like experience on the web, which can enhance user engagement and increase conversion rates. Furthermore, PWAs can be created once and deployed across multiple platforms simultaneously to reduce development costs and time. Thirdly, PWAs are easy to update and maintain for businesses looking for quick updates or changes in online presence improvements; fourthly, PWAs may help increase traffic volumes and boost eCommerce website search rankings.

Overall, PWAs offer eCommerce businesses looking to enhance their online presence and stay ahead of the competition an attractive solution. By adopting PWAs, businesses can provide superior user experiences, increase conversion rates, lower development costs, and improve SEO rankings.

Benefits of PWA Fueling eCommerce Growth

PWAs provide numerous advantages to eCommerce brands and are increasingly being adopted to increase their online presence. Here are the top five benefits of PWA for retail brands in the eCommerce industry:

  1. Improved user experience
    One of the primary advantages of PWA for retail brands is an enhanced user experience. PWAs create an app-like experience on the web for users to access instantly, even with poor network connections, from any browser. Furthermore, these PWAs are mobile-friendly to ensure a seamless user journey across devices - helping eCommerce brands provide superior user experiences and retain more customers.
  2. PWAs are proven to increase conversion rates
    Research by Google shows that PWAs can significantly boost conversion rates for eCommerce businesses. According to their study, these web apps boast 36% higher conversion rates than native apps - making them an appealing option for users and helping reduce cart abandonment rates - an all too familiar issue facing eCommerce businesses.
  3. Reduced Development Costs
    Reducing development costs While developing native apps for multiple platforms can be costly and time-consuming, developing PWAs with ease is the perfect way for eCommerce businesses with limited resources to save both money and time on development costs. Furthermore, this approach doesn't require approval from app stores, saving businesses time and money in the long run.
  4. Update and maintain without going through App Store approval
    Maintaining native apps can be time-consuming, as businesses must go through an approval process each time an update or modification needs to be implemented. PWAs, on the other hand, can be updated and maintained more easily without going through this lengthy approval process; eCommerce businesses can quickly make updates that improve user experiences while increasing conversion rates.
  5. Improved SEO
    PWAs can significantly boost SEO for eCommerce websites, leading to higher search rankings and increased traffic. This is because PWAs use one URL, making them easy for search engines to index. In addition, fast and responsive pages like those found within PWAs make Google consider them when ranking websites - this improves SEO for eCommerce businesses by drawing customers in while increasing sales.

PWA use cases

Should your eCommerce company consider a PWA? Even though progressive web apps provide many advantages for eCommerce businesses, they may not always be the most suitable solution.

  • Your business is in its startup phase. At this stage, companies often possess a trending and promising app idea; however, your risk should be minimal with a limited budget and only months left to make it big.
  • Target, not just iOS: Apple has limited implementation of their apps compared to other platforms, and therefore certain restrictions exist for Apple's implementation of apps; Android, however, has numerous Package Files (APKs) that offer PWA functionality for many websites.
  • Your eCommerce website needs an upgrade and revamp; opting for PWA as an upgrade option would provide both financial and technical gains.
  • Are you looking to give your users an outstanding eCommerce experience? PWA provides excellent user experiences and superior functionality while taking up less of their time and resources.
  • Your conversion rates may have hit rock bottom. Your native eCommerce app could be holding back growth due to limited functionality and features; PWAs in eCommerce will enable your business to succeed and meet customers.
  • PWAs offer instantaneous service and are much better at this than native apps or websites, which may have issues with loading times or operating in offline mode.

Are you convinced PWA is right for your brand? Then, reach out to us; our eCommerce experts can help leverage PWA benefits and make your brand an industry leader!


PWA for retail brands is an evolving trend that is revolutionising eCommerce businesses. PWAs provide numerous advantages to eCommerce businesses, including an improved user experience, increased conversion rates, lower development costs, ease of updates/maintenance, and SEO benefits. In addition, as eCommerce grows and evolves, those adopting PWAs may gain a competitive edge over their rivals that don't adopt such technologies.

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