Progressive Web App Development Costs

What is the cost of creating a progressive web app?

October 31, 202215:19 PM

Progressive Web App Development Costs

Business owners are likely to be confused when they receive quotations with different PWA development costs, ranging from the $5,000-$50,000 range. To alleviate the frustration of choosing PWA service providers, we've compiled a comprehensive guide to the PWA development costs.

PWAs, also known as progressive web apps, are websites with similar functionality to apps that transform how users interact on the internet. They provide a variety of possibilities to increase engagement with visitors. Additionally, they are fast and easy to set up. Initially, the public thought it was because progressive web app development costs were too high because of its technical complexity. However, that isn't the case as new businesses swiftly move to or convert to PWAs. This shows how PWAs are a viable option for start-ups. The cost of Progressive Web Apps development is low enough for new businesses to pay.

In this article, we'll examine the Progressive Web App Cost and the various aspects that could impact the project's price. We'll also suggest ways to cut down on the PWA's development costs.

Factors that Determine the Development Cost of PWA

A variety of factors determine the cost of progressive web apps. For example, the level of complexity of each website is different. There are also differences in the modern web application development company's strategies, tools, and necessary expertise.

Despite these elements, regardless of the factors above, the cost of a progressive web application will increase as time is required to create it. After you've identified the most important elements that affect the total amount of money that is the cost of a progressive web application, you can estimate the total cost.

So, the cost of PWA development is based on the needs of the business. So, we'll look at each aspect that influences how much PWA costs.

1. Choose Your Pricing Model

Merchants can rely on an independent PWA developer or PWA development firm to ensure an outcome that is perfect and meets their requirements.

Here are three standard ways that a development company or freelancer could cost you:

Hourly rate

Business owners pay developers based on each completed phase of the undertaking. This is a good option in cases where the client is unsure regarding their requirements or isn't sure what they are looking for.

To ensure that once the developer has completed each step, the client can give feedback regarding certain changes or request that the developer continue with the next stage.

Splitting the project into smaller parts allows you to estimate the amount of time needed for each project and helps avoid significant changes that occur in the final stage, which could occur at six or seven.


This is often used to describe massive projects with multiple complex tasks, making it difficult to calculate the precise time needed to complete each.

Agencies will consider the nature of the project to estimate the amount of time and cost for each piece. Finally, the total cost will be the sum of all these cost estimates.


Finally, some projects on a moderate scale aren't overly complicated; developers get simple and precise requests from developers already.

They can provide a specific estimate for each component and, with sufficient information, they can provide a final figure for the client. The difference is that they offer fixed prices based on the estimated total hours multiplied by an hourly rate.

2. Local Businesses and International Outsourcing

The cost of a progressive web application could also be greatly affected by the location ofthe development the development team's development. For example, project managers, analysts, QA engineers, mobile app developers, and UI/UX designers are typically part of the development team.

Their level of experience and geographical area could influence their wages. For instance, top developers working on the front end in Asian nations such as Vietnam are paid lower average hourly wages than those from North America or Europe.

3. Project Complexity

The difficulty of the project and the number of developers involved affect the price of creating progressive web applications.

You can pick an easy PWA development that includes all of the essential functions, including the PWA package itself and the basic features of e-commerce.

Or request advanced features like integration with third-party systems, additional storefront functional pages, advanced payment gateways, and chat services.

Thus, owners of stores are required to be more expensive if they want more advanced features. The premium subscription includes most of these capabilities. If they don't offer precisely what you require at a cost that fits your budget, you shouldn't compare prices with other companies.

4. Development Solution Selected

Three kinds of PWA development tools, organized in order of increasing price, include premade, mixed, and custom-built from scratch (ready-to-use as opposed to custom-built).

You can buy a PWA theme that has all the functionality and design. Then, make small changes to the design and, after that, install third-party extensions to reduce the weaknesses within the theme.

The customized solution lets you select certain aspects of your website when you need intricate development to make your site stand out against thousands of similar websites.

A mixed approach happens when you are using customized services on a site that is already using a template.

5. The project's delivery date

A short deadline for the project could also demand more resources. Therefore, it is likely to raise the cost associated with PWA development. However, the price is reduced by allowing developers the time needed to complete the work. Additionally, you will receive the complete PWA solution with higher performance and at a lower cost.

A business venture can take anywhere from weeks to several years to complete. Small projects require only a few hours, while enterprises typically require 200 hours. Therefore, 8–10 days is sufficient to complete the medium-sized task. It takes between two and three weeks to finish minor tasks.


There's no exact cost or amount for each PWA development. However, you should consider the right solution for the design of your PWA website. Don't forget to read our recommendations to cut down on the overall cost.

If you're working on a limited budget and wish to get your message out to a wider audience, PWA development will be the best option for your business. It also offers dependability, speedy downloads and installations, and the ability to be independent of networks. Additionally, companies can enhance user experiences and improve conversion rates. This is why PWA is regarded as a possible future solution.

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