5 top open-source API gateways and Management Tools

The 5 top open-source API gateways and Management Tools

September 16, 2022 14:58 PM

5 top open-source API gateways and Management Tools
Kong Gateway (OSS)

Kong Gateway (OSS) is a famous, open-source, and advanced cloud-native API gateway made for universal deployment: it can operate on any medium. It is registered in the Lua programming language and supports hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure. It is optimized for microservices and dispersed architectures.

At its root, Kong is developed for high implementation,extensibility, and portability. Kong is also lightweight, fast, and scalable. It supports declarative design without a database,using in-memory storage only,and native Kubernative CRDs.

Kong features load balancing(with different algorithms),authentication (support for OAuth2.0),logging, rate-limiting,live monitoring,transformations,service discovery, caching, failure detection and clustering, recovery,and much more.Significantly, Kong supports the clustering of nodes and serverless parts


It keeps the design of proxies for your services and helps them over SSL or WebSockets. It can pack credit traffic through replications of your upstream services, monitor the availability of your services,and change its load balancing consequently.

Additionally, Kong ships with a command-line interface that enables you to handle a Kong cluster from the command line. Also,Kong is positively extensible using plugins and other types of integration. It can be managed with its RESTful API for maximum flexibility.


Also written in Go and made with implementation in mind, KrakenD is a high-performance, open-source, easy-to-use, and pluggable API gateway created with stateless architecture. It can operate everywhere and needs no database to run. It has an easy design and supports unlimited endpoints and backends.

KrakenD features monitoring, user quota, caching, rate limiting, quality of service (circuit breaker, concurrent calls, and grained timeout) transformation, aggregation, filtering (whitelisting and blacklisting), merging sources, and decoding. It presents proxy components such as protocol translation, load balancing, and Oauth; and security components such as SSL and security policies.

You can either manually configure the API gateway methods or use the KrakenDesigner, a GUI that allows you to visually design your API from scratch or renew an existing one. Furthermore, KrakenD’s extensible architecture allows for adding additional functionalities, plug-ins, embedded scripts, and middleware without changing its source code.

The API Gateway for Goku

The Goku API Gateway is an open-source microservice gateway with a cloud-native architecture built using Go. It functions as an API gateway for microservices architecture; as a forum for unified authentication, flow management, and security protection; as an internal OPEN API consequence platform; and as a unified forum for third-party APIs.

It features high-performance HTTP forwarding and dynamic routing, multi-tenancy management, service orchestration, API access management, and more. It helps with cluster deployment and dynamic service registration, API health checks, backend load balancing, API disconnect and reconnect functionality, and hot update (constantly updates configurations without restarting nodes).

Goku also arrives with a built-in dashboard to make setup easier, a strong plug-in system to extend its functionality, and a CLI for beginning to finish reloading Goku through the command line.

WSO2 API Microgateway

The WSO2 API Microgateway is an open-source, cloud-native, developer-centric, and decentralized API gateway for microservices. It is mostly written in Java, and it facilitates the method of building, deploying, and securing APIs within distributed microservice architectures.

WSO API Microgateway is a lightweight stateless receptacle with a low memory footprint that helps compose numerous microservices through a single API and also helps with runtime service discovery. It enables converting legacy API formats (both requests and responses) to current ones, to expose them to modern client apps.

Because the WSO2 API Microgateway employs OpenAPI Specification (OAS),this enables designers to collaborate in developing APIs and then test them independently. Moreover,it is positively scalable as it can operate in isolation with no dependencies on other details.

It features rate-limiting, request and response transformation, service discovery, load balancing, failover, and circuit breaking, and seamless Docker and Kubernetes integration, among others. It delivers authentication and authorization based on OAuth2.0, Basic Auth, API keys, and mutual TLS.


Fusion is an open-source, PHP-based API management solution used to create and execute REST APIs. It is an API control medium in the sense that it lets you create API endpoints that can order and change data from a database. It includes all of the necessary tools for not only quickly creating an API from other data sources but also creating fully customized responses.

It is used to expose enterprise functionality,Javascript applications, microservices, and mobile apps, presenting features such as rate-limiting, authorization, validation, RPC support, analytics ,and user management.

Also, Fusion helps with OpenAPI generation and SDK generation and comes with a subscription layer to assist you in creating a pub/sub for your API, as well as an easy payment system to set up for distinct routes.

Fusion has a command-line customer that permits you to directly interact with the API and deploy detailed YAML configuration files. Fusion-CLI is automatically included in every Fusion building, but you can also run the CLI consumer standalone. There are several other tools in the Fusion ecosystem.


That’s it for now! In this article, we have studied five open-source API gateways and management solutions that you can operate on a Linux server in your infrastructure. Feel free to let us know of any other solutions you have come across that we have forgotten in this article.

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