Challenges Faced by iOS Developers

Challenges in iOS App Development for Developers

 IOS Development Challenges

Statista data shows that Apple sold 77.32 million iPhones during the first quarter 2018. This generated more than $61 Billion in revenue. In addition to the record number of iPhones sold in 2018, Apple is expecting to have an exciting year. Apple will unveil new products and versions of iOS, establish relationships that take its offerings to a higher level, and develop best practices for managing its gadgets and devices, including the Mac, Apple TV, and wearables.

Apple's reputation for cutting-edge innovation has been a hallmark of the company. Apple's continuous efforts to expand the capabilities of its devices offers great opportunities for iOS mobile app developers, but also presents some challenges. To stay on top of the latest trends and make their iOS apps more interesting and powerful, any company providing iOS app development services must be aware of them.

No matter if you're talking about Siri the personal assistant from Apple or the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence, iOS mobile app development is more effective if it uses every technology. Swift 4's recent launch has made iOS mobile application development even easier.

Let's take a look at the most recent trends and challenges in iOS app development.

iOS Application Compatibility

While the iPhone is the most widely used Apple product, it's important to consider other gadgets and devices when developing iOS mobile apps. Developers should consider that users of iPhones might also own iPads. Therefore, the app must be compatible with both.

A further 60% of iPhone users have not upgraded to the most recent iOS update. This means that there are many iPhone users who have different iOS versions. These are challenges for iOS app developer’s services as they must ensure compatibility across different screen sizes and OS versions.

Limitations in Performance & Memory

Balance between app performance and device memory limitations is a major challenge for iOS developers. Android devices have a garbage collection feature, but iPhone devices don't. It is difficult for developers of iPhone apps to manage the memory. Garbage collection serves the purpose of identifying and disposing of objects that are not needed by a program in order to reclaim and reuse their resources.

This problem can be solved. Make sure that the provider of iPhone app development services uses Objective-C to write the code. This program has a remarkable memory management system that makes it easier to develop iOS mobile apps.

Beta Users Testing

What is the worst thing that could happen to an app when it's released? Users are giving negative feedback about the app. This is because developers have not validated their app sufficiently to find any weaknesses in different use cases. App developers must gauge the user's experience with the app. This can be done during beta testing, which is an external user acceptance test. This is the second stage of software testing, which is performed in real-world conditions by actual users of the app. It helps to identify bugs and potential breakdowns and checks the app's functionality.

Poor Network Conditions

Strong internet connections and high network speeds are essential for iOS app development. This may not pose a problem for developers but it is important to consider the use cases where the internet connection is slow and rich media such as streaming services or video applications from the internet.

Apple has the perfect tool for iOS developers. Xcode, Apple's integrated development environment (IDE), offers a Network Link Conditioner tool that simulates various network conditions including reduced bandwidth, DNS delays and high latency. It also covers packet loss, DNS delays, high latency and high latency. The Network Link Conditioner is a tool that allows you to simulate different conditions.

Interface for the User

iOS devices are widely accepted due to their excellent UX and clean design. Developers must focus on creating engaging experiences by focusing on UX/UI design.

Apps and their navigation have changed dramatically over time. However, this is why you hire iOS developers to create a user interface that works for all screen sizes.

Apps in a Sandboxed Environment

Apple has always placed security and privacy as a top priority. Apple's commitment to security and privacy has led to Sandboxing, an iOS security feature, being implemented from the beginning. This protects the device against exploited, buggy or compromised apps. The sandbox isolates the app from the rest and creates a private environment with data and information that can't be accessed or used by other apps.

Developers must include an entitlement sandbox rule in iOS mobile app development. This allows the program access to the resource specified in the entitlement. Developers should enable only the entitlements necessary to allow their program to run.

App Store Approvals

Apple's App Store offers more than 2 million apps for download. This is not a large number when compared to the app that was rejected to be part of this prestigious marketplace. Apple has strict guidelines for app approval. Apps are often rejected simply because they violate a rule. Even more frustrating for iPhone app developers is the fact that Apple frequently changes these rules to preserve their devices' integrity.

To minimize rejection risk after so much effort has been put into creating an app, it is important that iOS app developer’s services are familiar with Apple's guidelines.

Although iOS app development is fun, developers must work hard to stay up to date with the latest innovations and techniques in order to provide a reliable mobility solution.

Low Battery Life

Users will remove an app that drains too much battery. iOS developers must ensure that their app does not drain battery life. They also need to avoid unnecessary processes. To reduce battery consumption, they must optimize the app and not use too many unnecessary features. It isn't as simple as it sounds. It is also difficult for large organizations to ensure that their apps are battery-friendly.

App Security

While developing iPhone apps, it is important to ensure app security. Developers of iPhone apps have the primary responsibility to ensure that data encryption is used to protect data from hackers and other vulnerabilities. Advanced technical security layers can be used by developers to prevent data breaches. It is a difficult job, but it is possible.

App Store Approval

As of the first quarter 2019, there were 1.8 million apps on Apple's App Store. Apple will reject your apps for violating simple rules. This is why it can be difficult to get your app on the App Store. Apple keeps updating its iOS app development guidelines frequently. App Store takes at most 4 days to give an app a green light.

To get App Store approval in one shot and launch a successful iOS app, iOS developers must be well-versed in the most current App Store guidelines. They must keep up-to-date with Apple's most recent standards for app content code, completeness and metadata.

App for Cross-Platform

Some users use smartphones and other operating systems. Access to apps that can sync on smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops and phones was preferred by the target audience. This allows them to use the app on any device at their convenience.

Futureproofing the App

It is difficult to develop future-proof iOS apps. Developers must be aware of the latest innovation from Apple before they can build such apps. This can be a difficult task. However, experienced iOS developers can gain insights into the future releases of iOS versions by analysing Apple's products and thinking.

Overcoming storage, memory and performance limitations

The garbage collection function is not available on iPhones. If the app becomes a source control, it can be stopped. It is therefore a challenge for iPhone app developers to manage the memory within the app.

When developing apps for iOS version specific versions, it is important to remember that different iPhone models have different storage capacities and memory. Some apps and games can take up a lot of space. Even though phones are compatible with the latest versions, users cannot use these apps and games.

Apps that use a lot of memory and storage space on iPhones will give you the worst performance. Developers need to be careful about the requirements of an app in order to create a performant application.


Apple continues to present hardware and programming innovations while adhering to strict security and control norms. These advancements must be followed by developers and companies that develop iOS applications. This will help to limit the problems encountered in the development process. These challenges provide developers with insight into possible hardships and a way to prepare for the inevitable challenges they may face in the development process. Developers need to be able to keep up with the latest developments to minimize effort and deliver quality solutions to end-users. You will overcome all future problems if you are constantly improving your software.

How iPhone Developers of PerfectionGeeks Handle iPhone App Development Challenges

With each Apple update, iPhone app development becomes more difficult. Hire iOS developers with the hands-on experience to launch apps on the App Store.

PerfectionGeeks has the experience to help you develop a secure, robust and custom iPhone application by following Apple's design guidelines. The deep knowledge of next-generation iOS innovations is applied by our skilled developers to create high quality iOS apps that deliver value to your target audience and give you a competitive advantage.

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