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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Zogo?

April 26, 2023 14:28 PM

Zogo App Development cost.

In the past five years, there has been an accelerated increase in the number of people, particularly younger generations as well as Gen Z, getting serious about financial matters. To satisfy the need for financial education, this segment has begun to shift towards the entertainment and social media industries, and several studies have revealed that nearly three-quarters of TikTok users get financial guidance via the platform.

Although these apps fill the need created by the low level of financial literacy in school, the material they consume may also contain untrue advice that they will not be able to discern. This is where apps such as Zogo can help. This financial literacy app makes use of a combination of gamification and reward techniques to help its millennial and Gen Z users learn the various concepts of finance with a fun new twist.

With an investment of more than $295k, the application is now a top option for entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses. The price of an application for financial literacy, such as Zogo's, can vary between $180,000 and $300,000 based on the many elements involved in it, Knowing the elements will determine your success with your personal financial literacy app's development.

Let's take a look at the various stages involved in building an app like Zogo.

Identify the target audience

The first step in making an app that is similar to Zogo is to identify the intended users. For the app for financial literacy, they're targeting millennials in addition to the Gen Z user base, the most recent entrant to the field. Although they're employing an incentive-based system to keep their users entertained, when you want to launch your app with the same audience, it is vital to find ways to keep them active.

The incentive model could work for you; however, you'll need to think of other ways to keep them engaged, and rewards could eventually cause users to quit.

Finalise is an app that includes

The process of developing apps for financial literacy such as Zogo is broken down into three parts: teachers, students, and administration. Let's look at each in detail to give you a concept.

Features for students in an app that is similar to Zogo


The user sign-up area requires you to provide several sign-up options that range from a phone, email, and social media login. Furthermore, it is necessary to have a KYC system that can verify users. To accomplish this, Zogo makes use of Stripe ID functionality, where users upload government identification evidence.


The next important aspect of the app's development is the creation of courses and modules. When users open the app, they will see an overview of the courses and modules they could join. The area in which Zogo does not excel is in having any specific category that is only applicable to courses. So when you design your application, you can include an intelligent filter option to separate the names of courses. Once they've identified the program they're interested in, students can take it at a time that fits their schedule.


"Pineapples" is the name of the Zogo application built around it. The app offers students rewards, known as pineapples, for passing in-app tests following course completion, inviting friends, or completing other activities within the app. Students can make use of these pineapples as rewards that can be exchanged at partner stores such as Amazon, Adidas, Walmart, and many more.


If you develop an app such as Zogo that is educational, it is beneficial to display a leaderboard that shows the performance of your friends and what other users of the app are doing to motivate them.

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The second aspect of the zogo app development cost is the ability to provide support in real-time, which makes it easier for users to get connected to the brand through chat in-app, email, and phone.

Zogo App Development cost.

The final crucial feature to consider when developing an application like Zogo is the dashboard. It provides students with specifics of their previous and continuing courses, as well as the number of pineapples they have earned and the timeline of the rewards.

Teachers' Financial Literacy app has included:

Course creation

The first step of the app's custom financial literacy creation on the teacher's module is to create courses. Teachers can determine the level of education they want to impart, the test questions, and the length of the course, and they can even launch a custom course.

View the course performance

Alongside the course creation aspect, if you develop an app that is similar to Zogo, you should also have an option for instructors to monitor how their courses are doing and the students enrolled, as well as their leaderboards, the most-studied courses, levels of completion, etc.

Financial literacy is a feature that the administrator application features

Management of users

With the help of the application, administrators will be able to control teachers and students in such a way that should users lose their access to information, admins can help them.

Course management

When you make an app such as Zogo to manage the administrative aspect of things, it will assist them in directing courses. It should allow them to delete or modify courses that aren't in line with the guidelines of the app.

Management of partners

What is distinctive about Zogo is its partnership with financial institutions and banks, providing them with a platform to educate users on their products and advantages. Management of collaborators and content so that they are well-known is a requirement to be taken care of when creating an application like Zogo.

Repair the design system

Although Zogo has a basic game-like interface, there's one problem with it: it's slow to respond and bears a striking resemblance to the Duolingo application.

The way to get an edge in your custom financial literacy app development is through developing a distinctive design.

We suggest at Perfection Geeks to keep a variety of media and elements to keep people interested, not only a textual style. If you include interfaces such as audio from the chapters, video-based explanations, and also show the purpose of the chapter e.g. "You can save x amount by following these lessons, It gives the users confidence in your app. Designing a layout like this helps in the final financial literacy application, similar to Zogo costs.

Consider the team structure

The final but crucial element in determining and building the cost of a financial literacy application such as Zogo is the team that will be working to support it.

Typically, the structure of a team is as follows:

Project manager

UI/UX designer

Android developers

iOS developers

expert in QA

Deployment engineer

The size of this team, though it may vary based on the complexity of the app, has a huge impact on the cost of development. Here's how. The team structure for which you hire someone from India will cost you 60–80 dollars per resource and  cost of development. Here's how. The team structure for which you hire someone from India will cost you 60–80 dollars per resource and $100–120 if you recruit one in the US as well as the UK.

Maintenance and launch

Once all of the various aspects of the development of an app that is similar to Zogo are figured out and the app is launched, the stage of launch comes.

The platforms you decide to live your app on are analysed, and the app is then deployed on them. Once the app is live, the next step is maintaining it. This is where the fintech software development company keeps track of user feedback and the app's social mentions and then focuses on suggestions that are common to all users.

We've now examined the various elements of developing an app that's similar to Zogo. The next concern you may have is how you earn money with your app. Let's tackle that issue when we finish the article.

How can you earn money from your Zogo application?

The process of identifying revenue sources or determining the most appropriate pricing strategy to use for your app will determine the foundation for its growth in the market.

At PerfectionGeeks, when we develop fintech literacy applications, we offer our clients various monetization models to choose from.

  • Subscriptions
  • In-app advertisement
  • Paid app upgrades so that users can speak to financial experts.

In the instance of Zogo, they don't have a monetization strategy other than what they make by partnering with their customers. This isn't what you would expect. Brand partners are selling their products to users based on the information they provide to the app by answering questions. This, as changes in data laws are made within the app market and the app market evolves, could result in the brand shifting to new business models within the shortest amount of time.

Making the most complex plan of monetization as well as looking at ways to differentiate your app to compete with the current most popular competition in the digital realm requires an experienced team that works alongside you. Here is the place where we enter the picture.

Questions about the development of apps for financial literacy

  • How can I make a mobile application similar to Zogo?

    The first step to creating an app like Zogo involves identifying the intended audience. This information is then used in selecting the best features, creating the most effective design system, and finally running a QA test before the app's launch.

  • What is the cost of development for a financial literacy program similar to Zogo?

    The Zogo-like financial literacy application development cost could range between $30k and $300k, depending on the level of complexity you wish to increase by way of features, design, and integrations with technology.

  • How long will it take to create an app similar to Zogo?

    Zogo-like applications will take at least 4 months and up to 12–18 months. The answer lies in the specifics of the app as well as its overall level of complexity.

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