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How to Develop an App Like Duolingo A Complete Guide

March 20, 2023 03:55 PM

Develop An App Like Duolingo

How does Duolingo work?

Duolingo is a famous language-learning medium that enables users to learn different foreign languages. Users download an app, prefer a language, and begin their free trial. They don't have to pay for anything to begin learning languages because Duolingo presents an amazing choice of around 50 other languages you can select from. After deciding which one to learn, users will notice the list of levels for each language. The higher the level, the more difficult the lessons will be, and vice versa. When users choose a course, they'll be guided by an animated tutor that informs them how to achieve each task perfectly.

Reasons to create an app like Duolingo

The world of academic apps is huge. One can find hundreds of thousands of programs on Google Play and the App Store. However, there are two major issues with this extensive preference for applications. First, it can be unclear when selecting the right application for yourself or your children. Second, there are only so many hours in the day, which makes it unattainable to learn everything about all educational apps at once. In the case of Duolingo, the designers have worked to combine all relevant aspects into one educational app with a suitable user experience: it's fast, funny, informative, and fun!

How do you create an app like Duolingo?

Good apps should be developed according to the most profitable practices; otherwise, most likely, they will fail. Now let's talk about the main steps of the development cycle of an app like Duolingo.

  • Begin with a strategy plan
  • Your job is to come up with a unique concept for an app and write a company plan for it. Before you start, do your marketing research and find out what the market desires.

  • Collaborate with language experts
  • To create an app like Duolingo, you should collaborate with the right professionals. With proper sources, your language learning forum will be useful.

  • Select a platform
  • It will be useful to build an application for both Android and iOS platforms. A web version should also be created since many users choose to learn languages through a desktop or laptop.

  • Hire a design and development team
  • If a person were to review the mobile app market, they would see that 90% of users leave a forum in the first 30 seconds because of bad user experience design. To bypass it, you should hire a UX/UI design advisor who will assist you in building language learning apps that are simple and have an appealing look.

  • Think of the modular structure
  • When you modularize your app, the development approach becomes more rapid, so it saves time and money. Your architects maintain the goodness of the app without harming its execution.

    Essential Elements of an E-Learning App Like Duolingo

  • Sign-In
  • This is the foremost part of any mobile application. Just like the Duolingo e-learning app, keep the registration procedure simple. You can also integrate social media for a fast and hassle-free sign-up.

  • Manage Profile
  • This component enables users to manage their profile while keeping track of online assignments and other activities. Also, users can save courses or educational videos for the latest revisions.

  • Select a language
  • Allowing this part will let the users select a language they hope to learn through your language learning application. The users can also select the course duration and the level of the learning agenda. It is one of the important elements that you must include at any cost so that people of all ages can use your application.

  • Select Courses
  • You can club this part with it or keep it different to provide a better user experience. By using this feature, users can register to take online language learning lessons as per their budget.

  • Take the online revision test
  • As per the experts of the top education software development organizations, including this feature will make your app more user-friendly. For example, if the users would like to check their version, they can take an online revision test and improve their skills. It will allow the users to determine the major areas where they are lacking and make modifications accordingly.

  • Provide a Certificate
  • To make your language-learning application more trustworthy and authentic, provide a certificate to the users. All you have to do is cooperate with institutes to offer certificates to excellent candidates. It will help win the users' trust while making your application more user-friendly. To get assistance with the same, pick from the best education software businesses, and the professionals will assist you with the same.

  • Make a Payment
  • Every user chooses to use an app that has a safe and hassle-free payment process. So, besides concentrating on education app development, combine numerous payment gateways to let users make a payment using any medium. This is also one of the important elements for winning the users' trust at first glance and keeping them hooked on your application for a long time.

  • Support and Assistance
  • Every application must have a support and service feature integrated into it, and an education app is no exception. So, do not forget to incorporate this part when you create a language learning app like Duolingo. Incorporating this part will help the users get immediate solutions to their questions regarding services, courses, payment, etc.

  • Gamification

To make your language learning app more joyful and outstanding than the rest in the market, including some gamification. It will hold the users' attention and facilitate the learning method. The best part is that not only the kids will enjoy using your application, but the grown-ups will also access it and stick with it.

Summing Up

Develop An App Like Duolingo

In this ever-rising market for e-learning, numerous applications are gaining popularity, and language-learning apps like Duolingo are one of them. Companies planning to create successful e-learning software must keep overhead points, features, and monetization methods in mind. While incorporating these facts, companies can expect to get a high-functioning education app that keeps the users happy while getting the desired company profit and sales.

So, without further ado, hire an education app development company and get a well-structured app in hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make a Duolingo-like app?

To create an app like Duolingo, you will need features such as voice recognition, sound effects, push notifications, and a multilingual chatbot. Duolingo used machine learning and artificial intelligence to create these features. See how you can use IT staff augmentation to build a Duolingo-like app.

What languages can you learn with Duolingo?

Duolingo currently has 36 languages to choose from. Some of the most popular courses available are English for Spanish speakers and vice versa, French, German, and Japanese for English speakers, as well as English for Russian speakers.

What software was used to develop the Duolingo app?

The Duolingo app was built on Amazon Web Services; Python was used for the backend development, and jQuery, Backbone.js, and Bootstrap were used for the front-end experience. The Duolingo app is currently operating with 23 different technologies. See why U.S. tech companies choose IT staff augmentation to build EdTech apps like Duolingo.

How to build a Duolingo clone

To build a Duolingo clone, you will need to use trending technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. Your Duolingo clone will need embedded features such as a multilingual chatbot, push notifications, and speech recognition. See how IT staff augmentation can help you build a Duolingo clone.

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