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May 02, 2022 05:30 PM

Social Media and Entertainment App Development

We build entertainment apps and website solutions

The entertainment and media industry is booming utilizing the most delinquent technology and delivering lucrative benefits to the consumers with outstanding services with the help of creating the media and entertainment app and website solutions. Using the essential entertainment app development services, media houses, creative studios, music industry, publishers, game industry, and many more associated with the entertainment and media company have begun taking the benefit of technology to render unmatched entertainment to their consumers. PerfectionGeeks Technologies is a top entertainment app and website development corporation that delivers a unique mobility solution for the entertainment and media industry. At PerfectionGeeks Technologies, we have expertise in creating top-notch and cutting-edge solutions that are known to deliver seamless knowledge to the users and can enhance the app performance. Our team consists of more than 100 professional members who have core knowledge of designing and development skills and who deliver to build a high-quality app. PerfectionGeeks Technologies a leading mobile app development firm is known to provide an instinctive and entertaining experience to the users with our top-class media entertainment apps. Our creations in Entertainment Mobile App & Website Development are loved by people around the globe and help companies to connect with their users.

Media & entertainment app development services

Social Media and Entertainment App Development

PerfectionGeeks delivers robust and efficient media & entertainment app development services. Our creators make as we provide mobility solutions aligned with client requirements.

Image Editing Apps

We deliver you with similar apps like Instagram to edit and share your amazing images. These app keys are incorporated with both developed geotag based on AI and core elements of other image-editing apps.

Video Streaming Apps

Our amazing Live Video streaming app development services are based on famous apps such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, and others. We present clone elements and the same working with the most delinquent technologies in our app.

Gaming Apps

PerfectionGeeks Technologies has talented gaming and entertainment app developers to deliver amazing game applications integrated with technologies like AR, VR, and others so that users can have more fun than before with a great user experience.

Music Streaming Apps

Our delivered live music streaming app expansion services allows the experiences to handle a lot of enthusiastic music listeners simultaneously in real-time. There appears no problem of system hang or interruption in-between while managing the users.

Enterprise Mobility Solution

We design media & entertainment mobility solutions, especially for companies such as the PR industry, media & publishing houses, and eCommerce ventures. These solutions contain brand management apps and CRM.

Content Aggregation Apps

Our business is a top-class media & entertainment solution provider that accumulates quality content to draw and impress the users with company solutions. Users can get a lot of knowledge and entertainment through it.

Features of our media & entertainment app

  • Simple Register & Login
  • Live Streaming
  • Multilingual Support
  • Secure Payment Gateways
  • IoT Integration
  • Image Filtering
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Audio/Video Streaming
  • Real-Time Content Feeds
  • Genre-Based Inventory
  • In-Built Message Services
  • Search Bar & Filters
  • Push Notifications
  • Content Upload
  • Multi-Currency Support
  • Customization
  • App Subscription
  • GDPR Compliant
  • In-App Purchases
  • Localization
  • Show Reminders
  • Show Recording
  • Credit Management
  • User Management

Topmost technologies to power tech advancements

Being a leading media & entertainment software company, we have professionals to identify the actual requirements of companies and develop solutions as per that. Our delivered solutions are leveraged with the most delinquent technologies to help companies in making effective impressions.

Artificial Intelligence

Our professional developers deliver media & entertainment software solutions incorporated with AI used for content design and its translation. It is also beneficial for enhancing efficiency and getting the highest revenue. AI-driven solutions empower smart information streaming to deliver instant data and assist in a better customer experience. Enhancement in ad sales through targeted ad insertions is also a part of it, as it influences everything, right from the consumer experience to content creation.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain integrated media software development services help the need for content aggregation and support in copyrighted resources & royalty distribution. Keeping records of royalties and streamlining royalty amounts are easier with it. With these blockchain-based media solutions, owners will be capable to complete the demand for a personalized content consumption experience by app users. Micro-cent fees can also be made cost-effective in the media & entertainment industry with the help of blockchain solutions.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing integration creates the solutions more comfortable to access from anywhere with constant evolution provision. These solutions have less maintenance & security costs and are easy to handle the high rush. Cloud computing solutions in the M&E sector offer tremendous possibilities for managing technology and storage costs to support the inflated costs in other regions. It delivers high flowing performance with less downtime & delays leading to a better user experience.

AR/VR Technologies

Media & entertainment IT solutions incorporated with AR/VR technologies present real-life experiences and interactive gaming fun to users. It also helps in efficient training and reducing development costs. Talking about entertainment purposes, AR/VR-based solutions have been utilized in marketing & PR initiatives effectively for TV, motion pictures, and other media channels. These modern solutions address all the necessities of the entertainment industry along with growing interaction with consumers for sales/operations/operations and delivering them immense experience.

Benefits of our media & entertainment apps

PerfectionGeeks Technologies provides media & entertainment app development services incorporated with up-to-date technologies & advanced components to stand out in the competitive market. There are many more advantages provided by media & entertainment solutions.

Better Customer Reach

Our designer's media & entertainment apps help companies to enhance their online presence so that they can be searched by a large base of potential customers. It delivers vast market opportunities and doubles consumer trust.

Online Revenue & Sales

Boost your company to deploy services on the web with our well-developed and full of modern features app, website, or software solutions. We use advanced UI/UX standards in our suggested solutions to help users in exploring products.

Leveraging Social Sites

PerfectionGeeks Technologies has a professional team that helps customers to advertise their services on the web through social media channels. For this, they follow a standard way to enhance the integrity of the media & entertainment industry with the help of social media marketing.

Amplified Performance

Company performance in the M&E industry can be enhanced automatically with improved user engagement and online sales. Our built solutions have technology inventions and cutting-edge components to boost performance.

Decreased Operational Cost

With the embracement of the most delinquent technologies and streamlining the processes, we help the M&E industry to decrease overall operating costs. Identification of inefficiencies and terminating unused services are also helpful in decreasing the cost.

Accessibility & Data Sharing

Our advanced Google cloud media & entertainment solutions have cloud integration that makes information access and data transferring easy for media and entertainment organizations. They can give credentials to their data to any third party without any trouble.

Who can get benefits with our event app?

We design media & entertainment industry app development solutions for various industries irrespective of their niche. Our developed solutions deliver companies a competitive benefit to stand among the competitors.

  • Music Industry
  • News & Magazines
  • Theaters & Multiplexes
  • Sport Industry
  • Filming Industry
  • Podcast & Radio Channels
  • Media & Reporting Businesses
  • Amusement Parks

Why choose PerfectionGeeks Technologies for on-demand entertainment app development?

Being a top entertainment & media app development company, we deliver high- quality services with advanced technology integration and fast answer. We have experienced designers who create profitable solutions to maximize the ROI by assessing the client’s budget & requirements.

Great UI/UX Experience

Our business has an amazing team of knowledgeable and experienced UI/UX designers who deliver entertainment mobile app development solutions with responsive and interactive user interfaces to attract an extensive base of users.

Latest Technology Integration

We deliver the most suitable entertainment app development services by using advanced technologies such as AR, VR, AI, ML, and others, along with the web acceleration technologies comprising HTTP optimization, and its implementation.

Data Privacy & Security

At the time of media & entertainment software development, we ensure to safeguard clients’ valuable data. For this, we follow all the needed standards so that we can deliver data security and access to particular information.

Inclusive Software Development

Get over all your worries after coming to PerfectionGeeks Technologies for media & entertainment industry app development services. We use end-to-end development operations including research & analysis, designing, development, delivery & deployment.

Compliance & Best Practices

Being a prominent media & entertainment app development company, we concede with all the principles and use strict rules and best practices to save the client’s vision. We also sign an NDA with the customer for proper declaration.

Professional Development Team

We have experienced and authorized entertainment app developers & designers at PerfectionGeeks Technologies. Our team associates are the most dedicated to their work and adjust their work hours and timing as per the client’s time zone.

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1968 S. Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, United States

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