Guide For Non-tech Founders Hiring Developer

A Guide For Non-tech Founders Hiring Developer or Agency for Startup

February 14, 2023 3:10 PM

Non-tech Founders Hiring Developer

What are the essentials to make a startup successful? Can you develop a robust mobile app developer that reflects your brand's voice? Or is it about the technical abilities that can help you conquer the technology ecosystem? Most of the time, founders who are not tech-savvy wrestle with these questions. They face these questions because, even in the present, a certain section of society does not believe that non-tech entrepreneurs can create a dazzling technology product, if not greater than their technical-background counterparts.

There are numerous instances in that non-tech entrepreneurs have created incredible products and were at the forefront of the latest innovations. In the past, such as Pandora, Alibaba, StyleSeat and TeeSpring, up to Tinder, Vayable, and many more, non-tech entrepreneurs can sometimes exceed the levels of innovation reached by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in technology.

Beyond the wisdom of knowledge, grit, and experience of the business people, they had an element vital to the success of these remarkable organizations. That is the kind of talent adept at understanding, creating and realizing the ideas for these entrepreneurs.

However, hiring developers for startups is much easier to say than done. This article will assist you in discovering how to hire developers for a startup. We will also look at how you can find developers who are a suitable fit for your business and assist you in navigating the entrepreneurial landscape.

Problems in locating the right talent to run your business

While it's almost impossible to overcome all obstacles, entrepreneurs can lessen the burden by bringing in the right people or outsourcing services to help their startup. Establish a strong team from scratch to take your idea and turn it into a functional business.

One of the biggest challenges when finding the best talent for your company is finding the right fit in the shortest time possible. Entrepreneurs who are not tech-savvy should recruit developers for startups that make sense because it can help control the business processes while ensuring that the decisions coincide with the company's goals.

In addition, entrepreneurs should locate app developers for their startups who can be the ideal team behind the project. They can help you understand the workflow of technology while providing ways to collaborate efficiently.

Here we will provide tips for hiring developers for new ventures or hire in-house or to onboard an agency , as well as the various factors that affect the hiring process. We'll also provide the steps to find and attract the most qualified developers and ways to ease the risks for a brand-new business owner entering the world.

Before getting into the details of hiring developers for startups or onboarding an agency. Let us know which is better for your business: hiring a developer or joining the services of an agency.

What is the Best Option for a Founder Who is not Tech-Savvy?

Non-tech Founders Hiring Developer
Hire in-house or take on an agency?

While hiring in-house developers is preferred over alternatives for non-tech businesspeople, this could be a huge challenge due to the absence of technical know-how.

The challenges faced when hiring developers in-house:

  • High cost
  • Experience and skills are not sufficient.
  • Limited scalability.
  • The inability to manage massive or complex projects.
High cost

Employing in-house developers at an early-stage startup costs a lot, literally. The business's cost is only one item you'll need to spend money on. Installation, infrastructure office space, equipment, and software are only the beginning of the expense of hiring an in-house developer.

Insufficient skills and experience

If you don't Hire Software Developer for your startup to increase your cost, your in-house developers will probably be specialists in one of two languages. This could, in turn, restrict your product's potential to what the developer's skill set can offer.

In contrast, an outsourcing firm can provide you with the services of a web developer to a startup, along with graphic designers, project managers, Quality analysts, project managers, and other specialists that will assist in the development of your app project while improving the effectiveness and capacity that the procedure can provide. In addition, they also have a variety of developers who work in different areas.

Limited scalability

With only a few in-house developers, you cannot collaborate on projects simultaneously, slowing the development process even in shorter sprints.

The inability to handle complicated or large projects

In-house developers do not have the proper mindset or experience to oversee large-scale projects compared to those working for an agency specializing in development.

These problems can be eliminated by bringing on an agency that develops software for your requirements. To learn more about why a non-tech entrepreneur is advised to consider outsourcing their requirements, check out our blog post on the benefits of outsourcing to a mobile application development firm.

If you believe an in-house development team is the best option instead of outsourcing a custom software development company here's the best way to hire in-house developers for your startup. Find someone with an extensive set of skills that can comprehend the core code base of your product and a thorough understanding of how certain technologies are integrated into your product. Please take into account their perspective regarding development when conducting interviews.

Also, it would help if you considered whether they specialize in back-end or front-end development or both. Additionally, you must be in a position to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses while defining your business goals for them to proceed in the same direction for solid product development.

However, as we've mentioned previously, outsource software development needs can be economical and profitable for your business. Here's a detailed guide to help you choose the right development company.

Step-by-Step Guide for Selecting the Right Agency to Meet your Needs

If you're looking to locate an organization that develops software to outsource your developers for your business, look over a few crucial aspects to help identify the experience and expertise of the firm.

Robust Portfolio

To figure out if the development agency you choose is right for your venture, check out their portfolio of projects they've completed and the clients they've worked with. If you are looking to hire the most proficient full-stack developer available for startups, studying their portfolio will allow you to determine their core competencies. Also, studying the performance of their products by an agency that provides specific software development services to startups will allow you to determine their abilities in general.

Domain Expertise

Some agencies specialize in cutting-edge techniques and technologies (such as PerfectionGeeks ). Thus, determine the specific area that the agency has the ability to excel and is known for. When you understand the area of focus that the organization is focusing on, it's possible to identify the best agency that fits the type of product you're trying to develop.

The skills to assess the competence of mobile application developers startups:

  • Check if they've got an undisputed grip on this list of top programming languages you should know . Here's the list of the top programming languages you should know.
  • Examine their database knowledge to determine if they can handle an update to the system.
  • Find out if they have an established foundation in data structures and other algorithms.
  • Examine if they can utilize various tools and technologies to verify and test the design before you decide to deploy the project.
Success Stories

The testimonials of the clients the agency you've selected has worked with are vital to determining the company. For finding software developers who can work with startups, it is important to assess the level of service the company provides, and the assistance of customer success further substantiates this. These reviews will provide you with an abundance of details about the essential development features, for example, respecting timelines, budgets and deadlines.


Another factor to consider when hiring developers for a startup is to see whether they can provide the product that you want according to your specific business needs.

Selecting available software off the shelf is easy; however, selecting an agency that can develop the perfect strategy according to your company's needs is a challenge. An agency dedicated to app development, such as PerfectionGeeks, is a reputable company that can meet the needs of your business and provide customization of the product. At the same time, pave ways for your app to be able to gain traction in the marketplace quickly.

Assistance with ideas and post-launch support

To employ developers for startups that are the right match, ensure that the outsourcing firm gives you support throughout the development process. They need to be able to collaborate during the initial phase of creativity to provide post-deployment support for the software. The team needs to continuously update the product's development and adapt to the ever-changing market demands. This will also make room for the overall success of your product.

What Makes the PerfectionGeeks Technologies the Right Choice for Your Business?

PerfectionGeeks Technologies is a results-driven customized software design business that can assist your business to succeed by utilizing our expertise in development practices. Our developers have vast knowledge and experience executing numerous web and app project development within the specified timeframe and at an optimized cost.

We have a group of experienced and reliable developers with over a decade of experience providing complete development. We can assist you with the initial idea to the successful launch of your idea.

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