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How Much Would It Cost to Develop a Fantasy Sports App Like Fanduel?

Fanduel Clone App Development

It is a passion to play sports. If you are a fan of the game, you'll begin playing it on the field or through games. If you are a fan of the sport, you'll have all the information you need, including the rules, the players, and the players' strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, Fantasy Sports games target this expertise.

Through Fantasy Sports Games, you can showcase your expertise and knowledge about an athlete or a sport making money. The game allows users to have a great professional sports experience and provide nostalgic memories. This is the reason Fantasy Games are expanding in a truly wonderful way.

A single of the most popular Fantasy Sports Apps is FanDuel In this article, we'll examine the process of developing an app similar to FanDuel and what it would cost.

What Is FanDuel?

FanDuel is the most popular website for sports enthusiasts online. Since 2009 FanDuel redefined what fantasy sports could be by offering users the chance to play fantasy sports for one day with real cash prizes. There are many other imitations of their service, but there aren't many similar applications. Since its launch in 2018, it didn't require much time for FanDuel to become America's top choice for betting on sports and the top online Sportsbook. It's one of the most renowned Fantasy sports apps that have taken over the market due to its exceptional features.

The app offers sports and fantasy betting simultaneously for the players to spread the same lifestyle. FanDuel also offers the development of fantasy football apps.

What Is A FanDuel Clone App?

It's not that difficult to grasp. The FanDuel Clone application is a copy of the FanDuel application, which you can alter according to your requirements. It also includes all the features that are essential to Fanduel.

The application supports baseball, cricket, football, basketball, and soccer. Also, it is compatible with major leagues like NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, and more.

In the Fanduel Clone app, users can draft their players and create teams as per the Fanduel app. The clone application allows you to get an ideal position in fantasy sports easily. Thanks to advanced features and technology, you can completely customize these apps for cloning, and bug-are is free.

You should choose Fanduel Clone because who can customize them, cost-effective and simple to create your fantasy sports smartphone apps, as well as a website similar to Fanduel, which is possible to develop using every mobile application development service.

Don't be stressed about the issues because Fanduel scripts that clone your existing ones provide the best solution for creating your own Fantasy Sports Mobile app.

What's the FanDuel App work?

Fantasy games are about how well you understand the game and its players. They test your abilities in your ability to anticipate the player's performance. Then, you must build the perfect team to be victorious in the game.

Here's a step-by-step instruction on how FanDuel operates:

Select a match

When a player downloads the app, they need to log in with an OTP verification. An open window appears with details of all scheduled and ongoing matches. The player then has to choose a match to continue.

Form a Team

In this stage, it is the player's responsibility to form the team. Several participants are selected will vary depending on the sport. The players receive 100 credits to create teams. Each player must pick those who are under the credits.

If a user clicks on the player's name and clicks on "View Details," it will display a detailed report of the player's stats that users can utilize to assist in selecting the players to join the team.

Choose Captain and Vice-Captain

When players have formed their team, they will need to select the captain and vice-captain to represent their team. This is an essential step because it will greatly affect the final score.

  • Captain Users will earn 2x points for being the captain.
  • Vice-Captain, A user is eligible to receive 1.5x points for vice-captain.
Form multiple teams

A player can create six teams but can play with just one team.

Team Management

Any player can alter the team up until the end of the game. The team has no changes or additions until the game's deadline has passed.

Business Model of FanDuel App

There are only a handful of ways to make money that applications like FanDuel use.

Let's look at these in-depth

Participation Charges:

The most commonly used business model for fantasy apps is participation fees. For every match played on the platform, the platform will demand the player a tiny amount for participation from each participant. For instance, suppose that the sum of all players in the match is $5000. The application will charge between 5 and 10% of that amount, while the rest will be divided between the winners.


Advertisement is the most commonly used commercial model utilized in applications and other locations. The app may offer a variety of advertisements, including banner ads, video ads, native ads, Full-page interstitial ads, and others. But, they can affect the experience in-app of users.

In-app purchases:

Fantasy apps have numerous partnerships and agreements with various leagues and brands. Additionally, they can provide exclusive items from these brands and leagues as items purchased in-app. This will enhance the user experience and serve as an additional business model to the application.

Engagement Models:

Many Fantasy Sports apps offer various challenges that players can participate in for a specific period or even a whole season. The challenges, when completed, will award to the participants. These challenges can also assist in improving the experience in the game. One-time fees are paid per season duration, which boosts the app's revenue.

Choosing the Right Platform

In addition to a unique idea for your application, the second factor to think about is the best platform to create your app. It is possible to choose between Android as well as iOS platforms.

The difference is that Fanduel operates on Android and iOS with support from AWS to provide unrivaled security and management. It is also possible to create a cross-platform application by a well-known iPhone game development company. However, it could result in some issues with loading and less performance. So, picking Android can make your app more compatible with different platforms.

Choosing the Best App Development Company

This is the most important element of obtaining a strong and reliable app for fantasy sports. The choice of an app development firm will determine the success rate that your game will have. It is possible to visit the top agencies for development and search their profiles. Reviewing their customer reviews will give you an accurate insight into the process of development they use and what elements they demonstrate that can prove to be beneficial to your fantasy sports application.

You may also go to certain rating agencies like Clutch, Techsimply, Software Suggest, and many others to find out more details about the development process of that company and its method of operation.


FanDuel is an online platform for daily fantasy sports with a wide range of games for players, guaranteeing a cash prize for the winners. Players pick a roster based on the total money they earn from various players who earn different wages based on their skills.

For the User Panel: Request your app development company to integrate "My Offers," where users can see all the most recent and popular deals to play games. " Create & Join Leagues & tournaments" ensures that the app is fun. Creating player pages, team pages, positions, and formats for a position and points are some other essential features that you need to provide through your application.

The Admin Panel should be set to "Notifications and Requests Management" to ensure effective control. Manage leagues, players, and assignments. Viewing and managing the user list and transactions and payment and win histories are some important features you'll need to implement on your own.

How to Monetize Your Fantasy Sports App?

There are various methods of monetization to earn revenue via your sports fantasy app. Here are some tested strategies you can use to maximize the profit of your app

Participation Fees: You may determine a percentage of total cash you'll take off for each purchase by taking a minimum amount of the cost of buying. This is probably the most widely employed method of earning cash from apps for fantasy sports.

Advertisements: Advertising is a well-known method of generating revenues for any application. When your app grows in popularity and recognition, various sports organizations will approach you to promote their brands by promoting your app.

The User Engagement Model: If you permit users to participate in various daily or weekly contests, you could set a minimum cost and eventually generate a lot of revenue for your application. This has resulted in more engagement from users as well as more revenues.

We hope that you've gathered lots of details on how to create an effective fantasy sports app that will be a game-changer for you. It is essential that you need to create an organized business plan before reaching out to any app development firm.

Cost of Development fantasy sports app development cost of a Fanduel-like fantasy sports application is contingent on many aspects like features, the type of design you want and the place for your iPhone game development company, and the type of technology stacks they employ to create the game.

However, to estimate the cost, If you're looking to build a basic app for fantasy sports similar to Fanduel on a single platform, it could cost between 10000 and 15000. However, if you need more sophisticated features and functions that you can use on various operating systems (both Android & iOS), The development costs can be anywhere from $40000 to 50000.

Wrapping Up!

According to a study that focuses on the market for fantasy sports, it is predicted to reach $43.35 billion in 2026 with an annual rate of 13.6 percent. The rising number of young people entering the fantasy market is a major factor in the growth.

Since Fantasy Sports is a game of understanding and not a gamble, The laws around the world are favorably suited to this particular game. Therefore, launching and developing the game of your dreams, Fantasy Game, will undoubtedly be profitable for you.

Stop thinking and begin acting. Contact us now, to begin your Fantasy Sports App Development cost with PerfectionGeeks!

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