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June 28, 2022 4:40 PM

Custom Firmware Development Company

What we do for Firmware Development

We take care of low-level firmware development. We also assist with the redesign and debugging tasks where you require to optimize the implementation (latency, boot-time, power, and memory) of your current firmware. As a firmware development company, we have a vast knowledge of operating systems, hardware, and low-level diagnostic and implementation tools. Such knowledge allows us to make projects quickly and achieve higher performance. We've developed firmware for multi-protocol and system-on-chip (SoC) appliances. They find their applications in industrial automation, consumer electronics, healthcare, and other industries.

What's included?

We deliver firmware development services for 8, 16, 32, and 64-bit microcontrollers produced by the most famous semiconductor vendors, including Atmel, Texas Instruments, Nordic Semiconductor, Renesas, STMicroelectronics, Silicon Labs, and others. We create both bare-metal and RTOS-based firmware.

RTOS development

We have vast hands-on experience in designing firmware for applications that demand real-time response. The real-time operating systems (RTOS) we’ve operated with include FreeRTOS, ThreadX, RTEMS, Zephyr, LiteOS, and NuttX. RTOS, in particular, speeds up the procedure of firmware development.

ROS development

ROS is an open-source operating system that allows the control of low-level hardware employed in robots and robotic automation systems. With ROS, we can quickly create, maintain, and expand robots’ abilities.

Non-OS-based embedded firmware

When an embedded machine must run a set of tasks forever or until the power supply is removed, we create embedded C applications without an OS. The non-OS-based embedded firmware implementation runs the tasks in an endless loop.

Cortex-M family

The Arm Cortex-M processor family is the most common platform we operate with. Relying on the needs, we use numerous versions of Cortex microcontrollers: e.g. M0/M0+ when a solution needs to be energy efficient but doesn’t need high performance, M4/M7 when high performance, and rich periphery are critical, and the Cortex-R family when real-time implementation is required.

AVR, PIC, MSP430, etc.

As options to Cortex, we also apply PIC, AVR, and MSP430 microcontrollers, which can be a good fit for some particular duties. We do, however, consistently recommend doing embedded development with more efficient architectures. We make this suggestion because switching from one medium to another may necessitate a significant investment.

DSP firmware development

If your device needs digital signal processing (DSP) in addition to algorithmic processing on the MCU, you can utilize us for DSP firmware development. We will assist you in choosing a suitable DSP for your application and creating firmware for it. We’ve performed with DSP processors produced by Microchip Technology (dsPIC), Texas Instruments (C6000 and C5000 series), and Analog Devices (ADSP-21xx, Blackfin, SHARC, and TigerSHARC).


The hardware abstraction class makes it feasible to create firmware that is reusable and hardware separate. HALs are APIs for interacting with hardware. We use living HALs delivered by microcontrollers and compilers, and we also make our own.

Testing services

Testing applies intensive debugging and optimization measures. We test every unique piece of firmware individually, using as many methods as technically possible. We use manual and automated product testing to ensure reliable, high-performance products.

Migration of legacy firmware to new media

Each MCU manufacturer has peripheral components and programming standards that are special to its products. We can assist you if you need to migrate your firmware from one MCU vendor to another. We’ll re-layout the PCB if needed and make the design portable.

Our Firmware Development Expertise

Our firmware development service includes fully customized board support, application-specific operations programming, and the development of protocol features to interact with the device hardware. We also completed the optimization of the firmware memory architecture to fit within the memory constraints of the chipset. We have expertise in:

Custom Firmware

We create custom firmware for various microcontroller architectures and families, including Intel, Nordic, STMicroelectronics, NXP Coldfire, Microchip, Atmel, Kinetis, Renesas, Qualcomm, or any Linux/Android-based microcontroller.

Android Firmware

We help industrial development manufacturers with firmware development to combine with third-party machines and allow them to use Android by delivering in-depth control over apps. The Android firmware developed by our team also supplies "root"-like access to system resources and automation tools for the deployment of devices.

Linux Firmware

We can make embedded Linux firmware keys for devices operating on various microprocessors, including Renesas, ARM, Cortex, and AVR. We also supply products for SBC peripherals and sensors and Linux optimization.

Custom software development services

The embedded software development cycle usually consists of the following steps:

  • Documenting terms of reference
  • Study of conditions for their entirety and consistency
  • Choice of ready-to-use libraries and the performance of third-party software stacks
  • Embedded system architecture growth
  • Firmware programming and coding
  • Code Testing
Preparation of Required Documentation

The architecture development stage is the most important in the firmware programming procedure because it allows you to be flexible and adapt to changing market demands. It also reduces the actions needed to support projects in the long run.

Product Development and Consulting

Often, the result of electronics for new products needs research and experimentation. It is almost impossible to make a new product with special properties based on old technical solutions. Interference filtering, radio signal interaction, power supply management, and interference modelling need an iterative approach to discover the right solution. Therefore, it is essential to create a clear plan that coincides with the objectives of the product. As a result, the research will not turn into a nightmare for the budget.

Enclosure Design

Designing electronics is closely connected to the development of the machine body. Protection from moisture and dust needs the development of complex sealing contours. This worsens the heat deduction. Connectors and buttons make it hard to seal. We design enclosures with several sealing circuits, and we can work with compounds for packing electronics. When we design the enclosure, we make sure to take into account all the facts and essential components that must be in the product.

Computer Simulations

Numerical modelling is often used in the first steps of product growth. When creating an electronic device, it is necessary to take into account the operating conditions of the system. Making computer simulations permits us to simulate functions with just calculations. This greatly facilitates embedded software development because it can allow us to recognize inaccuracies before we begin manufacturing. During the CFD analysis, we checked the ventilation design and gathered data for the cooling system design.

Electrical Engineering

We have mechanical and electronics architects in our team, working under one roof. It helps us to consider heat dissipation, condensation in the enclosure, antenna arrangement, convenience of assembly of electronic and mechanical parts, and wiring.

Low volume manufacturing

The practice of CAD files is a standardized process. However, experience and collaboration services save time and money. Required equipment and tooling, COGS, and lead time could be favourably affected by several numbers in the technical documentation of your product.

Reverse Engineering

Using reverse engineering gives obvious advantages. Since you are not reinventing the wheel during the mechanical design phase, you are both saving time and decreasing costs. However, reverse engineering is not a good idea for the primary components of a product. At this point, your development will always fall behind your opponents.

Solutions for your product's embedded systems

The range of services for embedded software development relies on what has already been done on the project and what competencies your team has.

 The most typical task is to create firmware from scratch. At the start of the procedure, our analysts and engineers convey a lot to the customers. Our team depends on the client’s perspective and understanding of the product and consequently collects the needs from the standpoint of company, functionality, and growth. Before starting with the design, we develop terms of reference where we consider the customer's objective and expectations with our work experience and options.

PerfectionGeeks Technologies has excellent experience performing with startups and inventors, especially led by innovators and engineers with a technical background. Amateur electronics different industries we serve.


The first-hand knowledge and ability of an IT consultant will guide your e-Commerce company on the right path and enhance the customer shopping experience.


We have created some innovative products for the finance industry to make their work more efficient.

Education & eLearning

Making the connection stronger between teachers and researchers with our Web and Software Development Services


We deliver a broad range of on-demand assistance using advanced technologies and the ability of our professionals in on-demand app development.

Logistics and transportation

We have worked with our customers in the logistics industry and created a complete supply chain system with advanced elements.


Our fitness solution aims to automate gym operations; from attendance to fitness tracking, our fitness solution can handle it all.

Entertainment and media

The entertainment industry is growing, and our professionals help our customers from the entertainment industry reach new heights.

Gaming & Leisure

Our team is working with some customers from the gaming industry using advanced technology like VR to improve the UI/UX for users.

Food and restaurants

We deliver Software Development & Digital Marketing Services for cafes, restaurants, and other companies in food services.

Finance and Banking

We have assisted many customers in insurance, banking, and finance to manage their accounts, finances, work, and clients efficiently.

Real Estate<.h6>

Our team has been working with international real estate customers and helping them organize their work and get more clients.

Tourism and Hospitality

Make travel much more enjoyable for travelers by getting your travel and hospitality services online; we can assist you in reaching new clients.

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