Outsourcing Software Development Guide

Guide to Successfully Outsourcing Software Development

You've been offered the ultimate goal of the art of project management. An initiative that can propel your business to a thrilling new direction. The best part is that it's exciting and fresh. There's an array of possibilities and we can't wait to dive into them.

The good news is that it's thrilling and exciting. There's no set of guidelines to follow and you're probably not certain you have the capacity and time to do the job.

Do you recognize yourself? It's a fairly common issue within the software world, and especially for those companies who are getting started to understand the possibilities of engaging their customers via digital channels. provide.

You'll be delighted to learn that there's an answer to this problem:


As tempting as it maybe it is tempting to locate the most attractive agency and let them go with it, you'll have to consider the type of outsourcing you'd like, how much involvement you'd prefer, and the best way to control the relationships.

We've put together this guide. We'll cover:

Why you should think about outsourcing software development agencies in the USA?

The various kinds of software outsourcing that are available

How do you choose the right team to meet your requirements?

First, to be clear:

What's outsourcing?

Outsourcing is simply the process of outsourcing business tasks to external vendors instead of executing the tasks internally.

The list of areas businesses can outsource. The most common ones are:

  • Advertising and PR
  • Customer support
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting
  • ...and yes, the design of software and its development.

Why do we outsource software development?

If there's one thing outsourcing can provide you with expertise, it's the ability to know.

Top development agencies draw the best talent available. These professionals are a solitary group who live, breathe and eat software development, and are constantly up to date with the latest developments in the industry and the best practices.

They'll have worked on various projects for various clients and will be capable of drawing on their experience to design the most efficient software possible for your business in anticipating common roadblocks and providing advice on issues that you're not certain of. It's time-consuming, difficult, and expensive to create the expertise required in-house. Particularly in countries that have a skill shortage, the best developers aren't cheap, and the competition for them is intense.

If you're a small-sized business seeking this type of experience in a reasonable time frame, at a cost you can afford for the long run is an uphill task. It's not always cheap to outsource however it's a reliable method of getting the expertise that you require without the lengthy search for developers.

What kinds of outsourcing can be found?

If you're planning to outsource the development of your software it is important to know the different approaches and models that you can employ to accomplish this.

Let's look at the location you'd like to outsource. You have three choices available here:

  • The process of outsourcing (outsourcing to a company located in the same country as yours).
  • The process of nearshoring (outsourcing to a company located in the country that is near).
  • Offshoring (outsourcing to a company that is in a different country).

Each comes with each its pros and cons and the right choice are based on the knowledge the project requires, how your company collaborates in partnership with suppliers as well as your budget.

In general, offshoring is the most affordable option of three when your business is located in either the US and/or Western Europe. It also expands the talent pool and is especially beneficial when your area has an issue with skills in the field you're searching for.

However, it's much easier to connect with a development firm when you're located within the same geographical region.

Meetings and catch-up phone calls will be simpler to schedule and you won't have to worry about communicating with your clients over a huge eight-hour time gap. Nearshoring or onshoring is quicker and more flexible. It is also more practical if having face-to-face meetings with the outsourcing partner is crucial for you.

What outsourcing strategy is best for me?

The decision to choose the location for the development company is only the first step. You'll also have to figure out the best way to create your agreements with these providers. It will all depend in large part on the type of outsourcing you're doing and the reasons.

If you are considering outsourcing the development of a particular project (rather than the entire software development process) You should think about:

  • Fixed-price contracts are the simplest option. They can be a bit difficult to set the right. It is agreed upon a flat price for the contract with a specific date for delivery. This requires a significant amount of time to plan ahead however it is much easier than budgeting for. However, your employees might be enticed to take an 'any means necessary' strategy to reach the deadline, because they are sure that they won't be any money for work beyond this.
  • Time and material (T&M) agreements: You pay your contractors for the supplies they utilize, and an amount fixed per hour of time they spend working on your project (most often per day or per hour). These contracts are more prone to scope creep. This model, however, is more flexible and permits contractors to devote themselves to the project's requirements without having to pay without a source of income.

A general rule of thumb is that agile projects perform best under T&M due to the contract's structure permitting projects to be managed in an  agile methodology for software development. Fixed-price contracts do not fit agile's iterative character and are more suitable for projects that follow the waterfall approach.

If you're planning to outsource software development  on a regular basis, you should consider the possibility of a special development resources contract. In this instance, the contractor will assign you a support team that will be on a continuous basis typically with an account manager, and will pay the payment of a monthly retainer. This is a fantastic alternative for:

For firms that do not have capabilities in software development and do not know how to begin and outsource development, it is possible to request an entire development team comprising UX testers, designers, QA engineers, and project managers.

companies that don't have the funds to create an internal software development team or work in a nation with large skills shortages.

How to outsource software development companies?

You've heard of the horror tales about outsourcing that went wrong, and there are legitimate reasons for outsourcing. To reap the advantages of outsourcing software development it is essential to adhere to the correct procedure. These are the steps to increase your chances of achieving success with outsourcing.

Step 1: Know the Trends

It is essential to spend time learning about the most well-known trends in software development to ensure that you are investing in the latest technology. It will not only help to select the  best software development company that has a piece of expert knowledge but also ensure that the final product will be designed to be more than competitive.

Step 2: Identify Your Needs

The third step is to identify what kind of software you want to create. Knowing your requirements will allow you to create the most effective segment of outsourcing firms that are coming to you.

Step 3: Begin with the research

Start looking for companies that offer outsourcing for software development. Find out which companies are located in the top outsourcing areas. Use review websites, search engines, and online reviews to identify several of the top renowned firms.

Step 4: Talk to them to Understand the First Impression

The saying goes "The first impression can be the final impression”, you can draw a conclusion about a company's outsourcing of software development services right from the first moment you contact them such as, was the company accessible? When did the company have time to speak with you? Did they listen to your story? Did they listen? What technology do they recommend? Based on these assessments it is possible to select the software development firm.

Step 5: Set the Right Targets

When you have chosen an outsourcing firm, the next step will be to take the appropriate choices. Consider, for instance, choosing the best outsourcing method and coming to an agreement with respect to development cost and time. It is best to have everything written down to ensure that any deviations from any of the parties can be addressed in the future.

Software development outsourcing needs to be viewed as a collaboration that is intended with the aim of developing software solutions that are high-quality. No matter what negative reviews it gets it will remain a magnet for companies that are aware of the advantages and can overcome their fears. The goal of this guide was to provide you with the basics that are associated with outsourcing within the IT sector. To be successful it is essential to apply these concepts to build an ongoing and long-lasting relationship with the appropriate business.

The advantages of  outsourcing software development companies are far more powerful than the negatives. So, the majority of companies employ external experts. Despite the risk, the trend is that it lets you save money and develop high-quality software.

Outsourcing was once used as a method of cutting costs. It is now an effective method of reforming an organization and altering the appearance of an enterprise.

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