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The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce Website Design

If you’ve been looking for creating a new website or modifying your old one to make an eCommerce website design that leads to a better user experience (UX) and increased sales, PerfectionGeeks Technology is here to help you out. Our experts build an eCommerce website quickly and easily.

How to Make a Winning eCommerce Web Design

Foremost and only, it is essential to design a website that shoppers feel they can rely on. Most shoppers are concerned about privacy and whether the website will save their data by providing a secure trade. If the website does not feel trustworthy, they will simply select to shop elsewhere.

Provide Smooth Site Navigation

What most users expect from your eCommerce website is ease of use, browsing, and buying. They want to be capable to swipe through your catalog and fast finding the preferred item. This will in turn positively reflect on your income.

First and foremost, your design requires a specified path for the customer’s journey. Where will your customers land when they click on an ad or link? What path should they carry from there? How will you show them through the payment process?

Thought-out site architecture and well-chosen page layout will create all the differences in your site’s usability. Be sure to have an effortlessly accessible navigation bar, divide your products into varieties if required, have a search function, and add sidebars to offer your visitors interconnected items.

All the features mentioned above will reach together to make the conversion path as seamless as possible for your visitors. One of the greatest causes why consumers abandon an eCommerce website is that they cannot find what they are looking for. Good site navigation ensures visitors don’t struggle with seeing what they want.

Make It Mobile-Friendly

Mobile is a device that you can’t neglect if you want to ramp up your eCommerce earnings. The best method to make your website fully compatible with mobile is to create a responsive web design. It will provide your site performs perfectly fine regardless of the device in use.

You never understand whether your visitor is browsing your site on an extensive desktop screen, a tablet, or a mobile phone. So, it’s best to design your website for all scenarios.

Besides making sure your text is efficiently readable and your images are well-cropped and placed, you are also required to check the load speed on your website across multiple device styles. Most users tend to abandon slow-loading websites due to the inconvenience.

Delivering your visitors with a positive user experience begins with providing them the content they reached for without making them wait. So, minimize your code, compress your images, and specify the number of heavy videos and animation on a single page. Once you’re done with that, you’ll have made a flexible website that’s adaptive to any device.

Embrace Brand Aesthetics

The graphic appeal of a website is what draws most people in, as they usually don’t give deliberate thought to the site’s infrastructure. The strong infrastructure should still be there, but attractive visuals must enhance the understanding.

Ideally, your eCommerce web design would display your brand components, such as your logo, signature colors, typography, icons, etc. This will create your web design much more authentic and unique. Moreover, using brand details throughout the pages will give your website visual texture — an indicator of a skilled website.

If you employ an eCommerce web design agency, you must require work together to make a design brief that highlights where and how to integrate your brand elements.

Photography Is King

Okay, hear us out: We’d never underestimate the importance of great content, but the content has to share its throne with photography when it comes to eCommerce web design. You’ve likely seen that the main priority of eCommerce sites is photos.

Like Maybelline, many websites opt to open their home page with a big header image that showcases their most delinquent or most famous product. And as you continue to browse the page, you see more photorealistic depictions of the products in different settings.

The logic that images are so important to eCommerce websites is, first and foremost, their capability to create trust. Since buyers can’t touch and explore objects as they would in physical shops, photos are the only way to get to know the creation. Thus, high-quality and professionally taken shots are necessary to eCommerce web design.

Each development should portray a few concepts that tell it from multiple angles. It’s even more useful to give your visitors the chance to zoom in as much as they wish to get a closer look at the item.

Simple Goes a Long Way

Users pick simple, intuitive websites over busy ones for one reason — it’s much easier to find what you’re looking for if the web design doesn’t overwhelm you with too much effort.

Too many visual distractions, text boxes, and CTAs complicate the decision-making procedure for the guest. A cleaner page design with purpose-driven text, fewer graphics, plenty of white space, and one focus CTA will make a far more enjoyable interaction.

You like to direct consumers’ attention to your primary message and requests, so make sure that’s where the spotlight drops. With fewer buttons to connect and pictures to navigate through, your customers will understand your message much better. A simple layout will let your products shine through in a clutter-free space. In turn, your guests will have an easier time looking through your catalog and considering their preferred items.

Of course, you should aim to simplify not only your site’s user interface but also the whole checkout procedure. From navigating through product pages to completing purchase details, you require to make something as simplistic as possible.

Taking the buyer through unnecessary pages or asking them to reveal too many details will drive them away. So simplify where you can!

Your eCommerce Product Page Design Matters

With the fundamental practices out of the way, it’s time to tackle the next preference — your product page layout. We like to think that a fantastic product will sell itself, but the fact is that the product’s page does a lot of the hard work behind the scenes.

The extraordinary challenge online retailers face is to allow customers to experience a product as fully as possible without physically having it in front of them. Not the most specific job, but it’s one that many retailers have excelled at with their smart product pages. And that’s precisely what we like to help you achieve.

Diversify Your Images

The dress looks nice, but what will it look like when it’s on? The lamp seems fine, but how extensive is it placed on a nightstand? These are queries people will question themselves when browsing your eCommerce website.

So rather than giving them a long and exhaustive description they might not even read, show a photo instead. They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and it’s true in this case.

Try to believe like a client and show things from varying angles and viewpoints. Your customers will always enjoy a well-taken, thoughtful product image.

Consider Video

Not all eCommerce websites require a video, but having one will be valuable, especially if your products are relatively complicated. A short, informative video will display more about an item than plain photographs would. It’s also a perfect way to properly show how to use the product.

Keep in mind that users are examining for short videos 1–2 minutes in length. Anything longer than that might bore the viewer and drag down the page load speed.

Provide the Right Product Details

If there’s an area where you can gain technical and share all the impressive specs about your products, it’s the product explanation section. Now, this is not to say you require to spell out every tiny segment about the item. The details you provide should help the shopper make a knowledgeable decision and not confuse them.

Another great tip is to inform users when a given item, color, or size is low in stock. This will trigger the lack of mindset and stimulate shoppers to take action.

Keep in mind that users are looking for short videos 1–2 minutes in length. Anything longer than that might bore the viewer and drag down the page load speed.

Display Related Items

Displaying related products similar to the ones being viewed will help guests find more items they might like, thus saving them on your page longer. It’s a wonderful method to keep shoppers engaged and enhance the chances of purchase.

Many eCommerce websites have a “Frequently Bought Together” section that recommends products that perform well with the one the user has chosen. Amazon is possibly the most famous vendor that employs this strategy.

Final Words

For your visitors, your eCommerce site should represent a true shopping experience, rather than just another website. It should be designed with the end purpose of marketing your products. Everything from the initial homepage, design, and layout, to the shopping cart and checkout, should be designed with user experience in mind. Doing so will guarantee more success for your eCommerce company. If you are looking for an all-in-one eCommerce Solution, feel free to get in touch with our eCommerce Experts at PerfectionGeeks Technology.

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