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How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Blusmart?

March 7, 2023 1:17 PM

 App Like Blusmart

The electric vehicle (EV) is expected to be the next major trend in the ride-hailing and car subscription market. Due to growing concerns about pollution in the air and the need for sustainable solutions to transportation, consumers' need for EVs is increasing rapidly. This is driving the rise of ride-hailing services powered by electric energy, which are becoming increasingly popular with those searching for sustainable transport options.

Additionally, car subscriptions that allow customers to choose between different cars and models are also becoming well known, with many businesses providing EVs in their vehicles. This lets customers have the experience of EVs without the need to make a long-term commitment to ownership.

BluSmart is a highly demanded electric vehicle ride-hailing service in India that has captured the interest of every business leader who is looking at investing in something huge. Let's get started.

Review of BlueSmart

BluSmart is a major player in the EV ride-hailing industry within India and is committed to providing environmentally friendly and sustainable transport options for its customers. BluSmart is determined to reduce its carbon footprint while also increasing the use of EVs, which makes BluSmart a leader in the direction of an environmentally sustainable future.

One of the most important characteristics that is unique to BluSmart is its emphasis on customer service. BluSmart employs technology to make sure that customers are safe and have a pleasant experience from the moment they make a reservation to the point at which they have completed their journey. BluSmart also offers an app for mobile that allows customers to make reservations for rides, track their cars, and easily pay.

With regard to BluSmart's fleet, BluSmart operates a mix of electric vehicles and bicycles that are engineered to offer the most comfortable and efficient journey. BluSmart regularly keeps its vehicles up-to-date and maintained in order to ensure that they comply with the most stringent quality standards for safety and reliability.

BluSmart also has a distinct subscription-based plan for frequent users called BluSmart Pass. The programme offers a variety of benefits, including discounted rides, flexible payment options, and 24/7 customer service. The programme is created to make using BluSmart easier and more affordable for frequent users.

Things to consider when building an EV ride-hailing platform such as Blusmart

● User App Features

When creating the user app for the electric-powered vehicle (EV) ride-hailing app, it is critical to include features that make the app easy to use and enjoyable to use.The main elements to incorporate into the app for users include:

Registration and login are simple and easy. Users can quickly register and sign into the platform via email or telephone number.

Booking rides:

The electric ride-hailing app must allow customers to book rides easily, either in advance or to pick up the ride immediately. The app should also permit users to choose the kind of vehicle they'd like for their ride, like an electric rickshaw or a sedan.

Live tracking in real time:

It will allow real-time tracking of your vehicle so that the user is able to track the position of their vehicle in real-time and know when to expect their journey.

Estimated fare:

The feature gives an estimate of the cost of the ride so that passengers are aware of how much they'll be charged before they begin their journey.

Payment options:

With this feature, passengers can pay for their rides using different payment options that include cash, credit or debit cards, and cash.

Feedback and ratings:

Once the ride has ended, the app should allow users to rate drivers and give feedback on the experience. The feedback received can be used to improve the quality of the service offered to users by your platform.

Receipts and history:

This allows users to see their history of rides and receipts to help them maintain track of expenditures.

Support for customers Apps must offer an easy way to contact customer support to allow users to receive assistance for any questions or issues they might have.

Admin Panel Features

Administration panels can be a crucial component of an electric car (EV) ride-hailing service like Bluemart since they provide an integrated interface for monitoring and managing the platform. The most important aspects to be included in the admin panel include:

Administration of users Administration panel:

The admin panel should permit the management of drivers as well as passengers by allowing and removing users and monitoring their activities.

Ride management:

This feature provides a live view of all rides that are available on the platform, which includes pickup and drop-off points, driver details, and fare and driver information.

Payment management:

Provides a complete view of all payments processed through the platform, such as the payment method, date, method, and amount.

Performance of the driver:

The administrator panel should be able to provide information about driver performance, such as acceptability rate, cancellation rate, and rating. The data can be used to improve the quality of services offered to the driver by the software.

Vehicle management:

This feature makes available information about vehicles that are on the platform, such as the battery's level, maintenance status, and patterns of usage.

Fare management includes control over pricing and fares, such as setting prices for surge pricing and base fares.

Step-by-step process to build an app like BluSmart

 App Like Blusmart

The creation of an electric-powered vehicle (EV) ride-hailing system is a complicated process that involves a variety of steps, which include:

Do market research:

Before establishing the platform, it is crucial that you conduct research in order to identify the target market and establish the demand for EV taxi services. This research will inform the design of the platform and help determine the essential elements that consumers are searching for.

Define the vision of the product:

Once you have conducted market research, following market research, the next step will be to establish the overall vision of the platform. This involves determining the intended market, the main attributes of the platform, as well as the user's overall experience.

Choose a tech stack:

This platform is constructed by combining technology components, which include hardware, software, and network infrastructure. It is essential to select an appropriate technology stack that is flexible and secure. It should also meet the needs of the technology platform.

Create user interfaces for:

The platform will include two user interfaces for users, including a passenger app as well as an app for drivers. The user interfaces need to keep the needs of users in mind. They must be simple and intuitive to use.

Establish the backend infrastructure:

Backend technology is accountable for controlling the data and logic that run the system. This involves managing user accounts, processing payments, managing requests for rides, and much more.

Develop mobile apps:

The driver and passenger apps provide the primary interfaces that users use. With their versatility, mobile app development companies in the United States are becoming increasingly popular.The apps must be designed to be quick, reliable, and user-friendly and integrate into the infrastructure behind them in order to offer a seamless experience to the users.

Check and refine the platform:

Prior to launching the platform, it is crucial to thoroughly test it to make sure that it functions the way you expect. Any issues or bugs need to be addressed prior to making the platform accessible to the general public.

Start the platform:

Once the platform is created and tested, it is ready to be made available to the general public. The platform must be promoted to the intended audience, and the user base must be augmented with targeted advertising campaigns.

In the end, creating an electric ride-hailing platform in India requires market research, developing the vision of the company, selecting the appropriate tech stack, developing user interfaces, creating an infrastructure for the backend, creating the mobile applications, as well as testing and improving the platform before launch.

What is the cost to create a platform similar to the Blusmart platform?

The cost of developing an electric ride-hailing platform such as BluSmart will be contingent on several aspects, including how complex the system is, the technology employed, and the size of the service. Some of the most significant cost factors are:

Development team:

The price of the development team will be based on the amount of staff, experience, and expertise of its developers, as well as their geographical location. A development team located in high-cost areas like the United States or Western Europe is usually more costly than one that is located in a less expensive area like Eastern Europe or India.

Technology stack:

The price of the stack of technology will vary depending on the particular technology employed. For instance, the use of proprietary technology or one that requires licencing fees is more costly than using open-source technology.

Scale of the platform:

The blusmart app development cost will also be contingent on the size of the application. A smaller platform with only a few users will cost less to construct than a massive platform that has thousands of users.

Customer acquisition and marketing:

The cost of customer acquisition and marketing depends on the marketing strategies employed and the intended audience. This may include the cost of advertising, marketing, and customer service.

The costs of creating an electric ride-hailing system such as BluSmart will be determined by many aspects, such as developing teams, the technological stack, the platform's scale, and the customer acquisition and marketing strategies.


The creation of a reputable EV tech development company in India requires thorough knowledge of the most recent technology, trends, and rules in the transportation sector. The platform should be user-friendly, flexible, and secure enough to provide an effortless and effective experience for drivers and riders.

In the end, PerfectionGeeks Technologies' experience and knowledge in EV ride-hailing platforms, together with their emphasis on user-centric design and their commitment to providing custom and efficient solutions, make them the perfect partner in EV ride-hailing platforms.

With its experience, dedication to customer satisfaction, and commitment to delivering top-quality products, PerfectionGeeks Technologies is well-positioned to assist businesses in developing efficient EV ride-hailing services.

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