Create an App Like BookMyShow

How to Create an App Like BookMyShow

February 23, 2023 2:48 PM

App Like BookMyShow

With technological advances, you can perform the same in the comfort of your home. Go to the app and make reservations for the event that you like. Ticket booking online is growing rapidly, and there is a huge potential to grow in this sector. Automating ticket booking provides advantages for theatres as well as patrons.

Although the coronavirus outbreak has been a stumbling block for cinema theatres, they are returning to normal with the government allowing viewers to view live events and films in cinemas. According to The Entrackr, India is the most rapidly expanding mobile app market worldwide. In 2019, 19 billion applications were downloaded.If you're considering creating an app, you are not alone. Booking tickets with an app like BookMyShow could be an ideal model.

Overview Of The BookMyShow App

The company was launched in 2007, and BookMyShow is now India's largest online ticket and movie reservation company. Initially, it was a film booking site, but it has now expanded to a wide range of events that can be booked nationwide. The app is accessible in more than 350 cities across four countries. Over 50 million downloads of the app have been recorded to date. It has formed agreements with the biggest cinema houses to offer tickets.

An Examination of BookMyShow's Business Model

Here's how BookMyShow makes money from the app to earn a profit:

While online ticketing apps are very popular, a large traffic volume does not guarantee you will get tickets booked. Thus, they've adapted an effective marketing strategy to keep their users interested.

Ticket Booking Commission

It collects a fee on every ticket purchased by clients. It promises a substantial amount for every dollar invested.

Distribution of Products

BookMyShow has collaborated with companies to market its products. For example, it has collaborated to sell its products through the Fanhood Store, where movie fans can browse an assortment of Marvel, DC, and Disney as well as Movie Superheroes.

The Event Management Industry Earns Money

BookMyShow not only allows you to book movie tickets, but it also allows you to book tickets to local events. This increases the company's revenue. There are various ways to earn money after launching an app for ticket booking.

The Benefits of Purchasing Tickets Online

For users

User registration and login

To purchase a ticket, customers must sign up for your application. Users must enter basic information like name, telephone, email, and password. They can use these credentials to log in and book tickets.

User location

This is a crucial feature since it allows the app to display things happening within the user's vicinity. The location can be set by hand or automatically via GPS.

Home screen

The home screen displays a list of shows and events. You can further categorise the types of movies and events to allow your users to discover what they are looking for quickly. The more straightforward the UI and UX are, the easier it will be for users to get used to the app. Assume you are creating online ticket booking software.

In that case, you can provide your customers with various filters like rating, location pricing, deals, and so on to assist them in making the best decision.

Screen for booking

After clicking the button "Book Now," the user will be taken to the reservation screen. For shows at the cinema, users can choose the theatre they want to attend from the list. In addition, additional information such as ticket prices and venue It can be found within this display.


People prefer different methods of payment. Therefore, ensure that you provide them with various options such as net banking, wallet debit or credit card payment gateways, payment processors, etc. This gives users flexibility and ensures they do not return without a reservation.

Write a short review

Invite your users to leave reviews or rate your products or application. This can help you build an authentic customer base, which you can utilize to promote your business and gain other benefits.

For Admin


As with users, administrators are also required to log in. Thus, it would help if you gave your admin panel login access to manage activities.


The dashboard is an essential aspect of your online ticket booking application. It offers insight into your company application's performance, app performance, and much more. so you can make better choices.


As an administrator, you have many tasks, including administration of events/shows, users, customers, bookings, and even earnings. This means that you have to create separate sections to manage every aspect.


This adds a sense of personalization to the user experience you offer. Administrators should be granted the right to send out notifications to users about upcoming events, shows, and app updates, among others.

Alongside these options, offering incentives or points for loyalty to your customers is always beneficial. This will help them return to your site and increase the retention of users.

What benefits will an online ticket booking application offer you? Let's take a review!

Benefits of booking online systems

For Buyers

App Like BookMyShow
Reservation of simple tickets

Users no longer need to travel to the cinema or event venue to purchase tickets. All they have to do is sign in to the app to see the show's schedule and location, and then reserve tickets for their preferred times.

Choose from multiplexes or single screens

Users will be satisfied with a full house once they get to the venue. Users can use the app to choose from one or multiple screens to discover the entertainment they want and check whether seats are available.

Find the nearest theatre or event

Users are not required to go to distant places since the app will show the closest place to watch movies or special events.

Since the advent of online booking systems, users no longer have to use the telephone to make reservations. This can benefit businesses positively as well as increase sales. However, this is only some of it! A ticket booking application online can help your business in various ways. Here's a brief overview of the top benefits.
Predictive growth

With an integrated analytical tool, you can collect data on user behavior. This can help you forecast the development, growth, and sales of your mobile app. Additionally, you can use the information to make offers to your customers.

Receive your money quicker

Online ticket booking allows you to receive payment even after customers use the product. Therefore, it can help your business stay clear of fraudulent customers.

It is accessible to the average person

Professionally trained developers can develop an intuitive and effective application that is easy to understand and use by even lay people with no technical expertise. Professionals will handle the technical aspects of development and allow you to concentrate on increasing revenue and sales while providing an easy user experience for booking. Hire mobile app developers in the USA and get the utmost functional benefits.


Online booking applications facilitate automation, allowing users to electronically communicate and receive information about reservations, cancellations, etc. It takes a lot of time and money for theatres to convey information to customers. So, a mobile app helps to automate and simplify the vital task of keeping users updated.

For promotional purposes

You can use the ticket booking application online to reach a huge potential audience and save yourself the expense and time of reaching each user individually. Furthermore, you can focus promotions and offers on the same user base to increase revenue and sales.


Today, you don't need to install multiple apps to access various services. Apps are linked to each to ease the burden of managing various platforms. You can connect different payment methods and applications to help your users accomplish their tasks without switching between applications.

Since all functions are synced, it will be easy to address problems with bookings, payments, and cancellations. so customers can receive quick resolutions to their problems.

Feedback and reviews

Businesses can collect customer feedback and reviews and then use these to make changes to deliver better customer service. After you've analyzed the benefits and advantages of an online booking service, we'll move on to the development costs.


If you are developing an online ticket reservation application, it is essential to understand the factors that affect the development cost. If you're looking to build an online ticket booking application that works on only one platform, the cost could range between $10k and $30k.

To support multiple platforms, it is possible to spend as much as $45,000. However, you can consult with experts at top mobile app development companies like PerfectionGeeks Technologies to determine the cost of developing a parallel development of apps in the BookMyShow style.

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