Why is Business Branding with Android App Development in Dubai?

How To Improve Business Branding with an Android App Development Company in Dubai

july 06, 2023 17:50PM

Branding with Android App Development in Dubai

The Google Play Store now hosts over 3.84 Million apps!

Yes! As of the first quarter of 2022, this number represents how many Android smartphones were accessible on the Google Play Store as an app store source.

These figures illustrate the significance of mobile application development services and applications. Modern life would be unimaginable without smartphones; their existence has revolutionised our daily lives and provided us with more convenience than ever. With smartphones as part of everyday life, we need mobile applications to make life simpler and more comfortable, which is why mobile app development services and applications exist today.

Android companies for app development now hold the lead position as of March 2022 with a 71.70% market share.

As the owner of a business, if you're contemplating creating an Android application for your company, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind to boost its growth.

UX Paradigm

When users open their mobile app, its appearance, feel, and user experience should encourage them to visit it multiple times. Not only can this drive more traffic, but it can help grow leads as well.

Provide the optimal customer experience by creating an intuitive user Interface (UI) app. An accessible UI allows users access to data exchange through interaction with the system.

Hire Android developers who use Performant Graphics Debugger Layer Injection to integrate external graphics layers such as GLES or Vulkan into GAPID for Android App Development companies. This feature also helps the company use GAPID.

Optimise for the Android App Store

Android app developers should recognise that even though their application has been released, it still needs to be done; even after we launch an app, there is no guarantee it will become popular among users. Any app developer can develop Android applications; however, with proper marketing, they will produce results.

Hire Android programmers familiar with App Store Optimisation (ASO). ASO ensures your app can be found easily within the search results of Android app stores, so ensure your development company selects an appropriate subtitle and description for your Android app to ensure success.

Adopt Push Notification

In today's highly competitive market, keeping users engaged with your application is paramount to its success. They may opt for competitors without push notifications when you can provide no real value.

Push notifications are one of the fastest and easiest ways to keep customers engaged throughout their day, giving them confidence that you value their needs and appreciate their presence.

Android applications must utilise stringent security when sending push notification messages to users to maintain relationships and meet user needs. You must send relevant notifications based on what users need from you.

Know Your Audience

Before embarking on any project, it is imperative that you thoroughly research its target market and audience. Just as in battle, understanding what is at stake before going in can only strengthen your plan for victory. Similar principles apply here as well.

Undergo market research to analyse the market you intend to reach with your application. Study competition and similar products. Read user reviews and conduct user surveys.

Hire The Right Source

Android application development is constantly evolving. Instead of seeking tech-specific developers, hire flexible mobile app developers who can use new tools and technologies. Hire an Android developer who will complete your project within your budget and timeline requirements.

Your team may form or hire an Android app development firm.

App Performance

Android OS gives users complete control over their data. Each time they use your application, permission must be given to access data, so the user has complete control over sharing choices.

As part of your Android app development services, paying particular attention to this feature is imperative. Ensuring that the app functions smoothly when users disagree with its access to their location or other data is crucial for its successful usage.

High Security

Security is of great concern in Android application development. According to estimates, an estimated 40% of apps may contain vulnerabilities that present high risks; furthermore, many of these dangers arise due to minor flaws in design rather than server- or client-side failures.

Unbeknownst to you, there are numerous security threats that you should remain alert to. Common examples include unsecure storage and transmission of data, ineffective session management, and a lack of encryption on data, plus possible leaks within authentication processes.

Application Testing

Testing should be a top priority before releasing your app to the market. Mobile app testing is a specialised field that requires hiring only top software testing firms.

But any strategy considered should include the following areas for testing:

Functional tests should verify whether an application meets all specified requirements.

Usability testing allows you to evaluate user interface elements like menus, buttons, photos, and navigation flows to evaluate their usability and overall app performance.

Compatibility testing will enable you to assess how well your application runs on different operating systems, devices, network configurations, and loads.

Testing of performance is performed under various configurations and loads.

Security tests provide a way to assess the integrity and security of your application and the data it handles.

Reasons Why Your Business Requires an Android App

Branding with Android App Development in Dubai

Mobile applications make our lives much more efficient and accessible, so using an Android mobile application for business success can only benefit its growth.

Here are several reasons why your business should consider an Android mobile application: Let's get going!

Brand Recognition and Expansion

Mobile applications provide an effective means of quickly expanding Brand Awareness. How can mobile apps identify a brand?

Answer this question by offering services that users want rather than providing irrelevant details.

Businesses' desire to remain on top is at the core of it all. An Android mobile application helps your company gain exposure in the marketplace while at the same time retaining numerous customers by offering mobile-friendly solutions. Therefore, having a mobile application helps make your brand visible, which can result in higher profits for you.

Direct Marketing

Effective marketing is critical to expanding the success of any company, and with Technology's rise comes new methods for doing it effectively; no longer is there a need for hiring agents to make more people aware of your brand or business.

Android mobile applications can now provide your business with marketing solutions.

Customers can benefit from you sending discount coupons and promotions directly to them through your mobile application, helping you draw their attention.

Better Customer Service

Superior and more effective customer service results in customer satisfaction, making this an essential consideration for any company. Mobile applications have taken customer service to new heights.

Artificial Intelligence allows mobile apps to incorporate chatbots that interact with customers regarding their queries. Chatbots online help provide instantaneous replies, keeping customers satisfied by your service's speedy responses and increasing its customer retention rate!

Revenue Growth

Android Mobile Application Increased revenue is at the core of every successful business venture, and using an Android mobile application is one of the best strategies for increasing it.

Businesses using mobile applications can reach customers worldwide at minimal expense and efficiently.

Expanded Accessibility

Mobile applications provide you with the tools necessary to engage your customers quickly and inform them about all your services, making communication much more straightforward for you and them.

Smartphone ownership has grown substantially in recent years, increasing your company's accessibility to potential customers.


Android applications remain an effective business tool. Since most businesses utilise them, this market requires skilled Android app development firms to cater to their needs. With these tips in mind, your success in creating an Android app business could reach new levels while competing as professionals would.

PerfectionGeeks Technology is the best Android App Development Company in Dubai, using cutting-edge technology across platforms like wearables, the Internet of Things, and Smartphones to build innovative apps for business clients. If you want to expand sales or grow revenue with mobile apps for any of the purposes above, contact PerfectionGeeks Technology now for Android app developers who will help your company thrive!

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