Logo Design Fonts in 2022

Popular Logo Design Fonts 2022

June 24, 2022 2:00 PM

  Logo Design Fonts in 2022

It is difficult to choose the right font for your logo design. The fonts you choose for your logo are as important as the overall design. Your choice of font can have a significant impact on your customers' emotions. The font you choose is an important part of your branding. Are you searching for the right font to use for your logo? This guide will show you different types of logo fonts that are popular and will have an impact on your branding design in 2022.

There are many fonts you can choose from, such as logo design fonts for beginners 2022. How do you know which font is right for you? To make your selections easier, we also provided tips and information about the different font types.

This guide will help you find the best logo design fonts and new trends for 2022 if you are looking to update your font collection. Last year was great for quirky and cool types. In 2022, there will be plenty to celebrate in the world of type. From retro-style fonts to Arabian-style scripts to bold, chunky display fonts, there is much to love.

We analysed search data to determine current typography trends. To compile the report on the most popular fonts, we also identified emerging types. This will allow us to bring you fonts that will be the voice of brands, websites, and logos shortly. This report on font trends for 2022 will help you stay ahead of the curve and find your next favorite font for your design projects.

Sans serif fonts can be modern, simple, and minimalistic. It is a font that doesn't have dashes at each letter's end. Sans serif fonts are simple, clean, and easily read. They are more futuristic and trending, which could be why they are so popular! Logo designs for brands like Caterpillar, Google, Jeep, and Panasonic use sans-serif fonts.

Fonts for Script Logos

Cursive or script fonts look elegant and professional with a feminine touch. These fonts are easier to read when used with short texts. Resizing fonts can also cause readability issues. Script fonts are used by brands like Virgin, Coca-Cola, and Barbie.

These industries are best served by script logo fonts:
  • Health & wellness
  • Tattoos and body piercings
  • Beauty
  • Food and drinks
  • Hospitality

Logos are a combination of letters and graphics, created by skilled designers. The success and longevity of a union are determined by the choices of colors, fonts, placement, and how they are placed. Here's a look at the front of the union. We have information about the most top-rated logo design fonts in 2022, as well as tips and tricks on how to choose them.

Many of us are inspired by the clever logos many brands have created and the personality they add to our brands. A logo can make or break a company. because the right typography can have a significant impact on a brand’s visual impact and perception.

Popular Font Styles of Popular Logo Fonts

There are many fonts for brands on the internet. We mentioned font design trends. There are many logo fonts to choose from, and we spend hours selecting one. Why not? Your brand's logo will be the identity of your brand. Every graphic, style, word, and phrase you use will have an impact on future marketing.

Here are some of the most loved logo fonts, broken down by niches and tastes. Take a look:


Your logo should be business-oriented. A minimalist font that is clean and simple will work best with your logo to enhance its appeal. Here are two professional fonts to use for your logo.

Proxima Nova

This font is a professional one from Adobe Fonts. It exudes elegance. It is simple, straight, and clean. The cool thing about this font is that there are more than 40 options available. It was first released by Mark Simonson in 2005. However, the font has a unique geometrical feeling that is never outdated. There are seven weights available for this font: regular, light, and black. There are many options for italics, small caps, and condensed styles.

TT Commons

TT Commons has 22 styles and is one of the most popular sans-serif fonts. It features low-contrast strokes and elegant geometric shapes for each character. This font is perfect for corporations that want to communicate their message. It is a great choice for any company that wants to communicate its message clearly and easily. The font will also be attractive for many years. It is a good candidate to be one of the top fonts for fashion accessories and clothing brands.


You might consider going artsy if you're looking for a classic and well-known font for your logo. While logos that have an artistic feel are more likely to make an impact, it is important to remember to not go too far and lose the message. These fonts are well-known and often used in logos that have an artistic outlook.

Bambusa Pro

Bambusa Pro's handwritten cursive letterforms are unpredictably elegant. It was designed by Hanneke Klaen. The letters are strong, expressive, and well-spaced. This is the typical handwriting of bamboo pens. Although the font's long swashes may be unusual, they are well-loved for their eccentricity.


Steak, another well-known brand, has a bohemian flair. It can be used in many niches, such as food and beverage, salons, or crafty brands. What's the best thing? The best part? There are three options available: steak, barbeque, or braised and smoked. Steak also comes with 850 glyphs. There are many ligatures, ascending or descending versions of swashes, and much more.


Think about the creative brand fonts used in logos such as Spartan Golf Club's Spartan Golf Club logo, Barcode, Sony Vaio logo, and others. All of them have hidden unique messages within creatively designed logo designs. While graphics are a key part of these logos, it is important to not take the font lightly.


Horizon is a creative and unique logo font that will remind you of Star Wars. The sans serif font has five font styles and multilingual support for different platforms. The Horizon font's most distinctive feature is its versatility, which makes it one of the most popular logo fonts. It can be used for logos of solo artists, production companies, and magazines.


A cool stencil typeface is all you need to create a logo that stands out from the rest. It has a broken font and is one of the most popular serif logo fonts. There are more than 20 styles of Revista available. They come in a wide range of widths: thin, light, black, and italic.


This typeface is named after its Portuguese designer, Pedro Azevedo. It will charm you with its charisma and charm. This font is a great choice for logo design because the characters are bold, interesting, and attention-grabbing. This Sans Serif Font was inspired by intricate geometric shapes and is sure to please all eyes.


Brands that want to reach children, fashion, gaming, and entertainment, as well as the food industry, will need cute logos. Here are some top fonts to make your brand logo stand out!


The milkshake is cute and fresh. It is charmingly hand-drawn with brushstrokes and has a playful, yet easy-to-read texture. This adorable typeface features 669 glyphs that include more than 80 swashes as well as 10 ligatures. It is also fun and fancy and has been very popular in both text and logo usage since its release (11/05/2016).

A near-dead year for font trends in 2021 saw a distinct and individualist spirit emerge in typography in 2022. Distorted and kinetic fonts were just two examples of distinctive type trends that gave brands a voice in an increasingly competitive online market. As the WFH community exploded, consumers felt more connected to their locality. As global anxieties persisted, there was a surge in interest in brands that could provide authentic intimacy and connection to their customers.

Although distinctive and unusual styles are still popular in the post-pandemic era, we are starting to see more subtle interpretations of this trend for quirk.

Top Tips for a Logo Design with Popular Fonts

A brand's logo is its identity. It uses a font. When people can identify a font in the logo, it's a milestone. A lot of work goes into it to get to this point. It is essential to select the right font and then use it properly. Here are some top tips for designing your logo using popular fonts to create future-worthy brand logos.

Select a typeface that is consistent with the brand's personality.

No matter what business niche it is, every brand must have its own identity. Gucci, for example, uses a serif font in its logo, while Louis Vuitton chooses a Sans Serif font. Your brand can be perceived in any way you want. The font type that best suits your brand's personality is up to you.

The first step is to select one of the following font types for your logo: These are only a few examples of the categories.

Serif fonts exude more class and tradition. Many famous companies, such as Burberry, Gucci, Tiffany & Co., Georgio Armani, and Gucci, among others. This will work well if your brand is trustworthy, loyal, and traditional.

Sans Serif is a modern version of the serif typeface. It features simple strokes and soft curves of letters, as seen in the logos for Microsoft, Panasonic, and Kawasaki. Azada and TT Coolmax are two of the most popular sans serif fonts to use for logos. They are perfect if you are looking for a minimalistic look.

Script: The script is more feminine. It has letters arranged in cursive handwriting patterns. They are more relatable and authentic. You can see the logos for Virgin, Coca-Cola, and Kellogg's that use the Script typeface.

You can experiment with unusual fonts if you want to be a little bit different. These fonts are created by combining different font types, or fonts with graphics. Some unusual fonts for logos include Nosey Productions, Upside Down Productions, and ABC Promo.

Mix and match different fonts

You are free to play with different fonts and come up with your own unique and unidentifiable design. You won't have to worry about your logo being associated with other brands or vice versa. You can also use different fonts to represent different parts of your logo. You can even choose the most popular fonts for your logo and create something entirely new.

It's okay to do it alone.

Many well-known brands have opted to use text-only logos instead of using graphics. Exxon Mobil and IBM are just a few examples. It is important to select a font that creates a brand identity. Your logo will become a marketing asset. However, it is important to choose a font that can stand on its own for your logo name.

What fonts should you use for a logo?

Your logo should not contain more than two fonts. Too many fonts can confuse your audience and suffocate your logo's intent. You can also use different fonts or different styles to create variations. Your logo text should be easy to understand and read.

How do you combine text and icons in your logo?

Logos that combine icons and text tend to use indirect language. People must understand what the logo is trying to echo.

Here are some tips to help you blend text and icons into your logo. Take a look at these points!

They should keep a good distance between them so they can each have an independent identity without being separated from one another.

Choose colors for icons and text that are associated with the brand but in contrast to or match the brand's colors.

If the logo text includes letters, you can use different fonts. To add some variety to the logo, you can also change their typefaces.

Look for symbols and objects that represent the brand when choosing an icon. This will ensure that the icon and text convey the same meaning.

Design elements that are consistent with the brand's identity, such as the icon or text, should be added.

Consider scalability and legibility

It is important to consider the scalability and usability of your logo. Your customers will see your logo in a variety of places. Is it digital or printed? Is it necessary to scale the logo to accommodate different sizes? These aspects are important in selecting the right font. Your logo might not be easily readable if it isn't.

Another important aspect to be aware of is legibility. While color is not the most important aspect of choosing the right font for your logo, it is still important to use colors that contrast. Your logo will be easier to read if you do this. Be aware of the alignment and spacing of letters in your logo. If you don't follow the basic visual hierarchy, some fonts, particularly script fonts, can be difficult to read.


You have a wide selection of logo fonts to choose from for your branding design. This article will give you some font ideas that will be memorable and trending logo designs in 2022. You should also consider pairing fonts when choosing the right fonts to represent your brand. We share some beautiful pairings of fonts you can find in PerfectionGeeks' guide.

The top logo font design in 2022 will be quieter but still have an impactful mood. Consumers will feel comfortable and welcomed by brands that are legible, clear, and have a genuine personality, especially if they don't know them in the digital marketplace.

Retro fonts are cheerful and will add a dose of optimism to your designs. Simple scripts and rustic serif fonts can bring warmth and friendliness as well as serious style points. Contact us for more options that can bring personality and character into your designs, despite the more subtle mood of typography for the year ahead.

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