Dashboard UI Examples of Design Inspiration

Best Dashboard UI Examples of Design Inspiration

January 25, 2023 12:06 PM

Dashboard UI Examples

Web dashboards are often our first view in our web browser. They should be inspirational. This article will showcase some of the most impressive examples of digital dashboard design that can be used to keep us motivated and on top of everything for our online businesses or organizations.

It is difficult to create a dashboard that communicates your key metrics and goals clearly. To make dull analytical data easily readable and understandable, it requires a combination of a user-friendly interface and appealing modern web UI design.

We know how important it is to have a great design. So we selected twenty examples of dashboard designs to help you get inspired. Let's first discuss what a SaaS dashboard looks like and what the user goals are.

What is a dashboard? And what kinds of dashboards can you find?

SaaS apps use dashboards to give customers a quick overview on key metrics and data. Because it is difficult to grasp the sheer volume of data, dashboards are visual representations of the data using graphs, pie charts and tables.

Based on the data contained, SaaS dashboards can be divided into three types: strategic, operational, and analytical.

• The most popular dashboards are operational dashboards. They are similar to a dashboard on a car and provide real-time data for operational decisions.

• Strategic dashboards provide a view of the key data required for long-term decision-making: a bird's eye view of KPIs, integrated information from different departments and performance indicators in retrospect.

• The most complicated dashboards are analytical. These dashboards not only show the data but allow users to cut and dice it across multiple variables.

Here are some tips to help you create the perfect design:

PerfectionGeeks Technologies can be described as a design agency. With the aid of intuitive and minimalist design, we have extensive experience making complicated things simple. We analyze your audience to determine the best design concepts for your dashboard.

We ensure that your dashboard conveys the most important data to the customer in an easy-to-understand and simple way.

Each dashboard serves a different purpose and provides different information. There are still some general pieces of advice that can be used for all types and types of progress reports.

• Keep to the five second rule. The user should not take more than five seconds to locate the most important information. If you have to look at the data for longer periods of time in order to find the index you need, then the visual layout needs to be improved. Users want to get all their questions answered quickly.

• Make sure you have a clear and logical structure. In order of importance, divide the information into three parts. The most important indicators should be at the top. Next, you can continue to show trends. Finally, add details that will help you understand the issue better at the end. This will make it clear and easy for users to see the dashboard.

• Only display the most important metrics. Don't overwhelm the user by giving too many details. Our human memory can only perceive seven visuals at once. A dashboard should have between five and nine items. This number of visualizations will not distract users from their goal.

• Visualize data in a suitable way. To make it easier to understand, you should arrange all the information. Pie charts can be used to compare indicators while graphs can be used to track trends over time.

Best dashboard design examples

Dashboard UI Examples

Let's now get down to business and see some of the most effective designs. These are 13 dashboards that PerfectionGeeks Technologies designers created for clients in various industries.

Dashboards designs for customer relationship management (CRM) apps


TextMagic was a customer experience platform which hired the company for some of its new features. We also created dashboards to help managers understand customer satisfaction and chat performance. You can Hire Web Developer in USA easily.

TextMagic's dashboard is an operational dashboard. It gives users real-time information to make immediate decisions.


Gridle, a client experience platform, made the operational dashboard the first screen that a user sees when they open an app. This dashboard shows the number and status of leads in the funnel as well as the number of closed deals. It also provides important information to help users track their progress.

For new users, a dashboard screen can seem overwhelming. Gridle has created a brief tour to help new users set up their workspace. The same screen displays the next activities for existing users.

Ricochet360 It is a cloud phone system,was redesigned. Ricochet was complex software and the old product design made it difficult to use.

Ricochet's performance dashboard was designed by us so that the right amount of data appeared. The modules were arranged in a clear hierarchy that makes it easy for salespeople to see the information.

Dashboards for Human Resource Management (HRM) Apps


One of the customized dashboard applications is Hirerise which acts as an applicant tracking system. The dashboard is the screen that users see first when they open an application. It provides a summary of all important information.

We divided the dashboard into four tabs because there was so much data to present. These were overview, calendar and tasks. Below is the overview tab, which contains basic statistical figures and upcoming tasks.


It allows you to track your time online. We wanted to create a simple but informative dashboard that would allow users to spend more time.

The daily summary was visualised with bar charts and per user data displayed in the table or on a chart.


It can be used to create a mobile and web app for a corporate learning management platform.

Its dashboard provides three types of data, each classified by level: Content, Organizational, and User. The Organizational layout can be seen in the screenshot below. This helps learning managers understand how many publications their learners have seen and how many tests they have completed.

Design dashboards for healthcare apps

Haven diagnostics:

Haven diagnostics is the first company that applied the mathematical models used in the healthcare industry for projecting infection risk to corporate offices. Their dashboards are therefore very precise. They are very different from the screens that we have seen before.

Haven diagnostics has a dashboard devoted to the forecast. It shows contagion graphs along with future projections. This dashboard can be considered an analytical dashboard.

A dashboard that we created for Haven diagnostics is also more common. This dashboard shows the overall risk assessment data, in percentage and color.


A mobile app that allows people to track their habits and improve the quality of their lives is engaging. The app's analytics tab shows users a summary of their progress and the completion rates for each habit.

HabitSpace is our first B2C mobile application. We tried to make HabitSpace as intuitive and simple as possible, using mobile design patterns.

Other Dashboard Applications Design Examples


Although there is a lot of video online, only 1% have been transcribed. Koemei attempts to solve this problem by offering a SaaS platform that makes video searchable.

We designed a clear dashboard application UI for Koemei that displays two key metrics: total video search results and number of videos searched with results.


Habstash helps people save money to purchase homes.


A student engagement app that uses a complicated strategic dashboard and has no analogues. This screen was created by a team of developers, designers and product owners.


The dashboard is often the first screen that users see when they log into your application. A visually stunning dashboard design is more than a pretty picture. It is the best way to communicate the most important information on a single screen.

You want to create something people love to use. Learn more about how we make it happen on both the web and mobile.

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