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5 Exclusive Features of Healthcare App

5 Must-Have Features of Healthcare Apps

July 25, 2022 12:24 PM

5 Exclusive Features of Healthcare App

Nowadays, technology is an integral part of our lives and the healthcare industry is not far behind. Healthcare has played a major role in our lives and it's expanding each day. In this day and time of smartphones, mobile apps are sweeping the globe. It's not surprising that healthcare has been able to make its mark in the field of mobile app development.

Medical and health care are inextricably linked. Particularly that pharmaceutical companies are looking at online sales of medicines and delivery applications to ensure efficient transactions. There are numerous providers and mobile apps for healthcare on the market that have generated a buzz in the field of healthcare.

The importance of Healthcare Mobile Apps

There are many applications for healthcare available. But, what is it that makes the top app stand apart from other apps? Are they user-friendly? Auto-form fill-ups? Next reminders to take medication? Doorstep medicine delivery? Or any of the mentioned above?

Let's look at the importance of mobile healthcare applications:

Mobile apps for healthcare provide ease of access to medicines.

Expert advice is available on the internet.

Utilizing healthcare apps is easy as well as reliable and convenient, e.g. having your medication delivered right to your doorstep.

Health apps are a trusted source of information to help you.

It provides exciting possibilities like the possibility of expanding the scope of patient care outside of a hospital.

There is no doubt about the increase in demand for wearables and health mobile apps since they are dominating app stores. Every pharmaceutical firm invests in these apps because they generate revenue. This is a quantifiable amount that is projected to grow to 60 million by 2020.

Features to be added for HCPs and Patients:

5 Exclusive Features of Healthcare App

The devices and apps for healthcare integrate with other tools such as CRM, Big Data, and IoT cloud computing. which can rule the world of healthcare subtly and effectively. But, there are some important features to have in professional healthcare mobile applications for the doctor and patient. For a quick overview of them We have listed down eight essential features that you shouldn't ignore at all costs:

1. Simple registration and login

Login and registration are among the initial steps in interacting with both doctors and patients. Be sure that it is simple when people sign up. They must be able to sign up by providing personal information such as name and email ID, as well as contact information and so on. The process should feel more of an easy click-and-go. A shorter number of steps is more valued. The same goes for login.

Users will be able to access their account by making use of their email, Gmail, or phone numbers that have an OTP that they have provided when they signed up.

2. Access to and modification of your profile:

Making a profile must be quick and simple. Users should be permitted to upload their pictures along with any other data they wish to communicate. In instances of medical professionals, the necessary information must be made available, such as their special expertise, experience, clinic address, and contact information along with several registered practitioners. Patients should additionally be permitted to alter and update their profile at any time they wish.

3. Consultation with Doctors and searching for a doctor:

The most effective healthcare app must include a Smart filter that allows you to sort and filter doctors according to their expertise, experience, and reviews, the cost of consulting and education level, as well as location, etc. In-app communication should be easy for doctors and patients.

Patients should be given the option to provide information about their medical condition or preferred location and the name of their doctor or hospital to find it. They should receive relevant results as per their needs.

4. When choosing a doctor:

Patients should be able select and choose the Doctors by their results from the filters. Once they have completed shortlisting patients should be able to check the doctor's profile, his specialization, the hours of availability consultation fees, and the clinic's location. After selecting a doctor patients should be given the option of booking OPD consultations using the app only.

If the patient wishes to know more about the medication, the patient can look up the medication within the application.

5. Appointment management:

The doctor should have the authority to approve or decline consultation requests when, due to a reason, they don't desire to meet with the patient or the appointment times aren't feasible. After the doctor has confirmed or accepted the request the patient should receive a confirmation or notification mail with a photo ID.

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