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5 Top Personal CRM Apps for 2023

January 20, 2023 2:26 PM

 Personal CRM Apps

It has been a thrilling calendar year in the personal CRM market. Numerous new companies began to explore this field; some even went into obscurity to show their amazing applications to the world.

We can anticipate that 2021 will be the year in which the industry will transform from a niche item to a more mainstream product. However, it's difficult to imagine a world where intelligent consultants, owners of agencies, and small-scale businesses based on relationships won't depend on software to manage their networks.

Review process

In the following article, we'll look at the top personal CRM apps that are based on certain factors:

Reviews from users These are the most important criteria for determining whether users are so happy with the product that they recommend it to their acquaintances.

Effective connections A powerful integration is most effective in personal CRMs that do not require a lot of your time and effort to connect to your database in an intelligent way.

Design and user experience The last thing anyone wants is an app that's unattractive and difficult to use. So we'll consider the user interface when we review the app.

For each application we've chosen, we'll give you some basic information, including the one thing that this CRM tool excels at and another thing it doesn't.

The Personal CRM: What exactly is it?

If you're new to this field, here's a quick overview. There are many people we can connect with. Depending on our sector, our connections and networks are a major factor in our personal and professional performance.

While large corporations use CRM tools to manage their customers and potential customers, individual users don't have a similar tool to manage their professional networks.

It's precisely the issue that personalCRM solutions can solve, aiding you in managing and expanding your network to achieve greater success in your career.

The finalist has been announced…

1. Clay Be more mindful when you interact with others.

Clay is releasing its first software version in the latter part of 2020. The company is winning this contest due to the numerous recommendations it has received from Twitter. In addition, many tweets are about the benefits of this manager of relationships.

In comparison to the other listings, The New Yorkers have received the most praise, hands down. Let's take a closer look at this CRM representative from New York.

Clay is fantastic for enriching your personal contact information. When you connect your contacts, you'll be able to discover LinkedIn and Twitter details on your contacts. Then, you can import them directly into their apps.

Clay is a slug at reconnecting. In order to actually contact someone, you need to open a mailto URL that can take 5 seconds to load. You can't utilize templates.

General information about Clay

Available Clay is accessible on the iPhone as well as the Web.

• Price Clay offers a single payment plan of $20 per month.

2. Nat: Determine the people you've lost touch with

Nat is the sole European company on this list. It was founded by a Swiss businessman. The company, which was founded as a bootstrapped venture, has been operating for more than a year and is now sharing its earnings through Indie Hacker.

It works well with the complete Google Suite: Gmail, Calendar, and Contacts.

Nat provides the most effective complete solution to a personal CRM program by displaying whom you've lost touch with, displaying details about the contact, and making it simple to connect.

Nat is opposed to data enrichment. So don't expect it to bring in LinkedIn or Twitter information based on email.

General information about Nat

• Accessibility is available as a Web app. comes as a web application.

Price Nat starts with a free plan. Customers can then upgrade to a paid plan for $20 per month.

3. Queue: Keep an eye on the people you know

The Queue is the newest player to enter the personal relationship management space. Created by a sole founder, it's available only on Apple's iOS and connects with your calendar to automate much of the manual work. For example, it allows you to set up reminders and only notify users of contacts with whom you haven't scheduled a calendar appointment.

The queue is a good fit between automation and simplicity. It is still necessary to schedule reminders for those contacts you'd like to keep in touch with. However, Queue will analyze your calendar information to ensure it only reminds you of contacts you're not in contact with.

The Queue isn't a fan of note-taking. Note-taking isn't an essential aspect of the app, and since they're mobile, it could be difficult to take notes on the tiny keyboards of mobile devices.

General information about queues

• The accessibility queue is accessible on iPhones only.

Prices Queue comes with a single monthly payment plan for $8/month and the option of a free trial period.

4. Dex: Stay in touch with the people who matter

Dex is a Y Combinator alumni business that has raised funds and existed for a couple of years. It is focused on the import of data from numerous sources. They have developed a Chrome extension that allows users to transfer data to sources unobtainable by other personal CRM applications like Facebook.

Dex is perfect for Trello users who wish to have Kanban boards worldwide and utilize a range of social network apps. They also have the Kanban board system, which lets you move contacts to different columns according to their degree of proximity.

Dex does not like automation. Utilizing their system takes lots of effort and time. It's not the type of personal CRM where you press a button and walk away.

General information about Dex

• Accessibility Dex is available for download on the iPhone as well as the Web.

Prices Dex offers both a free and a paid plan; however, users must make an onboarding phone call first.

5. Mogul Stop using spreadsheets to run your business.

Mogul is the only personal contact management application that provides complete encryption, which is the ideal option for those who want absolute security. Mogul is also an attractive design created by a serial entrepreneur, but it does not offer integrations.

Mogul is a great choice for protecting your data. With their complete encryption, your information is as safe as it gets.

Mogul does not like integrations. You must do everything manually. If you are looking for an option that operates behind the scenes, Mogul isn't the right choice.

General information about Mogul

• Accessibility Mogul is accessible on the iPhone along with the Web.

Prices Mogul has a single payment plan that includes a free 7-day trial.

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