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What Are The Challenges Faced By Android App Developers?

Mobile apps have changed the way users and consumers were used to interacting. With the changing time and technology, there are lot many variations which have been introduced.

Not only in terms of living standards, but also in the way of obtaining services.

It is all because of technology and in the form of smartphones. The growth of smartphones users has crossed millions or billions of growth.

At present each one of us has smartphones, also it has become a necessity for the present time.

Not only just calls, if you have to acquire any services you are just one click away.

How interesting and easier is this. The major role of smartphones is incomplete without an APPS.

Yes, it is the app that makes us reach our desired services and within few clicks.

Businesses are approaching mobile application development company to get their desired business app.

This is giving them a huge scope of connecting users easily. Also, with the help of an app businesses are targeting more and more users across the globe.

In this manner, both users and consumers are getting benefits in each of their requirements.

To get your app build no doubt you need an expert. The respective app development experts/company can assist you right from the beginning while delivering you the defined result.

There are two platforms -

Android and iOS

Both of them has their benefits and hold lot many features. It depends upon the requirement to which platform are you looking for.

But among two of them,Android App Development Services has acquired a great place among users and consumers as well.

Android The Biggest And Leading OS Platform

Android platform is one of the leading and biggest OS platforms. Various applications are built on the android platform for diverse and leading industries.

The main reason is that android apps can be easily operated.

Also, the majority of the apps all over the world are built on the android platform.

Another reason is that android is an open-source OS with customizations. It means that anyone can customize the OS features.

Hence acquiring more space in the app world.

With the introduction of the app, users can reach their desired services while being at home or any place.

It gives them easy to download the app of respective services and be in touch with from anywhere they want to.

We are sure that even you must be holding a great experience with an app.

But now the next and the important factor is that how the app builds? It seems to be an easy job role but it is not so.

Major Challenges On Android App Developers

Yes, developing an app is a cup of tea for any person. It requires you to have technical knowledge and expertise.

This is the reason why people go with an android app development company to give their idea a perfect shape.

As we stated that it is the work of experts who can build an app. But do you know they do get some major challenges in between?

Yes, many challenges are faced by developers on day to day basis.

1. But what challenges do developers face?

2. How do they manage to overcome all of those? 

3. What makes them stand strong against all odds?

There are lot many such thoughts that we own. However, all of those can be cleared with different challenges with android app development.

Top 10 Challenges Faced By Experts During Android App Development

At the time of android app development, top android application development companies do face some challenges.

Let us see what all those are?

Software Fragmentation

There are a lot of many devices that run on different versions. This gives a major challenge to developers to keep up with the changes.

However, most Android developers make use of the latest version. As we always say that using advanced technology will benefit users.

But does it give appropriate results while developing android apps? This gives them a mismatch as not all users make use of the latest version.

This mismatch makes a trouble for developers to fulfil the requirement as per the business needs.

Secondly, the major difficulty that android faces is OS customization. 

This results in varying standards for each device.

UI (Standard Or Custom)

The user interface is one of the most important steps at the time of development. However, when you choose the best android app development company you get the best.

A great UI reflects your brand identity and also have a wider impact on users.

But the advantage of OS customization gives experts a phase where they have to think about whether to go with the standard of custom UI. 

If experts are going with custom UI then it does not give them to attain many features.

They have to walk with certain guidelines. Only an app with a good UI design will offer compatibility with various devices.

Therefore, the choice of the best app development company should be made with thorough research.

Programming Languages

Which programming language should be used? JAVA or KOTLIN , both of these programming languages are used in app development.

Therefore, choosing which one, to begin with, is yet another challenge for app developers.

Hence when you choose the best mobile app development experts you should have detailed knowledge about their work and experience.

But if developers compare both of those then they have different pros and cons.

JAVA is a very easy language, but here developers have to perform a lot of code. It works well with both native and cross platforms apps.

When it comes to KOTLIN , it comes under modern language. With Kotlin developers has to undergo complex coding.

The app gets build faster than Java and performs smoothly as well.

API Compatibility 

API’s are taken to make the app development easier. It is because some work can be built with API’s to meet business goals.

Building API’s will give the desired authentication and desired features to apps.

However, at times, it becomes difficult for developers to give compatibility i. e. API’ and devices.

Developing an app while overcoming API’s issue is a big and challenging step for developers.


Mobile app with multiple integrating SQL’s features is yet another great challenge. A simple app with great UI/UX can help attract users across the globe.

Hence experts keep themselves updated with all the latest technologies. In this way, it gives them a way to build an app as per the user’s needs.

However, building an app with SQLs and a back end database is yet another great challenge for experts to undergo.


An App should be built in such a way that it should give a sense of security. Developers here put their full effort to offer the step.

Since Android is open-source and it should be monitored with full security. There is a chance of malware into the apps which can redirect to the other URL’s.

 Hence developers should make their way to develop an app with full security. Yet this is more challenging than any other step.

Storage Capacity And Battery

An app is successful when it should not affect battery and storage by its performance. If the app is heating too much and it consumes too much battery then its usage can be minimized.

As no users want to keep such an app which can give discomfort to them. Here experts take prime concern while building the app.


Scalability seems to be the biggest challenge with day to day emerging technologies. To some of those are AI, ML and VR. App developers study all of those technologies and proceed in respective to the same.

However, an app should be built in such a way that one is compatible with all of these technologies.

In this way, an app can perform better.

Copyright Issues

Developers had to undergo copyright issues to give an app a fixed place. But when you reach to best Mobile app development you do not have to suffer any of those concerns.

With their expertise and command, developers can solve all of your queries with ease.

Visibility Over App Store

App stores has acquired millions of apps. It becomes tough and challenging for developers to support their apps in such a competitive world.

But when the app is built with great expertise, knowledge and advancements then it becomes easier. Yet the main challenge is to make an app fit the industry needs.


At the time of building an app developers have to undergo many challenges right from security to visibility.

But when you reach experts they have all sorts of answers and solutions. One of those is PerfectionGeeks, being one of the top  android app development company  our team of in-house experts developers overcome all challenges by delivering robust apps.

An app has to be fit and advanced which can stand among the app market. When you have an advanced idea for your brand we make sure to give a defined shape by meeting all needs.

With us, android app development is easier beyond your imagination.

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