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We all are watching how blockchain technology is growing at a rapid pace. It is known as the supreme addition in the techno world.

It is nearly impossible where we can work up without latest advancements and hence we need to be in touch with the latest and updated technology. Blockchain is referred to as a digital ledger and hence there is an increased demand for blockchain app development. In this case, you have to reach a company who can offer you the best service and with experts.

Technology is growing day by day and blockchain technology is becoming one of the top trends of the present time. Let us know more about the one and how it is becoming an important trend among technology.

What Is Blockchain

Blockchain is a public ledger that keeps the digital ledger in chronological order which is immutable and secure. In other words, we can say that it is a collection of a distributed assortment of immutable infrastructure code which is linked and secured with a fingerprint.

It is therefore made accessible to the public on the internet. The blockchain solution is trending all over and hence it is a demanded technology at present.

How Does Blockchain Works?

Before making use of blockchain technology it is very essential to understand how blockchain works and what are the blockchain technology fundamentals. In this way, you will be able to make use of them in the easiest way.

Mainly blockchain consists of three concepts namely block, nodes and miners. Here every chain consist of multiple blocks and each block has three elements.

It is necessary to understand the basics of blockchain so that you can make use of the technology.

There is data in the block.

A 32-bit whole number called a nonce and is randomly generated when a block is created.

Next is the hash which is a 256-bit number and wedded to nonce.

The elements go to the time-stamped series of data and are managed by a group of computers but no under a single entity, individuals or corporations. Now the block of data which is referred to as blocks is bound to one another with the use of cryptographic forming a chain. The process is simple and can be understood when you are in complete touch with blockchain technology. You can also consider reading the basics of blockchain technology, apart from this which will help you to be more clear and precise.

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What Are The Three Pillars Of Blockchain Technology?

When you are making yourself to be aware of all the latest and updated technology you cannot be left behind with Blockchain technology.

This technology is rolling all over and making a huge impact. From basics to its working will help you to make understand what exactly it deals with. To this, there are three main pillars of blockchain namely Decentralization, Transparency, Immutability which cannot be left behind.


When it comes to decentralization you may come across a central unit in your mind, but here in the case of blockchain, it is not that so. Here the concept deals with autonomy and does not have a central governing unit.


We define transparency with zero opacity, and when it comes to blockchain technology it means it has zero privacy in case of transaction.


Immutability means the things which cannot be altered and in the case of blockchain technology as well. So when you have done a transaction in blockchain methods later it cannot be altered.

When you will come across blockchain technology there is a lot many information that you will be able to gander. You can also go through various blockchain infographic through which you will be able to more clear and precise.

The business has to be in touch with the latest and advanced method to reach a wider audience and to generate better ROI. All this can be done to come up with your ideas towards the development company which can help you in your development.

Next is there is a need for a mobile application development that has a proven result for a business person to grow their presence or increase visibility. This can be made possible while reaching PerfectionGeeks. We are an app development company serving worldwide and able to make up through our services and experts.

What Are The Different Types of Blockchain?

Blockchain is known to be a wonderful innovation at present time and has a wide range of distribution option. We have already given clear information about what is blockchain infographic and now the next is what are the different types of blockchain?

There are four different types of blockchain namely-


A public blockchain is known as a different type of blockchain technology which is defined as the permission distributed ledger technology. In this type of blockchain, anyone can join and perform a transaction and each peer has a copy of the ledger. Also, anyone can access the public blockchain if they hold a web connection.

Uses are in the case of voting and fundraising.


This type of blockchain works best in the restrictive environment which can also be defined as the closed network. Besides this, it is a permissioned blockchain that is under the control of an entity. They are best suited to be used by a privately own company or an organisation that wants to use them for internal cases.

They are primarily used in supply chain management, asset ownership and internal voting.


Hybrid is a combination of public and private blockchain type and it works like a use case in an organisation. It neither wants to deploy a private or a public blockchain rather than deploying both.

Blockchain technology can be well understood when you go step by step. Also, many services can be taken forth and one is app development. In this case, it is better to reach the best blockchain app development company that can assist you in your overall requirement.

Reaching the blockchain app development company will help you to meet the experts who can go through your requirement and give your idea a shape. Also, be it android development or iOS development both of your requirement can be fulfilled in one place.

What do people have to think about blockchain technology? Blockchain technology (crypto/bitcoin) can disrupt the entire world, it is one of the advanced technology which has gone to many transformations and now serving the whole world.

Blockchain allows bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to operate within the need for a central authority.

Uses of Blockchain In Different Industries

There are many industries to which blockchain technology has made its reach. Here are a few of them-

Processing Of Payment

The most important use of blockchain technology can be used in case of money transfer from one part to another. When it comes to the transaction with banks which can take up to 24 hours but when it comes to blockchain technology it can be done in second. Now you can figure out how beneficial the technology is.


Health data that is covered up in blockchain includes age, gender and the medical history of an individual. In this case, without any concern or the secured key, no other person will be able to access the information of any other.

Real Estate World

In case of purchasing a property, you have to make certain documents or we can say paperwork is a necessity which contains title. So when it comes to blockchain technology, it can stores the titles which is needed at the time of buying and selling on the blockchain network while allowing a clear and transparent picture of legal ownership


The greatest use of blockchain technology in the insurance industry is through contracts. Here the contracts allow the customers to manage and claim them in a secured manner. Later all the contracts and claims is being recorded on the blockchain validated by the respective network where the invalid claims are being removed.

Food Safety

Another use of blockchain technology can be seen in the food industry, now you must be wondering what is the use of blockchain here? Since blockchain data is immutable and the transport of food can be determined from one supermarket to another. Also, there are many foodborne diseases and hence blockchain will be able to determine the source of contamination at a rapid pace.

Countries Embrace The Blockchain Technology

Many countries have openly embrace blockchain technology and are- China, Japan, the USA, Australia, UK, Dubai and India. There are many benefits of hiring a blockchain app development company and implementing the technology in your respective industry.

The blockchain and decentralization is a digital and distributed ledger which is responsible for logging all the transaction without the need of a financial intermediary.


There are many uses of blockchain and decentralization technology that can be implemented with ease and comfort. since there is no intermediary financial transaction and all the data is recorded in a decentralization ledger. All of the features of blockchain technology can give businesses different direction and while enhancing the economy and needs.

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