Voice Recognition and technology: The Definitive Guide

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We all were dreaming to have something in our world where we can command and the action is executed. Well, now it is all possible and all thanks to voice recognition technology. Rather than wasting your time more, let’s get straight to the point.

What is Voice Recognition Technology?

Voice technology is getting into the pillar of every business these days! Startups need to have this technology installed properly in their process so that they can lead and be ahead in the respective domain of service.

When it comes to voice recognition technology, it is a technology that allows you to get your command into action. But, yes this technology has its own set of unsophisticated evolutions. It came in the market to help people find convenience and all the assistance they need to get their needs covered with complete convenience.

A Bit Of History Related To Voice Recognition Technology

When it comes to technology, it is going to evolve with time from somewhere by someone you never know. You might find it surprising that speech recognition technology exists since 1,000 A.D. where there was an instrument that could answer yes or no for direct queries. How amazing is that!

But, this process didn’t involve any kind of voice processing. The idea behind all these technological advancements has the base of speech voice recognition technology. This is a technology that triggers to act as per the given command in natural language.

Years after, Audrey came into existence as developed by Bell Laboratories. This technology was able to recognize more than 1 to 9 single voices. And then IBM also started to invest in this technology and came up with a system where more than 16 spoken words could be recognized without any kind of hassle.

The success was highly recognized and slowly it started turning into a revolution as companies around the world started focusing on this technology. With time the results got even more fascinating and the rise of voice recognition technology became quite visible. Today there are so many highly acclaimed voice recognition systems like Google Voice, Microsoft, Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Apple’s Siri, and more. All of it works intending to follow your verbalized orders.

How Does Voice Recognition Technology Work?

You might be thinking about how these voice recognition systems or what you say smart appliances work, so we have an answer for you so that you can understand the process behind it and check what is making it following your command.

You might be surprised, it works just like a baby learning to speak. It will hear words all around them and understand the behavior and the way of responding. The system will absorb all the cures it gets after listening to all the things it hears. We are blessed with a natural ability to listen but when it comes to voice recognition technology, it does work the same but here it is done with the assistance of computers. Here the training related to the recognition process involves thinking, research, and a lot of manpower.

These voice technology systems will become a perfect asset in the time to come by responding to you accordingly accent, language, and dialects. Many systems have achieved an accuracy of more than 95 percent as well. So, there is no one stopping it from becoming an exciting asset to have.

Voice Recognition Technology services in Singapore perfectiongeeks

Top 3 Voice Assistant Technology

Nowadays there are a number of voice recognition systems in the business that it does get confusing when it comes to using the right one. Voice commanding has certainly one of the best ways of computing and getting results in a short period. Now it has been seen that a person types 40 words on a but can speak more than 150 words. So, with the help of this technology, things can change big time. But, accuracy is still a very big factor in it. You might be thinking about where you will be getting accurate assistance. When it comes to voice technology, it is basically defined by attributes like spec accuracy, usability, cohesiveness, innovation, and smart approach. To help you below mentioned are a few of the best voice recognition technology take a look:

What Is Siri?

When it comes to Siri, it was found in the year of 2011 by Apple and was literally acknowledged to be the first voice assistant in the world.

voice-technology-services in perfectiongeeks

How It Made A Difference?

  • After Siri, now most of the phones are infused with the voice technology system.

  • Siri is the key user interface when it comes to Apple’s CarPlay infotainment system and the wireless AirPod earbuds.

  • This voice assistant’s capabilities become even more fascinating with the release of SiriKit.

  • You can use this voice technology everywhere you go and this is the biggest advantage you get.

What Is Alexa?

When it comes to Alexa, it is acknowledged to be one of the most popular voice assistants in the business today housed in Amazon.

voice-technology-services solutions in UK perfectiongeeks

How It Made A Difference?

  • Alexa is one such voice technology that adapts to the voice of the users over time

  • You get more than 30,000 skills and grow with the Alexa voice technology. It is the largest compared to any other technology.

  • Its installation with smart home devices such as door locks, cameras, entertainment systems, thermostats, and lighting is another selling point.

What Is Microsoft’s Cortana

When it comes to Microsoft Cortana, it was born in the year of 2014 as part of Windows Phone 8.1. It is a system that comes with a 5.1 error rate that is considered to be the lowest among this part of the technology.

voice-technology-services solutions in Singapore perfectiongeeks

How Does It Make A Difference?

  • Microsoft announced a 5.9% accuracy rate of its voice technology system that is just behind the Google Assistant around .2 percent.

  • The Microsoft Cortana has support from Microsoft’s Bing search engine. This means that the respective technology consumes whatever data it needs to.

  • It works well with all the functions as being shown by its rivals giving you all the assistance you need in your Microsoft laptop.

2020 Will Be The Rise Of Voice Recognition Technology

The advancement in the world of technology has literally made voice-enabled assistants one of the most common and needed attributes in all the industries. When it first came into existence, nobody ever predicted such a boost but now it has literally become a fore frontier in the innovation world.

With millions and millions of users taking part and being infused with the world of voice recognition technology, it has become a must-have for businesses around the world. In fact, now it is quite common to have voice technology infused in the different applications. It’s time to follow the different trends which can enhance the chances of you getting an excellent response.

Big brands like Amazon and Apple are investing quite significantly to fill this technology with unique attributes. They have made voice interfaces the primary aspect in all the categories and industries. Right from the educational sector to the Healthcare sector, each and every industry is taking part in the school of voice technology. Now they need to make sure that their voice technology is not missing out on the latest trends so that they can make the most benefits out of it.

Let's keep up with the pace and check out the trends which you need to follow to have the best benefits by your side while infusing the world of voice technology

How To Reap In The Benefits?

There are a number of companies that are always ready to help with voice technology development services. As a business, you must always consider investing your time in this domain so that you are always ahead in the market and there is no way your target consumers are not able to reach out to you.

voice-technology services in perfectiongeeks

To help you out, we are here to discuss with you about the trends in voice recognition technology which you must keep in mind to get the best of response. You can always reach out to us and get these trends infused into your application to make the maximum impact.

Don't Miss Out These 5 Incredible Trends On Voice Technology

Enhancement Of Voice Search Domain

The rise of digital voice assistant has played a huge role when it comes to helping one maintain the regular tasks. So, it is connecting quite strongly with the target consumers. Some of the leading examples in the form of Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant have already become a regular part of the households these days.

So, there is no way it is going to get diminished in the coming time and it is important that as a business you start making the most out of it. All the above-mentioned voice assistants are infused in different gadgets in the form of cameras, smartphones, televisions, and various other entertainment devices.

It has been seen that more than 77% of users are always looking forward to getting a device that is equipped with a voice search assistant. With the help of these voice assistants, you will be able to search for different information anytime as per your convenience.

In fact, it has been seen that more than 30% of the consumers are always opting for smart speakers in the form of Eco and Google home and it is going to grow big time in the coming years. So, this trend is not ending anytime soon and one must invest in it quickly.

Enhancing Online Search Experience

With the rising trend of voice search, it is important to understand how it is going to influence the world of Internet search. Well, it is important for one to understand how customers will be using these technologies for their benefits and requirements.

According to the latest survey, it has been seen that more than 89% of users always fall for voice assistant so when it comes to looking for anything online. In fact, there are more than 70% of consumers who always prefer voice search over textual searches and it is surely going to grow a lot higher.

So, the time is changing with the consumers focusing on voice assistants. According to a report, Google stated that more than 20% of mobile searches come from voice technology. So, it is going to get even better in the second quarter of 2020 and as a business, you must not hesitate and invest your hard-earned money in this technology to grab the best returns!

Comprehensive Agility Of Devices

With the help of smart speakers, the devices get an additional hand to help their users with a reliable option to look for something online! The conversions are getting higher for the businesses who are investing in this voice technology.

With more than 70% of the voice search being performed with the use of Google voice technology, it shows how much impact it has already made in its consumer base. The accuracy it brings in is certainly catching a lot of attention and is going to improve in the overtime.

The trend is certainly getting better with the dimensions of voice technology getting upgraded with the infusion of artificial intelligence as well. In fact, now even the responsive web design is considered with the focus on voice-enabled Technology. So, it is important for one to plan their online presence and development wisely with the use of voice technology and its latest trends to get the maximum benefit for their business services.

Fast Advancements In Search Engine Behaviour

The voice technology concept is being discussed by experts all around. The prime reason behind this is the visibility of it. It will be a big challenge for the target consumers and potential users to avail of the maximum visibility of this voice technology.

There are a number of facts that defines visibility experience because the voice assistant and the user interface communication is exclusively missing the connection between the transmitter and the receiver. Users will not be able to touch the voice interface until and unless they are using Google assistant application or Alexa.

According to a few reports, it has been seen that the voice technology world is going to cross more than 19 billion USD by 2022.In fact, at the end of 2020, more than 50% of the searches will be through voice technology.

So, this shows how the search engine is going to be influenced by the infusion of this technology and it is important that you make the best out of it. Using it wisely and as per the trend will certainly help you make the best benefits out of it!

Impact On Human Behavior

The rise in the use of voice technology has literally changed the way now people react and behave in their daily lives. Yes, with the use of voice search technology, people are able to multitask, and that too without any kind of hassle. These multitasking capabilities are certainly making human behavior a lot different than it was earlier. The primary example of the use of voice technology will be listening to a radio station while cooking or doing a different household course. Not only this, but one will also be able to ask for directions while driving.

So, this shows how users are much more leaning towards the voice technology world and how it is making them think differently as well. But certainly, we can wrap this up by acknowledging that voice technology is helping one in making life a lot easier. It has certainly become one of the most important parts of our daily routine and will certainly be offering a lot more with time to come!

Wrapping Up

Now it clearly reflects how voice technology is continuously growing when it comes to enhancing brand awareness. Not only this, but it is also playing a huge role in helping the world of online storage and exclusively helping the businesses to work upon their revenue aspects as well. It is quite visible as well that the latest trends related to voice technology are certainly going to revolutionize when it comes to helping people with exceptional services and help their business catch the maximum attention!

PerfectionGeeks Technology is here to help one with the best of voice technology development service. You can always reach out to them to avail the best benefits out of this technology! Consult now!

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