Various Kinds of Google Ad Extensions

What are the Various Kinds of Google Ad Extensions?

February 16, 2023 5:14 PM

Google Ad Extensions

It can be difficult to create a compelling Google search ad in the limited number of characters available. It can be difficult to squeeze keywords, calls-to-action, and a unique message into just three headlines, two descriptions, and only three lines. Google AD Extensionscan help you add more relevant information to your ads so that they stand out from the rest.

The Benefits of Extensions

Google Ads extensionscan increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts in many ways. First, they provide additional information that can be used to make high-performing search result page ads. These are the top benefits of manual Google AD Extensions.

They are completely free. Extensions can be incorporated into Google Ads campaigns at no additional cost.

Display ads will perform better. Relevant extensions can improve your quality scores and increase your ad rank.

Searchers will find your ads more attractive. Extensions for ads have been shown to increase clickthrough rates and convert more people.

You'll gain more qualified clicks. Extensions allow you to provide more relevant data, so the clicks you receive are more likely to be the ones you want.

Your ads will be more visible. Extensions allow your ads to take up more space in the search engine results pages (SERP), resulting in more clicks and a more distinct visual presence from your competitors.

What Are Google Ads Extensions and When Should You Use Them?

Google Ad Extensions

These are the ten most popular extensions that Google Ads users can use. The best way to incorporate extensions into your campaigns are:

Sitelink Extension

Sitelink extensions can be added to your search ads. Sitelink extensions can make a big impact on search engine results pages. Sitelinks are most effective for generalized brand ads, where the links direct searchers towards specific products and services. This is one of the most effective ways to ensure clicks lead you to qualified leads.

Callout Extension

Callout extensions are text pieces that appear in the description of your ads. Callouts are great for providing focused information that can help you stand out from your competition. You only have 25 characters for each callout extension, so using short, memorable phrases is important. For example, the catchy phrases "Family Owned," "Free Shipping," or "Family Owned" highlight the unique aspects of your business and make sure that the CTA is clear.

Structured Snippet Extension

A structured snippet extension is another way to give additional information about a product or service. A header can limit structured snippets. It must contain 12 categories like "courses," "styles," or "types." However, structured snippets will only be useful if your offerings match those headers. They can highlight additional information that might convince a searcher to click on your ad.


Call extensions display your phone number, allowing customers to call you from their ad. These extensions are a valuable tool, as many businesses consider calls to be the main goal of their Google Ads. Call-button extensions encourage immediate action to make a call. Setting this extension to only show during business hours when someone is available to take the call is important.

Message Extension

Similar to call and message extensions, searchers can text or email businesses directly from an advertisement without having to call. This is another way to maximize the use of mobile phones, as the number of users on mobile is growing rapidly.

Location Extension

Your location extensions display your address and hours under your search ad. These extensions are crucial for local businesses and campaigns that aim to drive people to your physical location. Nearly 20% of all Google searches are for local information, and 40% of mobile searches are for it. Therefore, this information must be accurate on your homepage as well.

Affiliate Location Extension

If your product is sold nationally, affiliate location extensions can be valuable. These extensions provide information about nearby retailers that stock your product. Affiliate location extensions work in the same way as location extensions. They encourage people to visit nearby stores where your products can be purchased.

Price Extension

Price extensions show prices for a few items beneath your mobile or tablet device advertisements. This is a great way to get relevant business site clicks. Although transparency can lead to fewer clicks than you would like, the clicks you do receive will be more targeted and more likely to convert.

App Extension

App extensions allow you to link to your mobile app from the store. These extensions are intelligent; an extension that only displays on iOS will display only on iOS devices. In addition, app extensions offer ads a visual advantage over plain text ads. App extensions are essential if you want to increase app downloads as a goal for your campaign.

Promotion Extension

Promotion extensions are visual price tags that appear below your ad. They also provide details about your campaign. They can be run on holidays or all year. The only restriction is that they must contain a monetary or percent-based discount. Promotion extensions are the most effective extensions for Google Ads. They give search ads the best boost in clickthrough rate and allow you to include any promotions in your search ads.

Last Words

Keep an eye on your extension tab to ensure you are always up-to-date. Use only relevant extensions that will enhance your ad text. Using irrelevant filler could cause your ads to fail or get ineffective clicks.

You can use as many extensions as you need to support your campaign goals and business. Google selects which extensions it shows based on their performance. Extensions are an easy way to test your Ad groups, PPCs, and Adwords for valuable insights into customer behavior. Digital marketing servicesshould be used in all your Google Ads campaigns to create highly-performing ads that customers will click on.

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