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Storyblok Development Company

Oct 11, 2023 02:40 PM

 Storyblok Development Services

Development and learning are ongoing processes, both for business and personal goals. Nowadays, people are more aware that education is an essential asset. To stay relevant, educational brands must overcome two major hurdles: ensuring that they are able to present their products with enthusiasm and creating true digital multi-functional hubs for their customers.

A multidimensional platform for education requires a system that can manage every aspect of the platform in a flexible and contemporary manner to keep pace with the most recent technological advancements, and we believe that Storyblok is an excellent method to accomplish this. Contrary to the monolithic structure, we permit your customers and you to take advantage of the most modern solutions and ensure an uninterrupted data host and transfer, as well as omnichannel learning and teaching options for materials, scalability, and an individualized, user-friendly UX. Additionally, it's about providing engaging and interactive educational hubs along with flexible implementation of technology that supports them.

In this post, we'll look at how these issues are overcome by the potential Storyblok Development Company. We will also focus on some real-world cases of our partners and customers who took advantage of the amazing potential of Storyblok and learn about the outcomes they've attained.

Today, education methods and activities are, in a lot of cases, based on the Internet. The clients of the industry will most likely establish a long-term connection with a company when they are able to benefit from a platform equipped with practical tools to aid them in leveraging and implementing the knowledge they've gathered. We strive to stay up to the challenge of creating cutting-edge coaching and learning hubs, which is attainable with our API-first strategy.

CoachHub and Storyblok

CoachHub, a business that specializes in providing people-development solutions, was required to develop a coaching-related content library that allows employees to be involved in their professional growth. The academy was designed to provide personalized information in the form of video, readings, exercises, and other learning media. In the search for the perfect CMS that could host countless instructional materials and learning content, the company was convinced of the requirement for a contemporary and future-proof solution that could handle not just the management of content and delivery but also the interaction and transparency of educational materials and training materials that were published.

By choosing Storyblok, CoachHub was able to develop the incredible CoachHub academy. Here's how it came about:

  • Training materials, coaching materials, and classes can be easily saved in Storyblok's reusable content repository, which enables content creators to organize and reuse databases.

  • Storyblok's modular approach is the ideal solution for the creation of new coaching content. The CoachHub team was able to create composable and nestable elements that could be adapted to any extent necessary to be compatible with the needs of learning materials.

  • Blocks of content that can be edited allow CoachHub to modify and design its own content templates, which consist of helpful banners, course references, and training compositions.

Scalability: Modern online tools for learning

In this digital age, what is the reason we weigh devices and their location so heavily in our learning processes and activities? With the possibilities of Storyblok's omnichannel, it's definitely not required. What is the process? Let's look at Education First's project to see how they managed to take advantage of Storyblok's capabilities.

Education First and Storyblok

Education First needed to create a brand new global website that could house their diverse educational content across various channels in a contemporary and efficient manner. With the increase in publications, the EF team found themselves slow in delivery, particularly in regards to multi-present. The team blamed this issue on the CMS's weak API and a confusing user interface.

In the case of EF, this was particularly important as the company provides an array of educational solutions and hubs of information to individuals of all ages, including students, in addition to being an international school of language with campuses in 55 countries around the world. What was the way Storyblok aided the company in reaching its target audience when it needed the services it offered?

  • Through Storyblok, EF gained the freedom to distribute its content via API, resulting in the freedom to leverage its data repositories across various devices.

  • The plugins and APIs could pull data from the company's databases and move the data to the device's frontend. This way, consolidated data would be available in a consistent, uninterrupted manner, in line with primary page landings and other functions.

Improved learning outcomes through a customized educational process

 Storyblok Development Services

The increasing competition in online education services indicates that they are not just capable of offering unique educational and information platforms but also giving users the chance to get the best-customized experience. At Storyblok, we're here to help you manage this issue since it's essential to provide your customers with more enjoyable products and services, as well as to create long-lasting, trusting relationships with our clients.

What should you take into consideration when designing a customized user experience on an educational platform? Here are some of the things to be considered when designing your educational projects using Storyblok:

Learning content includes audio, graphics, video, and textual content.

Learning environment: the design of the content appearing, how it appears, background themes, font sizes, colors, etc.

The interaction between the user or visitor and the content of learning, as well as the facilitators: Feedback workflows, interactive discussions on the internet, adaptive teaching strategies Tutorials, for example.

To determine the specific combination of the previously mentioned elements that can result in the most successful outcome of your venture, it is essential to understand your preferences and expectations. As users could offer different ways of thinking and demand a learning platform, here's how we can help you harness personalization tools to provide appropriate and adapted information to your customers' users.

At Storyblok, we offer companies powerful personalization tools that are fully compatible with CMS.

One of these solutions is the collaboration that we have with Optimizely, a DEP (Digital Experience Platform) that allows orchestrating A/B testing, a/b testing, and multidimensional content experimentation to provide an incredibly personalized digital experience. Content creators, developers, and marketers get the opportunity to consider options and possibilities to manage various scenarios that can be customized while offering high-quality experiences for their users.

We can provide education services quickly and efficiently in any language.

Because a large number of educational companies expand globally, we constantly work to assist you in meeting the many localization and internationalization issues that come with providing content in the audience's local language. Let's look back at CoachHub's story and examine the way it was done with Storyblok:

They offers its training materials in 8 languages, which require an agile, future-proof, and reliable localization solution that is future-proof and efficient. Prior to the creation of the new project, all translation processes were managed by them content management manually. Due to the sheer volume of content provided by the company in a variety of languages, this method was time-consuming and inefficient. The company opted to adopt Storyblok for several reasons.

  • Storyblok's broad integration capabilities made it possible for CoachHub to benefit from the functional integration for localization. Lokalise Lokalise is an automated translation management system designed for teams that are agile and want to streamline the localization processes of their teams.

  • Through the integration that was made, it was possible to connect CouchHub's network translators to Lokalise's flexible memory database. This database automates translation, keeps track of previous translations, allows reuse of these, and fixes any mistakes immediately. This greatly cut down on time spent translating and allowed for a greater number of translations to be handled.

  • The process of localizing was simplified and streamlined; when content was made in the default CoachHub language (English), the content was imported into Lokalise and then onto Storyblok.

Beautifully designed educational content

There is no need to forget the fact that a significant portion of the achievement when it comes to establishing an educational platform is making the user feel genuinely excited to devote their time to the site. Well-maintained, clear, and visually appealing content is essential for keeping the viewer interested in selecting an educational option and also for encouraging them to invest time in exploring and utilizing it. In addition to making the content attractive, it also presents it in fresh and contemporary ways. To achieve this, ProWritingAid decided to implement its brand new, robust platform called Storyblok.

ProWritingAid & Storyblok

ProWritingAid is an AI-powered writing assistance platform that provides style and grammar checking, along with teaching and coaching hubs. When it comes to the publication of content, their previous markdown setup wasn't intuitive and led to blockers in the creation of content. Certain marketers were not familiar with the complex workflows for markdown, which led to an additional learning curve and led to them being separated from the developers at the company. This is the way ProWritingAid resolved this issue with Storyblok:

  • Visual Editor was an enormous assist in the layout of the website creation since it let marketers modify, transpose, and arrange content publication with the help of a real-time preview as well as drag-and-drop capabilities.

  • Marketers can enjoy effortless and user-friendly creation of content workflows with Storyblok's modular blocks that are able to be modified in a variety of ways and assembled in a flexible manner.

  • Storyblok's robust internal DAM enabled it to manage and host various kinds of content, including images, video, audio, and interactive tutorials.

  • We highly suggest you get into other DAM solutions that are compatible with Storyblok. You can make the most of your project by utilizing fantastic technologies like Cloudinary or Scaleflex. Find out more here.

What else does Storyblok assist you in establishing the educational brands of your clients' platforms?

Storyblok's formidable headless capabilities, like an API-first approach and the ability to interchange technology stacks, let educational projects get ahead of their peers with the use of futuristic educational and learning solutions.

  • Alexa capabilities: Using AI-assisted technology for speaking can be utilized by educational companies to increase user involvement. We can provide examples of the features of a platform's voice navigation, as well as pronunciation and language practice, voice-assistant training support, and others.

  • VR and AR learning experiences:Making learning experiences within digital environments can be the perfect way to take the learning experience to a whole new level. In this regard, it is possible to think about gaming the learning experience using interactive materials, multimedia immersive experiences, and virtual platform walkthroughs.

  • Mobile apps: with Storyblok, it's also possible to take advantage of the API capabilities of the platform by developing custom applications that will perfectly enhance a project's existing learning customer's journey. For example, we could mention remote login and payment plugins. They can also provide detailed information and execution, customized areas for profile pages, custom educational progress tracking apps, applications specifically designed to facilitate interactions with students in the course and other participants, and many more.

Is Storyblok an option for your educational-focused project?

In examining what we've learned with our colleagues In our view, education is becoming obsolete. Particularly when you have Storyblok Development Solution Features:

  • Innovating platforms through modern and contemporary learning hubs that have the potential to be easily customized, quickly managed, and easily maintained by using Storyblok's capacity and simple integration of content delivery using API capabilities.

  • International strategy implementation due to the internalization process and our localization options.

  • Modern and user-friendly content editor and management capabilities are made possible by our unique Visual Editor.

Are you interested in collaborating on your project using Storyblok? Contact us.

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