Amazon Shopping App Development Features

Top features for Amazon Shopping App Development

February 21, 2023 4:35 PM

Amazon Shopping App Development

Why do you need an eCommerce App like Amazon?

Amazon has been among the world's most successful companies for years. Its mobile application has played a crucial role in its victory as an eCommerce company. There are a bunch of items that make Amazon stand out from any of its competitors in the eCommerce industry.

Since Amazon is the most significant hit as an eCommerce app, many want to emulate it.

Going to the core of the app, it is prominent that the backbone of Amazon, the eCommerce app, is the credibility it has acquired over the years, its rich usability, and its flexibility to embrace new technologies.

There is another supreme benefit for Amazon's eCommerce apps: the company itself has established several new technologies to better its operations.

If you are trying to create an eCommerce app, it cannot be as standard as Amazon's. The application itself has launched several new techniques in the eCommerce industry and does not seem to have halted yet.

Must-Have Features to Create an eCommerce App

The features in your app make the first impression on your customers or app users. To develop a competitive and efficient eCommerce app like Amazon, it is important to adopt premium components.

Consider conducting smart competition research to learn about what's new and trending in the market. It can assist you in making decisions a phase ahead of your competitors and achieving a competitive benefit.

Here are the most famous and fundamental elements of an eCommerce app like Amazon:

Amazon Shopping App Development
Easy Registration

An easy-to-use registration forum is the first step in letting your clients comprehend the level of user experience you are going to deliver them. You make sure that enrolment is the most simplistic approach in the whole app. This is the entrance to an organisation that has existed for years, sometimes for only a few seconds.

Let more third-party account integration happen and let the users log in through them. If necessary, you can request more important points once the clients have made their accounts with you.

Interactive Product Listing

eCommerce is all about outcomes and investments. Thus, listing effects is a crucial procedure. For better engagement, you can add other colors, views, and size availability of a single product.

The product definition provides an opportunity to let your clients understand a bit more information about your product that cannot be conveyed via its images. Storage compatibility is the key to a faster listing of products.

Developers can have a Wishlist that will allow users to mark the development of their claims and buy them anytime later if they remain in stock.

Advanced Search Options and Filters

A properly configured search bar has been a traditional yet essential system for allowing your customers to quickly find their products. The inclusion of filters made it easier for them. The demand for richer search opportunities grew as technology advanced.

Visual search allowed users to find their preferred products using images charged or stored on their devices and links to the images. It allows users to find products of their choice without knowing the brand details. Pinterest is using graphic search options to show appropriate ads to its users when they study something on the platform.

Voice search optimization has allowed Alexa to cope with Amazon's eCommerce platform. It has achieved huge popularity in various industry domains over the years. However, the most significant adoption of voice assistants was witnessed in the eCommerce app. Users can interact with the eCommerce app using their voice and search for items that meet their requirements by answering a few queries. It is easy like never before.

Payment System

Mobile app developers are utilizing blockchain and other advanced technologies to enable excellent and smooth pricing. Even online payments are available in various forms. Thus, to synchronize the universal payment methods with the technical architecture of the applications, the eCommerce app will engage in a more flexible and secure app environment. Since security is the most important factor, Blockchain will authorize applications to conduct encrypted transactions from one end to another.

Push Notifications

Use the push notification method to reach clients instantly when they have your app installed. Push notifications allow eCommerce businesses to communicate about their deals, offers, or any other updates. The objective of push notifications can be defined by the admins as per the app permissions and their requirements. For example, they can add product alerts to let customers know about the stock of the products in their wishlist, new products, sales, and marketing campaigns.

Supply Chain Management System

Since the process design of the eCommerce enterprise largely depends upon an efficient supply chain management system, eCommerce apps have a critical role to play here. From retailers to end consumers, everyone will use the same app's data to execute their respective tasks.

It becomes important for app developers to make their eCommerce apps compatible with various industry models, multi-channel transactions, an interactive frontend, and a strong backend. Such a method will certainly benefit everyone associated with the operation.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Order tracking is quite a common part of eCommerce app development services. However, there are a few applications that employ strong precision in providing real-time tracking data on orders.

Most of the time, eCommerce firms partner with courier firms and extract the data from their end. Due to a slow or inadequate software system, eCommerce apps fail to meet the needs of their users in terms of data efficiency.


An incompetent security system can cause extreme drawbacks to eCommerce apps. There have been several incidents in the past where businesses lost revenues, client credibility, and their individuality in the market due to security-related loopholes and vulnerabilities in their apps.

The adoption of technologies like blockchain has allowed eCommerce to mitigate the security threats in their apps.

Customer Support

To hear from your clients, you need to provide them with alternative ways to interact with you. It would improve the chances of facing any disruption in communication. Virtual assistants and chatbots have been key in transforming peer-to-peer communication between clients and eCommerce companies.

Apart from that, they can integrate third-party applications to enable communication through mail, text, or direct call.


To make your own distinguishable identity in a market like Amazon, you may need more time, but following the right plan, may surely provide you success.

Adoption of advanced features, personalization of user necessities, and an apt execution of the mobile app development process can guide you to create a rich-featured, simplistic, and lucrative eCommerce app.


What makes a mobile shopping app successful?

The Latest Technologies to Build an Online Shopping App:

Expertise and knowledge of the latest technologies, like artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual reality, and augmented reality, are also necessary to build innovative features for your mobile app.

Which programming language is used for online shopping?

JavaScript is the most popular and leading programming language worldwide for e-commerce websites. It is a simple programming language that is highly versatile and scalable. It is a leading programming language because it can extend web pages beyond static capabilities.

What algorithm do Amazon and Flipkart use?

The A9 Algorithm is the system that Amazon uses to decide how products are ranked in search results. It is similar to the algorithm that Google uses for its search results in that it considers keywords in deciding which results are most relevant to the search and, therefore, which it will display first.

What technology stack is used by Amazon?

Amazon Technology Stack: Java, Perl, Angular JS, MySQL, Amazon EC2 Container Service, DynamoDB, and a host of other Amazon frameworks Google Technology Stack: Python, Java, Android SDK, Go, C++, Preact, Angular JS, Kubernetes, TensorFlow, and a host of other Google frameworks.

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