What are the Rules for QR codes?

QR codes Rules

DEC, 20, 2023 03:00 PM

What are the Rules for QR codes?

When creating custom QR codes with your logo, it is important to think about the design guidelines for QR codes. This is essential to achieving the desired results and maximizing the effectiveness of your QR promotional campaign using QR codes.

Although starting is straightforward, following these guidelines will result in twice or more than twice the results. A recent study by the University of California has revealed a shockingly low level of customer engagement with QR codes.

In this study, students were able to determine that four out of five people owned a smartphone. Additionally, only one out of five respondents was capable of scanning a QR code on an item or service.

In addition, many people agree that they're not likely to scan QR codes on the things they use in their everyday lives. Studying this study may make business owners consider avoiding using QR code codes for their marketing methods.

If you adhere to the QR codes, this can be a fantastic method to increase revenue, customer engagement, or even website traffic, if you use it properly and with a specific method or plan.

How Do You Create QR Codes With Visuals?

Go to the free QR code generator online.

Choose the QR code solution you'd like to use.

Enter the necessary information that matches the QR solution you have chosen.

Click to switch to dynamic instead of static.

Click the Generate QR Code button.

Test your QR code before downloading.

Print and download your QR code.

Guidelines for QR codes to adhere to when designing visual QR codes

QR codes Rules

QR codes are a source of innovation, and the new technology must remain constantly upgraded, and fresh ideas should be included to maintain and enhance its effectiveness.

Here's a list of factors to think about before deciding whether to create QR codes that are visually appealing to use in your campaign.

  • Be informative

    Unfortunately, most brochures, business cards, invitations to events, and other materials contain visual QR codes, but without additional information. It will appear as the standard QR code without understanding the contents.

    Thus, the new user might not be aware of what they're missing out on, and this can lead to low rates of scanning. A key aspect of the rules of QR codes is to include sufficient details to inform people that you're offering coupons, discounts, or other information regarding your product or service.

  • Add call-to-action

    Are you looking to scan the QR code with no idea which direction it will take? An interesting and engaging call-to-action with a frame is crucial to generating customer curiosity. A concise call-to-action can make people look through your code to find out what your brand is offering. A few call-to-actions that can be found in QR codes include "Scan to see offers" or "Scan to get a chance to win tickets."

    The inclusion of a suitable call to action is part of the QR code's design guidelines.

  • Bring value to your visual QR code

    Visual QR codes are the same idea as other marketing campaigns. A high-quality added benefit to the products is the primary reason for taking action.

    I'm sure that I'll also ask for some kind of compensation for my time spent scanning the QR code. For instance, major brands could include additional information about their products, discount coupons, and promotional codes in the QR code's image.

  • Unique Design

    The art of making your QR code appealing visually is essential when it comes to adhering to the QR code design guidelines. The QR codes in black and white aren't as appealing to users as custom QR codes with a logo do. You can also cut out rectangular areas of your QR code, making it round. Because of the error tolerance of QR codes.

    In other words, you can remove the center element of the code and then add your company's logo or another image to draw more attention. Alter the colors of the pixels to match your company's color scheme.

    A QR code that is in line with the brand's identity and delivers an excellent experience will be more likely to be read than a competitor's. Giving a personalized touch to QR codes can give an impression of familiarity to your clients.

  • Use mobile content

    If you're using QR codes with visuals to drive traffic to your brand's website, Be sure to use a mobile version of the site as a landing page. QR codes are read by mobile phones, and users must receive information that is designed for mobile phones. This improves readability, thereby increasing the level of engagement with customers.

    The chance of people scanning your code is increased when you provide information that is specifically designed for mobile phones and allows customers to scan your products in addition.

  • Testing is Crucial

    While our customized QR code generator produces the finest QR codes, however, you can't expect complex designs to be scanned.

    It's quite common to make too much of a fuss with customizing your QR codes' visual appearance. Some colors might not match the others. Be sure to add complementary backgrounds and foreground colors.

    So, it's advised to try your QR code with a variety of QR code scanners since you don't want customers to be able to get an error or blank page.

    It is not enough to check whether the code is scannable and understandable, but also to be sure that the information stored in the code is displayed on the most commonly used devices. You don't want to be an irritable public figure, do you?

  • Always review and adjust your strategy to improve results

    There are no restrictions or rules that govern your company, especially if you're playing with new technology. Therefore, changing the information on your QR code will aid in improving the efficiency of your marketing campaign.

    It allows you to choose which kind of information, style, or method is best suited to your audience, assuming you've used all the measures and methods throughout. Visual QR codes that are dynamic and interactive are the most effective options. With QR codes that are dynamic, you can monitor your data.

    If you look at how demographics are defined, it is possible to change strategies and adjust them to make them more engaging for customers. Be sure to be confident before making any changes; every marketer would like to be more than their competitors. Therefore, your customers are more likely to be tolerant of trying new things.

    You can get more QR code scans by observing the design guidelines for QR codes. Each marketing campaign fails to produce positive results right from the beginning. Follow the QR code guidelines and suggestions that were mentioned earlier and continue to implement new ideas without delay.

One unintentional element of the course of your QR code campaign might become an example of your competition in the marketplace. QR codes have now become an increasingly popular tool for marketing your products. You can expect an increase of 80% in scans when you include a call to action such as "scan" or "see the video" under the QR code. Create your free promotional campaign using QR codes now with QR TIGER's Generator of QR Codes. For any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact customer support.


What is the most suitable design for a QR code?

What is the most suitable QR code file format to choose? We strongly recommend downloading your QR codes in PNG format, as it's more durable and will preserve the highest image quality.

Is the QR code licensed?

The answer is similar to the one asking, "Is there a fee for using a QR code?" It can be answered, "No." Furthermore, no contract for licensing is needed for its use.

Do QR codes expire?

The QR codes don't contain expiration dates. The QR code has a quick link behind it. So long as the Quick Link is active, the QR code will continue to function. Quick links will remain in use even if they're not archived or deleted.

What are the conditions for a QR code?

The smallest QR code that can be printed is 1 x 1cm. However, to be read by the majority of smartphones, the QR code label should be at least 2x2cm.

Are there any limitations to QR codes?

The Cons

  • It can be a hassle. The QR code requires a mobile device that has the capability of scanning the code.

  • Needs internet access. QR codes require internet connectivity for operation.

  • Insecurity and fear. For many, even today, QR codes are relatively new in technology.

  • One-way communication.

What are the guidelines for QR code comprehension?

The size of QR codes is an important aspect of their ability to be scanned. The minimum physical dimension of a QR code visible should be at a minimum of 2cm by 2cm (0.8 inches by 0.8 inches) (excluding quiet zones) to be scannable and read successfully.

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