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10 Simple Ways To Promote Your Mobile App - PerfectionGeeks

10 Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Mobile App Free

Promote your Mobile App

Mobile application design opens several fresh ways to go near to consumers online 24x7. Your app is the best contribution to all your faithful audience who are permanent on your website.

But, the set of hundreds or thousands of consumers will not allow you to extend your business. Thus, you want to find out ways to promote your app to get more consumers. App buildup is the most significant challenge encountered after mobile application development. Selecting and promoting an app are two different methods.

App launching is constantly loud at high volume!

However, app promotion is a bit slow and takes time to show your outcomes. Therefore, every top web and mobile application development company in the USA believes in a bit calm launch and a high-tide promotion.

If you are a person who is trying to promote your app, then this is the right web page for you to understand the most useful methods to promote your app. A grand opening can put the audience's eyes on your app, but they would not blindly download it without gathering facts. Thus, the first thing they will do is to go online, search Google, and try to collect all the facts about your app.

Thus, the base of your grand opening now relies on your app’s available details. “Hence, to provide superb visibility, you need to work for improved visibility.”

Once you are visible online, people get access to your upcoming app’s details, and the interest makes them search & subscribe for your app on web platforms, i.e., websites. Thus, the first step among the 10 Easy Ways to Promote Your App is to begin blogging on different websites about your app promotion. Try writing for your app, make some stories about your app, and post blogs with your upcoming app links.

This technique will help consumers to understand your app! In addition to it, blogging can also provide you with pre-launch subscribers. If you can convince the online audience, then your grand opening & app launching will be a tremendous success.

How to promote your mobile app via the mobile website?

Imagine you have an XYZ App ready in the launching phase. Before, your app launches, I would like to suggest launching a mobile website XYZ for your app. It is one of the best methods to encourage your app online among users.

At one point or another, anyone seeking your app-building top custom software development company will discover their method to your app’s mobile website.

Also, if you write blogs about your app on your website, then collecting all the data for customers will become simple. Later on, you can now market your app to their mail ids, and social media account for free.

Therefore, after launching the app at stores, you can put your app’s download link on your website and your blogs. It is an alternate approach to make people download your app for being your organic mobile website visitors.

A large pop-up or some sudden attractive & impressive display on the mobile site is valuable. This way, upon every online visit, your app must be visible five times on the mobile website. There is an 80% chance your mobile application will get downloads from mobile sites.


A blog is precisely what you require to effectively tap into a tech-savvy audience for free. Once you’ve positioned up a blog, you can convey everything from articles and app reviews to news and updates. Moreover, you can also offer insight into how the app was made from the beginning to the end so readers can gain added value from their experience on your blog. It sets a foundation of trust between your audience, and you can efficiently tell them about what your app has to show.


Over a decade ago, traditional marketing was at its peak, but with the advancement of digital technology, the marketing world has also experienced significant modification. It’s safe to believe that today’s way of marketing is a completely new level of possibility.

In this newfound domain of marketing prospects, social media influencers play an important part in drawing awareness towards a unique product or service in the market. Reach out to influencers and deliver an exclusive free version of the app that they can feature on their blogs which can drive in a flood of app downloads.


Social media has become a crucial element of every digital marketing technique and is one of the most effective strategies for extending audience reach. However, this doesn’t imply simply pasting the link of your app on your social pages but making an online existence that causes positive engagement and hype about your app.

It also lets you decide the likes and dislikes of your target audience and also measure their first impressions of the app. You can share several contents to pique the interest of potential consumers and use trending topics as a way to expand vulnerability to your app. As a result, more users will show a willingness to test your app and share it within their friend circle.


If you wish to achieve traction and want to get ahead of opponents in the market, then making a demo video is an excellent action. Not only does it need any investment, but it’s also a fabulous way to present all the factors and functionalities of the app.

Keep in mind that the demo video shouldn’t exceed more than 30 seconds as viewers might lose interest once the video gets longer. Marketers can post the demo on all social channels and even on the App Store, so potential users are more inclined to download the app.


There are several tech-centric conversation platforms where you can create buzz about your app from a potentially curious crowd. While this does take some time, as you are required to be an active participant in that forum, it can be a helpful tactic to bring more awareness to your product.


ASO is a crucial part of your app marketing strategy as it affects the performance of every other tactic in your marketing plan. Your app requires to be optimized for people to download it. For this to work, the app requires to offer up in highest keyword searches and grow above opponents in the market.


Various sites offer several awards to the latest and upcoming apps based on their UX, functionality, design, and other key factors. App awards can increase the credibility of your app and get positive attention, resulting in more downloads and reviews. Here are some sites you can be a potential competitor for:

  • ⦁ The Webby Awards
  • ⦁ Apple Design Awards
  • ⦁ Ericsson Application Awards

One of the best ways to foster positive attention and maintain engagement is by encouraging feedback. Whenever a user leaves a review, be it positive or negative, answer respectfully, and demonstrate that you value their view. It encourages other users to rate and drop a comment about their experience as well. Moreover, an abundance of feedback also enhances the overall ranking of your app on the App Store.


If you’ve created sure your app is flawlessly optimized, then it’s time to attain out to app reviewing websites to feature your app on their web page. But this requires your app to excel in layout, functionality, and responsiveness, and it needs to be free of bugs. Thus, make sure that your app is in top form to be considered for review.


When a user visits the app store and decides to download an app, their first instinct is to study the previews to see the appearance of the user interface and bring an opinion of what it has to offer.

The user interface can either convince consumers to download or shift them away from the app. However, if done it correctly, app previews are a useful conversion and promotion idea. App screenshots can be extremely influential and helpful as it offers users a glimpse into what they can anticipate from the app.

Marketers can add captions to further enhance the visual aspects of the app and define the components in the app. Hence, you should have preview screenshots so the user can understand the main elements and attributes of the app.


A ground-breaking mobile application idea has the potential to get a revolutionary transformation in the world. Applications like Facebook, Uber, Instagram, and Pinterest have appeared as the top performers in the mobile app development company. It’s just because the business managers executed an innovative technique that has carried the digital world by storm.

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