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App Store Optimization- Top Key Metrics to Monitor

What do you know about app store optimization? What are the key metrics associated with app store optimization?

What are its different goals and KPIs associated with it?

If you want to measure all of these factors then you can easily get all of the information from us.

There are many key metrics, goals and KPIs associated with  App store optimization . Therefore, let us begin with the information and what advantages does it carry within itself.

We all know how important an app is for users to those of business is. Therefore, it becomes mandatory to develop an app. Once it is built then it becomes necessary to maintain it by improving the overall app visibility.

However, for improving the app visibility in the app stores and growing conversion rate, the entire process is called app store optimization. We all know that the main app stores are Google and Apple play store. Here we can find all the relevant apps right according to the users’ needs. As a user, you can easily find android to those of iOS apps. Also, once you decide which app you are in a need of in turn you should reach  mobile app development services .

In this way, you will be able to get the desired app that fits your business needs.

However mobile app is best supported with ASO.

The main focus of ASO, to allocate resources to improve the ranking of the mobile apps. Some of the main goals that ASO performs are-

  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Help in positive app reviews and ratings.
  • Increased value of app reviews.
  • Helps in engaging of audience.

Mobile app user interface and visibility are very important. Also, this is the one way to reach the desired users’ across the globe. This in turn businesses always try to find the best mobile app development.

It will help them to get the desired services and with the utmost results. There are different factors which needs to be kept in mind.

One of those is app store optimization.

App store optimization many take some time and effort, but it is a worth process.

However, the case when it comes to mobile apps then you cannot achieve growth instantly. It always takes time and effort to achieve the right and successful path. Mobile applications peruse different goals and are mainly based on their product steps. But there are always the right and beneficial tricks to take hold of.

This in turn the role of  App store optimization services  comes into play. What are the different KPIs and goals of app store optimization? Let us understand each one of those.

App Store Optimization Goals and KPIs

Depending upon the different product stages, each app begins with different goals. Those can be-

  • Organic growth
  • A higher conversion rates
  • More installs
  • Reduction of acquisition costs
  • Or users engagement.

The main benefit of app store optimization you can witness is that it maintains stable organic growth.

Therefore, to witness the growth with ASO we have many KPIs around us. Now, what all those are?

Let us take a sneak peek at all of those.

The App Store Visibility

The visibility of mobile apps for both android and iOS plays an essential role. It helps in attaining a higher number of organic installs. This is known as one of the main goals of app store optimization.

However, by carrying out different marketing activities it is possible to increase app visibility.

That is the app can reach in the search bar, top charts and featured categories. But if it comes to monitoring app store visibility then it is possible to track with many ASO tools.

The top 5 ones are-

1. Featured

To get featured in the app store there are many requirements. But if you are reaching the  best top & web app development company  then everything becomes easier. They carry the best ASO strategy for you to deliver the best results.

Hence one must not ignore the main aspect of ASO. On the other side begin featured usually means getting a higher number of organic installs.

2. Similar apps

Similar app traffic matters a lot for organic growth. It is known as one of the important metrics to be kept in consideration.

3. Keyword Visibility

Many ASO tools are available in the market. They can easily allow tracking the overall possibility to track the overall visibility.

This is known as one of the important for KPI to control. Also, it helps in comparing the overall performance of ours with the competitor.

4. Keyword Ranking

This represents the achieved position with search rankings relevant to the app. The number of keywords ranking and the volume can also be taken into consideration. Hence it means that the higher the volume for the better is the app store optimization strategy.

5. Category And Top Chart Ranking

This is one of the key metrics for many brands and advertisers.

How tracking can be done or how mobile app changes position can give one an indication of how many installs do we get.

Conversion Rate

In evaluating app store optimization, the conversion rate is one of the major factors. It becomes necessary to optimize your relevant keywords. In this way, there will be increased usage of downloading the app. However, to optimize your business listing then there are certain requirements.

The first is on metadata and the second is off metadata.

In this case on metadata includes the app name, description and creatives. Whereas in the case of off metadata it includes the downloads, ratings and reviews.

However, there are some of the related KPIs are-

Click through rate is defined as the number of clicks and number of impressions. Second is the conversion rate to install which is defined as the percentage of visitors to your product page.

Organic Uplift

What is the relation between the ASO and its organic uplift? Organic Uplift refers to the natural increase in organic traffic. It results due to the paid marketing actions.

Here, you need to know higher the value of organic uplift the lower the eCPI.

In case with paid installs, it helps in the application ranking. This in turn increases the visibility of the app and higher chance to allure more visitors. It is necessary to understand the organic installs that the app receives. It is a must track KPI for all ASO experts.

It is necessary to test the store listing to know what is the status of visibility. If it is lacking then you must take appropriate measures to get them settled. With definite measures and mobile app development company USA businesses can easily take command.

Reviews And Ratings

To make your app a success you must undergo reviews and ratings. It helps you as an entrepreneur to understand what is missing. Customer’s feedback will help you to know what can be improvised in your app. In turn, it will have a major impact on the downloads of the app.

After all, users want an app that is well-defined and holds a great user interface.

In turn, more reviews and ratings will also have a greater impact on the application ranking and visibility.


Another important goal for experts here is monetization. In this case, the relevant KPI to measure the overall revenue are- The average revenue per user where the total revenue is divided by the number of users. Next is lifetime value which is known as the future profit.

And the last is the revenue which is defined as the total income generated.

For proper monetization, your app needs to fall within all criteria. An app is the face of your business and cannot be taken for granted. Also, if you do not own an app then you must take command to get it to build.

Those who own an app must look for the upgradation steps. It is essential to upgrade your app and to follow all necessary guidelines. An app is the best way to attract and reach a wider audience across the globe. There are always  benefits of hiring mobile app development company .

The experts in their respective fields will support your idea, plan and requirements.

Once you managed to reach then all of your problems get simplified.

Ensure Best Practices of ASO For an Increased Quality Traffic

App store optimization services are at their peak. At present every online business requires ASO services to measure proper traffic and downloads. But to ensure the best results it is PerfectionGeeks as a web application development company can also support you in ASO services.

We customize ASO we ensure faster downloads and increase quality traffic.

We always aim to deliver quality services for our clients. Our team of experts are well versed in each category and ensure best practices.

Hence if you are looking for a dedicated plan and ASO service provider then reach us immediately. We are known for best practices and to ensure a sound strategy to increase your app and brand visibility.

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